DIY – Easy Z Gallerie Inspired Wall Art

DIY – Easy Z Gallerie Inspired Wall Art

hi this is Zeita with Zee & Kay Kay craft
today I want to show you how I created this Z Gallerie inspired art piece if
you’re interested and would like to see how I created this please stay tuned
okay YouTube these are a couple of the items supplies that you’ll need to
achieve this wall art so I have two bags of beads I actually have more beads
downstairs I just purchased these two I’ll talk about the beads later I bought
two racks because I want mine’s a little fuller then when I saw online now the
person who are seeing who I saw do this her name is mama from scratch it’s a
Dollar Tree DIY glam Z Gallerie decor dupe number three so
that’s the name of the video so if you want to go back and refer to her to get
more information or and like I said as you know me I do my own I’m not my own
thing I’m following her directions but however it works for me is how I’m gonna
get the job done I bought me a little extra super glue some glue from the
Dollar Tree these are my cutters I already had this this is some kind of painted
wire it says 22 gauge 22 gauge wire and so this is what I’m going to be using
and I also have my hot glue gun so and as I showed you before this is the space
my tape is coming down and that’s okay this is just like a rough draft of the
proportion that I want this this item to be I don’t want it to be too wide and
I’m trying to get it you know lined up correctly so this is kind of like the
proportion that I want it to be so maybe put two circles up and then maybe wire
those two together put two more up and then wire it together I don’t really
know but I’ll be back okay so what I did was I am I laid out my
design as best I could what I did was I already made a general
template on the wall to see about the proportions that I want so what I did
was I transferred those proportions onto the table so I’ll know exactly how it
fits my proportions are 22 inches wide and 36 inches long so anything within
that area should be okay but I don’t know if it doesn’t work then I’ll just
take it back another point I wanted to make is this wire seems to be like it’s
cheap and it should be easy to cut I tried to use these to cut them and it
was giving me hell last night so what I did was I just put it down and then this
morning I got these these seem to be a little bit better because they had a
better grip and so but it was they weren’t that easy to cut I want to find
something that makes it a little easier to cut the other point that I wanted to
make is when you place these down these little pointy pieces you want to make
sure let me show you now this is a rim this is extra okay cuz you know it’s
four rims on each part now these pointy pieces that you see can you see the pointy
pieces right here they need to be facing up so that when you lay it down it has a
flat surface other than that these are not cut at the same length so it’ll make it real flimsy so try to turn them all over
flat and you know lay them flat like that with these pointy pieces sticking
up so that you’ll get a flat back so that it will lay flat to the wall okay
so I’ve cut my pieces then I’m going to use these are all this painted wire 20
to 22 gauge painted wire I cut about I don’t know
maybe 15 pieces or so and I’m just going to start attaching so I don’t know how
this is gonna work I’m just going to start attaching and I’ll be back okay
I’m back I have been trying to do the wire on these right here I’ve been
trying to do the wire on notes and everything keeps moving around how I will
solve that problem is I’m just going to hit the connections with a little bit of hot
glue so that they wont move around so I can kind of keep the shape that I want
just to make sure this is where it’s supposed to be because as I told you
this all the way to the end of this tape is 22 inches and all the way down to
this tape is 36 inches so now will more than likely to put a stone
on this anyway so but really what I’m trying to do is connect these connect
these two alright glue gun malfunction like I said I don’t want a lot of it on
there because I don’t want to have to cover it up later even though I am spray
painting it black so I actually forgot about that part too so I am going to
spray painted black but hopefully this will keep the connections the way I want
them and I will not be struggling so hard because every time I put the wire on
there it’s moving so every time it moves I have to stop and reposition it so just
do this right now let this dry then I will wire it up on
top of this and hopefully I won’t get too much on my table even though I’m doing my table over
so don’t worry about the table but just trying to make sure I got connection connection and then after this like I said I’m a
let it dry and then I’m gonna go back and see if I can maneuver it a little
bit better and you know put the wire on it so and that’s that and I’ll be back
with my next step ok so I’m back I have done most of them not all and what I’m
doing is unproven in the wire just pre pinning in a little bit so it’ll be a
little bit it’ll be tighter around the bottom right then I’ll just slide it
underneath and I just do a crisscross a crisscross it spinning around like that
just one time for right now just one time because what I’m gonna do is at
this base part I’m squeezing with the pliers to just make sure the connection
is pretty tight even though more wire is going on here I just you know okay
that’s what I do and before I squeeze it I also want to
put it up to the wall and see what’s what it’s looking like because you know
it seem like it’s working but I don’t know if it’s really working or
not I’m just just testing it out
so just lay it flat be back okay so I have pre twisted
everything so now I’m just going to go this one has already been done so I’m
just going to squeeze it a little bit just to make sure everything is tight
and I’ll go back and squeeze it again once I wrap it all around but I just
wanted to squeeze the base connection just to make sure that it’s nice and
snug and you can like I said I am going to spray paint this too so you know I’m
not really worried about the color or anything like that and this just helps
your base be a little you know a little bit more secure
you know the wider way is fine the wider way is great you just did mind you’re
sliding all right so I’m going to like I said I’m squeezing this on here then I’m
going to pick it up and put it on the wall maybe like a pre fit okay so let’s
see still seems a little flimsy to me I don’t know how I’m gonna fix that I think that’s gonna be how it’s gonna
be but anyway so this is my graphic I think
it’s about right I’m gonna look on the video and see if it’s about right so hopefully it’s going to come out right
so I’ll be back with the next okay YouTube I just wanted to tell you a
little bit about the beads that I’m going to be attempting to use the
elements I’m going to use so these are just a regular clear beads from the
Dollar Tree nothing you know special right off the pack so there’s nothing
done with that now these over here on this side these have the mirror spray on it I
don’t even know if you can really tell the difference but I know you can
definitely tell a difference when you get ready to put it on the back because
if you could see you can’t see the back of the wire and on these you can see through
it so that is a difference you know so I don’t know which ones I’m going to use
more of I know I don’t have a lot of these I don’t I don’t have a lot so I’m
gonna be filling them in with this now on these are the clear ones I really
want them in the mirror spray also I just ran out of the spray but these are going to
be for large areas like that you know a stone won’t fit or whatever so
that’s my other option then I have a few of these this is
just a little round circle pieces of glass and so I’m gonna try to use little
pieces of glass where the little pieces of glass work then that’s what I’m gonna
put there and then I have these these are sprayed silver with a glitter
Sparkle on top of it that’s why you see glitter all over the place and all of
this stuff was really elements that I was going to use for a chandelier for my
room and I want to put it on here so that’s what
I’m gonna do and I’ll just do it again if I want you know if I wanted to still
do the chandelier so I’ll be back I have already sprayed oh let me show
you I have already sprayed everything and it’s all black front and back let it
dry and I’ll be back okay this is the final piece that I have created I
created two matching pieces to go on to anchor my New York skyline picture so
that’s one this is my picture and this is two they’re not identical but they are very similar so I hope this information was
in I hope you found some information that you can use I hope you try this
project at home it’s very simple and it can be a very elegant art piece one
quite one thing I want to tell you that is though the more beads you put on here
the heavier the wire gets and as you see this one over here it’s pulling down a little bit so you want to be mindful don’t put too
many beads on it but overall I love it and once I paint my walls it’s going to
be beautiful so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I hope you try this project out
and be blessed please rate comment and subscribe

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  1. I lost interest. Too long recording of "connection connection. Instead of showing us what's not working show us what works. And recording your tests is irrelevant. DIYS should be to the point and how you created it. Too much showing and time spent on what we don't care about. Tfs but please only post what your doing that works.

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