DIY Easy Concrete Letters | How to

DIY Easy Concrete Letters | How to

Hey y’all, we’re Evan and Katelyn. Today we’re going to show you how to make concrete letters- sorry I thought you were just going like this- concrete letters using baking molds. This is an easy project if you’re new to concrete and a great way to leave messages around the house. This is what makes this project super easy. You can buy this on Amazon you don’t need to make your own mold and you can start making concrete letters right away. We went with Quikrete vinyl concrete patcher for a few reasons: mainly because it’s got a really fine grain so it works well with detailed molds and it has a really nice surface finish. Also it’s a smaller container, which is nice. It’s important to start by adding water to your container first and then adding mix. The instructions say to combine seven parts mix to one part water but we find that to be too dry for this project. Oh way too thick. We add more water to make it easier to work with and remove air bubbles. The extra water does make it a little weaker but it’s fine for small decorative items like this. You see the water that accumulates. However you don’t want excess water that’s not incorporated. Agitate your container and see if water rises to the surface. If it does add a little bit more mix. In the end it should be about the consistency of sandy pancake batter. Scoop concrete into the mold, over filling it a little. Agitate the mold to remove air bubbles. We like to place the whole thing on a board and repeatedly drop it like it’s hot but you can also just shake the mold itself. Pop any bubbles that rise to the surface, scrape off excess concrete, and agitate it again until the concrete is fully settled into the mold and there aren’t any more bubbles rising. Alright, that looks good. Let these dry for 24 hours. Optional step: the back of the letters can be dusty so we like to paint them with a concrete sealer. We let them dry for an hour, and take them out of the mold. The back edge might have some parts that aren’t smooth so just chip them off with your finger. There’s still some moisture in these when they come out of the mold so let them dry for another 24 hours before painting them. We pulled some cooking show magic and have a fully cured set here so you can see the difference between the two. In the meantime you can clean up. Pop out any big chunks of concrete once it’s dry and rinse off your tools outside, not in the sink. Ee like to give these a gold ombre by spraying from about eight inches away but there’s tons of ways you can finish them. Now that you know how to make these you can literally spell anything you want, like your favorite food, your favorite inappropriate word, or your spirit animal. Thanks for watching. If you make these would love to see your work so take a picture and tag us on Instagram. And if you don’t make them but still want em, we also sell these on our Etsy shop. Dang helicopter. Who knows, maybe- that’s gonna be picked up. It’s like a giant fart.

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  1. Fun project and fun video! Good stuff.
    Came over here from Chris's Instagram post and I'm glad I did ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great content, great production quality, can't believe you don't have 1000x the amount of subs! Keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Who says things such as "its like a giant fart" on their YouTube video?!? LOL! Great letters BTW ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Homemademodern uses a sander without sand paper to agitate the molds and get rid of bubbles. Maybe y'all could try it on bigger projects! love the videos, both cinematography and projects ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is cool, we have some silicone moulds at home. I should see if my mum will let me make some with the Rose moulds. Keep bein awesome, I'm having fun binge watching your content

  6. Hi everyone, let's just say I don't know anything about cement and concrete but I recently stupidly bought cement as I hoped to do diys with it (concrete planters, paperweights etc). There's no aggregate mixed in and to make such crafts, is it necessary to add aggregate? If yes, what would be the ratio of cement to aggregate to form concrete? And what aggregate can I use (eg
    Small white garden gravel, big pebbles, sand from a beach)? Lastly, what would be the ratio of water to concrete/cement when I mix (no instructions on packaging)? (The cement is from Japan and is probably not Portland cement, saying its for tile repair…)

  7. its so short. I thought they were joking when they said it was the end of the video.

  8. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

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    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

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