DIY EASY Necklace & Bracelet Holder | ROOM DECOR | ANN LE

DIY EASY Necklace & Bracelet Holder | ROOM DECOR | ANN LE

100 thoughts on “DIY EASY Necklace & Bracelet Holder | ROOM DECOR | ANN LE

  1. This is so pretty! I have also made a necklace & bracelet Holder and would be happy if you guys can tell me what you think of it! My first DIY project and video 🙂 😀 Love you Ann Lee 

  2. Where did you buy the candle holder things? I've looked it up online and found that they're very expensive… What would be the expected price?

  3. Ha ha j'ai trop cru que la vidéo était en français sur le coup avec son "Bonjour comment ça va ?" XD

  4. I am using both designs.  One will hold my necklaces and the other will hold my bracelets.  I am gluing them down on a wooden plaque that I have.  I am decorating with white fabric, gold paint, and a scrap plastic sheet that is white with gold glitter swirls.  I have I can not wait to finish it.  The cool thing about making the necklace and bracelet stand is, I am using every thing I all ready have.  I love doing DIY's for things that I really need and do not cost hardly anything.  Thanks for the tutorial for making the necklace and bracelet stand.

  5. Those are so beautiful for bracelets and watches, making one for when I get my make up station! For now I made one to just hang on the wall for all my necklaces, really easy and cheap – go check it out on my channel! 🙂

  6. Such a cute diy, just what I was looking for to organize my jewelry. The stands like these in stores range from $12 – $20. and they aren't even this nice looking! 🙂 Worth a new sub!

  7. c'è qualcuno di italiano che mi può aiutare?
    sto cercando questi cavolo di portacandele ovunque, ma non li trovo, mi dite dove li posso prendere?

  8. They are both beautiful. I still find it hard to believe that they won't tip over after placing so many bracelets on it. I guess I'll have to make one and find out.

  9. so creative and it look fun to make.. I will make these for me and my daughter… Thank you so much…

  10. Lovely presentation, great idea.. I own several black velvet like this but they always need dusting off .. I will be creating these in a Boho Theme .. thanks so much for the great inspiration, I think I may also add a small plate on the bottom end for my trinket rings ..

  11. Wow, this is truly amazing! They look so beautiful and seem easy to do. I will definitely do them myself and organize my jewelry 🙂

  12. Thank you soooooo much for that fun and easy craft idea! I DESPERATELY needed some jewelry holders for items when I'm at craft shows. Sooooooo much easier and nicer to make these than the expense of purchasing!!! Thank you again! GOD Bless you!

  13. Go to WoodPrix webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

  14. Ann you make this look too easy. So grateful to have found your channel! I've learnt sooo much about DIY projects. The color scheme is really pretty. This is literally the best jewelry organizer for necklaces, bracelets, and watches I love it! I use the Songmics Jewelry Armoire Mirror and I've had it now over a year. I have about 140 pieces of jewelry and there's room for more! You can take a look at it

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  17. Instead of paper towel rolls…i would use Plastic PVC Plumbing Piping it's already WHITE And Will look and Last and Keep its Shape Much Longer…and at the bottom of each candle holder i would weight them down with several LARGE WASHERS the same exact size of the bottom GLUED TOGETHER WITH E6000 FOR STABILITY…AND PAINT 👌

  18. Wow so I recently went to Europe and are first stop was France. I'm so happy i understood the French at the beginning. (Yes I studied it for a while before I went)

  19. Thank you for the video and it was very simple I have seen similar videos that make it so complicated when this is all you have to do thank you

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