DIY Easy Elegant Abstract Art

DIY  Easy Elegant Abstract  Art

Okay – this is Zeita with Zee & Kay Kay Crafts so today I wanted to show you how to make some easy beautiful, Elegant art Very cheaply, so we have a store in Cleveland. It’s called Marc’s and these were in The store and they were three for a dollar so I bought six So I’ve already done a test, so I wanted to share with you what I came up with I mean for cheap So I’m gonna open these up and the first thing is gonna be to paint them all black That’s a black base. So that’s where we’re gonna start there, and then I’ll be back Okay, so the first thing you’re gonna need to do is you’re gonna need to get a base. I’m going to paint both I’m gonna paint this all black, and I’m gonna do two black and I have other ones I’m gonna do two black two silver, so I’m just using some basic acrylic paint to do this To do my base and this one is a little banged up but what you want for three for a dollar so I’m maybe probably put a piece of aluminum foil over that okay, so That’s it. I’m just real simple And these you want to kind of come all the way to the edge and then you can go back And you know lighten them up with gold trim or whatever you want to do with them, okay? here And I’m not I’m not saying that these are ugly. I’m just saying they’re just not my taste I don’t have anything to match this decor Now I wish I hadn’t bought more than just six of them then I could do them all over the house. And don’t worry about this first coat it is not going to cover well But you do want to concentrate to make sure you get your edges covered good. because those will be visible and to me that’s what makes it makes it pop You know once you finish putting on the paint and then you trim it out With a little gold or silver or whatever that’s what makes it Look more professional. Look more polished. Just look more finished Like I said don’t worry about this first coat. You’re just trying to get a base right now and I already did a test, so You know they are different pictures, but I’m assuming the same technique will work for both of them And I think I told you before that it’s going to be two coats of paint This is just really like the base coat. Don’t worry very easy Easy Elegant art And I saw this on YouTube There was a guy or girl. I don’t know I only saw the hands and they didn’t speak I was looking for gold leaf wall treatments and stuff like that and wall art and stuff like that something like the Z gallerie inspired kind of thing and I Ran across that But I only liked it to the first few steps Once they started putting all the other color paint and all that on it I didn’t like it. You know which you can do you can incorporate paint colors into these and make them match your room You know and I am I’m incorporating things to make them match my room, but I’m just trying to stick with metallics Yeah, like Gold and Silver black I don’t really want a color. I have enough color in my room. anyway Okay, so in step two what you’re going to do is you’re going to just paint these all black That’s what I’m going to do paint them black. If I don’t like it in the end. I can always prime it and Make it Sparkly or whatever the case may be but for right now I think I’m gonna go with black because I think that’s what’s gonna make it pop so I’m just Gonna quickly paint all these same paint And I probably will use a varnish on these to make them shiny When I’m finished because acrylic paintings gonna dry kind of dull And I probably use a varnish depending on how it looks depending on how it looks, so I Will be back to show you what it looks like when it’s finished With this first coat because it probably will take two coats to make it look rich Okay Okay, so the next step is to get your glue gun ready and get you a little bit of aluminum foil This is all Reynolds heavy-Duty Aluminum for you just you know you ball it up You can make it as tight as you want, okay? So the next step is sorry The next step is now each one of these boards are going and going to be going in different directions as you can see so I’ll lay them out in that direction so that I’ll know what is the front and Back they have been painted twice with just plain Acrylic paint as I told you before just two coats of the plain acrylic paint and Then you take your hot little gun, and you just lay down some pieces That’s really All it is you just laying down can and add pieces That has more wrinkles with it lay it down flat You see I scratched this then can you see that. This is scratched up a little bit right in here scratched up, just a little bit so what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to put a little foil Okay And you are going to spray paint this again. Also, so it doesn’t really matter you know. it’s abstract to so it’s not like a wrong or right You just do what you can do you know? Okay, so after that take your glue gun And you just start laying it down and as I told you before this glue gets very hot So you have to be a little careful? the glue gets hot and the aluminum foil gets very hot so you Need to be a little careful hot ouch Okay, I’ll be back After and it’s just that kind of simple. It’s really that simple You just glue it on anywhere. You want it. I’ll be back to Show you the next time okay, I’ve Glued down with my hot glue gun I have glued down all the pieces in the way I wanted But I like it and what I also did was I took Some more black paint and touched up any place that I wanted just you know where it was rubbing off . my nails were scraping on anything was rubbing off. So whoever was rubbing off I I Just went back and touched it up a little bit. You know no big deal, so Like I said, I did try to do it in the direction that I want these to hang on the wall I Think I really don’t even remember. So anyway, I’m just gonna keep on moving like this So the next step would be to take your hot glue gun and to just drizzle Just drizzle lines on it. That’s all And I know right now. It doesn’t look like anything, but I’m going to show you what it looks like when it’s finished Not actually finished because what happened was I? Finished the writing you know the letters. I painted those black and then I I painted it black and then I Put a varnish on it, and I actually think that I like the matte black on it seems like it pops better than the shiny so I’ll be back to show you that. It’s very simple very very simple very simple Okay, I’ll be back okay, so what you do is you take some of this in silver or gold and Take outside, and you just spray it I want to do two gold and two silver so I’ve already did my test piece and I’ll show you my test piece and this is the test piece and like I said I Really? I really really love it. I really Really love it. It is. It’s just beautiful. It has a little shin and looks rich You know and what I did was I went back around the edges and just trimmed it out the in a little bit of black Acrylic paint around the Edges Just to freshen it up because it you know it got sprayed on from the spray paint And I think that what I’ll do is when I’m doing my next one I’ll make sure that I make sure that edge is really you know prevalent. So you can really see it And it’s really sharper, and then go back in and do with the paint, but these Also, have a different edge You see that. They have a different edge So I have to figure out how to do that one, but anyway So next step would be to you’ve already painted your letters is to put your letters on As I said at first I tried the shiny one, and I the shiny one is pretty it is shiniest It’s um Varnished it So the one I would just glue it down you know with some E6000 and glue it down and then you know hang it up But really what I like is the the Matte To me the matte on that shiny just then that’s just rich So I believe that I’m gonna paint this Back to this the only painted one side I’m gonna paint the other side back Matt And I think I’ma roll with the mat once the mat just makes it look so rich and elegant so Let me get the rest of them, so you can see That’s hope this is how I believe would look believe live and the Shiny dream So as I said I think I like the matt the matt to me the matt with the shiny looks rich So I think I’m going to go with that when I come back. It’s night now You know it’s nighttime now so the other ones that I have I’m going to have to do two of those and silver and then two of those in one in gold To make my collection, and I’ll be back with that Okay, I’m back. I have painting I have sprayed everything with the metallic silver and the metallic gold and like I said this one is my test. and I actually like it the best this one has a different kind of edge, so What I did was this is how it looks just sprayed, so you can always do it. Just like that but I put a little bit of black on here, and I’m a trim these out in black so that when I put the The words on it it will pop So you see how that black just makes it pop a little bit more I mean you can do it either way you know and so it’s an it’s like. I said, it’s a very simple a simple project, it’s a simple Elegant project And I’m gonna do gold silver gold silver going down my wall and like I said this one is kind of like my favorite one and We go back to marc’s to see if I can find some more of these um these free edge ones I like those better than these but these are larger so um so that’s kind of like it So that’s the end of the project. Thanks for watching please rate comment and subscribe and This is Zeita with Zee & Kay Kay’s crafts Create and Enjoy!!! you

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