DIY Dollar Tree Unique and Unusual Chandelier

DIY Dollar Tree Unique and Unusual Chandelier

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter tonight’s video is going to be a DIY with mostly Dollar
Tree items a couple of other things which I will put down below where you
can get the items that are not Dollar Tree items and it’s a little elegant
chandelier it’s going to be surprising what it’s put together with I’ve had
this in my head for a while and I’m actually putting it together so stick
around not only for the DIY but I’ll also be announcing the winner of my two
thousand subscriber giveaway thank you all again you’re awesome so let’s see
i’ma hit the subscribe button there speaking of subscribers let’s see if I
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tune now when something new comes up I think that’s about it so let’s get to it the first thing you’re gonna want to do
is have all your tea lights prepared and ready and meaning cut off the tags and
also remove any of the labels that are on the bottom we’re going to be
attaching these initially using the glue gun to save a lot of frustration and
then afterwards once we get our pieces put together then we’re going to go in
behind them with the e6000 or thick sole so know which pieces are going to get
attached and have them close by to each other and ready the glue cools off
really fast on metal so you want to be prepared and attach them and get them
into place I’m gonna take the next piece and attach it and we’re gonna go around
it’s a little confusing here with these wires so be patient with yourself so
just know that one of the points that is coming up from the tea light is one of
the points that will be used just to save confusion match it up there so that
you can find it easily and get your glue I’m not putting a pretty generous amount
to really hold it and then hold it close and let that cool we’re gonna be going
all the way around and attaching each of them till we make a circle and they meet
at the other end and connect you may want to hold it there and have it ready
because it does get a little confusing as I said so know where it’s gonna go this is the hardest part it will get
easier I promise it’s not that this is hard it’s just visually kind of
confusing with all of this wire so just one more to add on there so it’s only
five of them you can figure it out for five I have faith in you if I can you
can yeah we did it we did it in gluing leaves I just realized something so you
know obviously I’m not a professional so I just realized looking at this that
three of these are glued on the upper pieces and two of them are glued on the
side I think the key is to be looking at is to make sure that your space is down
here at the inside you have that space bear with it because it is really really
cute when it’s done once you get these pieces all put together and you have
your shape however you managed to finagle that the last thing you’re gonna
do is take this one and we’re gonna set it in it will pretty much just fall into
wherever it’s gonna be at that point you’re just gonna look and see where
those spots touch and add some glue there and get those attached now with
this one you can probably go ahead and do the glue gun and the e6000 so that
this at least one piece will be secured now it’s it’s not a puzzle I mean it is
a puzzle but it’s not a puzzle that will piece together perfectly but don’t worry
about that because there’s so much as I said so much going on in here that you
really won’t be able to tell just kind of Center it
so that your tea light is centered in the middle of all of that and get your
glue on and don’t worry be happy’ okay we are gonna at this point take our
spoons in the packet and if you haven’t done this before these I thought the
first time I saw someone use these that they were the full-size spoons they’re
actually just a little itty bitty ones and what you’re gonna do I put my thumb
in and then just bend it back and it will break off the spoon part from the
handle part it comes off really easily and believe it or not it always breaks
in the same spot you’re going to need 30 while we’re giving this a little bit of
time to dry we’re going to actually work on the little flowers that we’re going
to be putting inside each of these little tea light holders your flower is
going to look like this and believe it or not you will be able to fit it in
here just wiggling squiggling it does actually fit around in there to make the
flowers you’re gonna take your stickers and it doesn’t matter if you brought the
what did I get here would be the out of outer space stickers or they have them
in from the movie frozen it doesn’t really matter you can put this sticker
off here to the side so that you have somewhere to work on it’ll be easy to
peel off and next thing we’re gonna do is take one of our spoons the backside
you’re gonna use very little amount of glue because otherwise you’re gonna be
waiting for it to harden forever so very little just kind of scrape it on there
no it’s hard to tell how much or how little I have on there but it’s not very
much at all and then you’re gonna place it on your sticker hold it there for a
minute because you want it you don’t want it to flop down and flatten out I show you how that looks hard to see
but that’s how it is and we’re going to go all the way around
and glue you okay so once you have that part now it’s
your choice you have an option in the beginning I had said that you could use
this or this so whatever you have available to you this is about I think I
would say about a half inch diameter same with these and some of you have
these already if not the link is down in the description you’re gonna cut those
apart so that you have just an individual one flip it to the backside
and put on a little bit of glue again it doesn’t take much for this just make
sure it’s kind of spread around the outer edges without burning yourself and
then place it right in the center of your flower and there’s one flower now
we’re gonna make six of those all together here are our beautiful little
flowers okay now scoot our little guy closer here
finagle this in there as I said from the side it is about the only way and just
give it in there it’s really not that hard
and only the sticker will not even be touching anywhere underneath so look
underneath and see which of the petals or you can kind of touch and see which
petals are actually touching the tea light and that’s the petals that you’re
going to put a little bit of glue underneath to attach them I just put the
glue directly on the very little edge here of the metal and you got to work a
little fast because these babies stick on quick
get it centered put a little glue on this other side as well sorry I know you can’t see because it’s
underneath but there we go just securing that flower now we’re gonna go through
and do that to each one and get those glued into the other tea lights now that
we have all our cute little flowers glued in there we’re gonna be using the
backs of the spoons to hide some of this glue that’s showing here in between
these now for the one that doesn’t have don’t worry about it you’re just gonna
put that in there in between and just cover so the same thing we’re gonna be
gluing those all the way around at this point we’re going to be putting on these
pieces that will be holding the tea lights the actual tea lights that light
up so we’re going to be flipping our piece upside down and as you will see
each of these has that Center one is where we’re going to actually be gluing
the piece of our spoon and we’re going to be doing that so that it is upside
down so that it will be holding our little light-up tea lights out here on
the edge so for this you’re going to want to use your e6000 and your hot glue
you’re going to put a little dot of glue on the center on that raised part and
then put your glue gun just above that and just below that flip the piece
upside down and place it about half way up I’m going to show you just for the
sake of showing you this way but about half way up that piece we’re gonna do
that all around on all five locations now that that parts done we have all of
those pieces glued on flip our piece back upside down I guess
right-side up whichever if you want to think of it as and we’re going to be yet
more ends we’re going to be gluing them on each of these facing up for the
moment which will actually be facing down when our chandelier is hanging in
the correct direction so you can see that there’s only two points that touch
when it’s attached and that’s where you’re gonna want to put your glue so
that we don’t overdo it on the glue you see that I’m actually gonna go ahead and
put the e6000 fix-all glue right up on that I think it might make it easier and
then put our glue gun here at the bottom then heater’s eliminates that guesswork and that’s what it looks like when you
have all those on to help to camouflage some of the glue from these pieces here
I mean actually take another piece and attach it on top now you got to do this
carefully so we don’t just add more of a glue mess and what I’m gonna do there is
put a little dot of my e6000 here and a little dot of glue gun there just to
help to cover that up we’re gonna do that all the way around on each piece
the hardest part now is gonna be waiting 24 hours for this to dry before we
finish it okay now that everything is dry we’re gonna
hang our beautiful crystals on there and there is a link for these below as well
I got them off of Amazon these are going to be attached there is the point that
comes down to a V and there’s the wire that goes down and attaches to where the
t light is and we’re going to actually clip this on there now the easiest way I
found to do that is to put it on from the top so this has a little split ring
on it and just reach in there past your flower
and press that down on to that little wire that’s in there going down I
actually temporarily unglued my Center flower but I’m leaving it in there just
so I can more easily access this wire in here without breaking off my flower and
intentionally now I’m just gonna reattach my flower and flip it over and
now our crystals are hanging now I know you don’t have too good a view of this
at this point but you will when I give you the final show we’re gonna be
working on attaching our tea lights right now and what I like to use for
that is a command strip if you haven’t used these these are awesome I didn’t
really start using them until YouTube so you split the two apart and then what
we’re gonna do here is attach them together they kind of velcro together
and we’re going to be needing five second sections because we’re gonna have
five tea lights that we’re going to attach so we need this to be cut into
five pieces now this little end here the curved end we’re just gonna cut that off
because we don’t need that there’s our five pieces you peel it and
we’re going to be attaching one side to our end we’re gonna do that all the way
around on the one that sticks out because once we flip it over that’s
where our tea lights are gonna be attached right now you’re seeing it
upside down so it’s gonna be like that but once it’s right side up it will be
correct so I like to attach these so that I can still access the little
button on the bottom and the probably the best spot would be right about there
so that this is still accessible so you can appeal the bottom piece off and Center your tea light and attach it and
again we’re gonna do that all the way around finally if we’re flipping it over
you can see our tea lights are right side up and we’re going to be attaching
our chain piece now I didn’t mention but I’m telling you now to know that you can
purchase this separately from Dollar Tree but I think it’s a better value to
just buy the hanging basket which has this on and you can unclip it then you
can use the basket for another project so so you’re going to find three
different locations to attach these and the thing with this is that you’re not
going to be able to find three equal locations because of it being five
sections now if you’re a lover of crystals and bling like I am I’m gonna
actually add underneath each one of my tea lights right where the wire is I’m
gonna actually be gluing on one more strand of my my crystals and because
it’s the plastic is getting glued it actually holds really really well so
right where everything comes together I this is so hard to see with everything
and I apologize for that but a little dot of glue to the bottom side and then
attach in the little ring that holds the crystals hold that there until it cools
off and do that on each one the last thing we’re gonna do is add in our
pretty glass votive holder right into the center and I’m gonna show you what
this looks like you okay my glue dots as promised I am going
to tell you who the winner is of my two thousand subscriber giveaway which was
going to be for oh darn it hang on I’ll show you what it actually ended up being
for one of these cute little tables so it was a landslide of comments for these
or likes likes I should say a landslide of likes for these little tables and I’m
so happy that everybody liked him so much it was such a whim of an idea so
hang on let me set him down so anyway let’s pick our winner and I had to
figure out a way to do this because this whole thing and in the in the spirit of
Dollar Tree craft I’m picking the winner out of this bin because flowers and
garden grow and so are you guys helping my channel grow so me get my husband
he’s like super fair he’s going to be picking our winner out of here just so
that there’s no cheating involved he doesn’t know anything really about the
whole YouTube thing other than watching videos for how to repair and fix stuff
that he likes to do but anyway hang on one sec and he’ll be right out
okay alright come pick no peeking even though
you don’t know anybody no peeking this is the lucky one it is yes okay
thank you alright and the winner is Myrna Sanchez
so Myrna contact me within the next 24 hours
and you can let me know which of the two little tables you would like and I will
get it sent out to you so Congrats and thank you all and let’s carry on my next
giveaway will be at 5,000 subscribers so keep watching and I’m sure you’ll win
next time

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