DIY – Embroidery Hoop shabby chic Home Decor Tutorial

DIY – Embroidery Hoop shabby chic Home Decor Tutorial

Take a embroidery hoop and add a fabric to it Tighten the fabric properly Cut of the extra fabric and store it to make flowers Add trims to the rim This trim which I am using is from
gardenoflifeeden1 etsy store – I design for the
store I am taking Maja design paper and cutting a
figure out if it I have printed my channel name and now
distressing Take some paper to give background , I am
using pion design paper add some bling trims to the paper bg as shown This trim is again from gardenoflifeeden1 etsy
store I am adding some doilies to the bg , these were
a gift from crystal (juncrys315) I bought this from Natasha I have decorated the gate with flowers from
craftynitashah I am using a pin coushin and adding stick pics to
it . This sign defines me and I love making pin
coushin jars and stick pins Adding some blings and appliques some recollections flowers , natasha’s flower
and seam binding adding a crown to give it a finishing touch

36 thoughts on “DIY – Embroidery Hoop shabby chic Home Decor Tutorial

  1. What a great idea I love it!! Thank you for sharing love how you put the open door with all the flowers….

  2. Love, love, love this! Okay I need an embroidery hoop name sign too, it looks gorgeous girl! Thanks for the inspiration. Big hugs Shilpa xxx 

  3. wow this is lovely!  Funny how popular these hoops are again! lol   I am using this idea for a challenge soon!  TFS


  4. found u my dear, it's super gorgeous luv it, i have collected soo many to alter but never enough time, luv how yours turned out, <3 huggies Va

  5. absolutely stunning can you tell me what size hoop you used & what font did you use for the words they look amazing & I love the bling tfs

  6. I love you Shabby Chic work…. And I still remember the beautiful items I got from you in Destash…. I wish you good luck and strength to carry on this hard work… so my eyes can always search around and find inspiration in your videos 😇😇😇😇😇

  7. Great inspiration Dear!!! I really enjoy a lot to see your creations!! Your creativity is limitless my sweetie!!
    Wish you a great and magical new year 2018!!

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla

  8. I love your work is a piece in f art everything you make, thanks for sharing, will be so Cain and tell me where did you purchase that window frame? Is adorable

  9. Splendide j adore merci pour le tutoriel bravo bravo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤗💋

  10. It's raining outside. Dull and depressing
    Your video made my day!
    I wish we could fill up the sides with something better than text?
    Subscribed and looking forward to more.
    Much love from India

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