DIY Fake Living Wall Art 🖤 Unique Home Decor 🖤

DIY Fake Living Wall Art 🖤 Unique Home Decor 🖤

Prepare your frame by removing the backing and any inserted
items. I had this antique mirror that our movers were
careless with, and they broke the mirror part. The frame is
still amazing, though, and I wanted to use it for something
artistic. I chose to make a new backing using the old one as a
template. This isn’t necessary, and you could just use the
original backing, but I might want to change this later, so
I wanted to make that easy as possible. High five future
Mandolin, I got you! I uhhhh, enjoy punching the carboard. It’s the little
things. If you are like me, and almost always cut all wobbly, you
might want to check the fit of your backing before moving
on. Trim up any places that need it. Now I am tracing out the window of the frame so I can get a
good idea of the actual workable surface on my new backing.I
am also making an ink mess it would seem. Using floral foam blocks from Dollar Tree and some hot glue,
I cover the majority of the space inside the line I just
drew. After that is done, I check the fit with the frame and start
shaving away excess foam to get a nice fit. I use some of
the shaved off chunks to fill in gaps in the foam. This
doesn’t need to be perfect. secure the backing into the frame again at this point. I’m getting out all of my fake plants and moss to cover the
foam. Some of these are from Dollar Tree, and I’ll just pull
them out of these little pots. Some are from places such as JoAnn’s and Micheals, and a few
of them I plan to split into smaller bunches like so. Then I am getting a rough idea of where I want to put
things. Using my wire trimmers to cut the stems to the right
length as I go. Asking my assistant, Goliad, if she approves. Very crucial
step! Sometimes she kisses back, this time she was embarassed
because other cats might see it I think. Now we start adding our moss to cover all the foam and the
gaps. Any kind of preserved moss will work for this. Two things to note here: first, this is a terrible shot of
what I’m doing, and second, if I ever do this again, I will
put the moss on first! Live and learn, eh?! Admire your new wall planter full of easy to care for fake
plants! Nice!

7 thoughts on “DIY Fake Living Wall Art 🖤 Unique Home Decor 🖤

  1. You should make some tutorials similar but using black, orange, etc. Halloween colors for the fall… maybe incorporating some found objects, witch stuff?

  2. Hey this is great!! I really like your setup and your audio is very crisp and clear! As someone who has hearing issues I very much appreciate it because the auto-generated captions seemed to have picked up on everything you said! Thanks for making this and good luck on your future videos!! I can't wait!

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