She looks sleepy cause she is sleepy and it’s only day 2 of Gracevember. Ting Dong! Hi guys, my name is Grace Helbig, if you did not know, now you know. Your life is different now. Welcome to Gracevember. I’m making a video Monday through Friday through the month of November. Will that catch on as a catchphrase? Hopefully not. That’s a lot to say. It’s ThursD-I-Y here on It’sGrace. So we’re gonna get into some fall home decor, because nothing says “I have nothing else to do” like changing out the decor in your home on a seasonal basis. CUTE! Home decor can be a really fun way to distract yourself from how sad you actually feel. It can also be inexpensive! It’s a fun way to change up your environment without doing a full overhaul, or a full over-fall. I’m sad inside. So here’s a really quick and cheap and easy home decor DIYs that you can do to make your home feel more in line with the season, both weather and politically speaking. *music plays* For reasons, unbeknownst to me, Me decided to start this video with no audio, so you get a voiceover and then I’ll start talking eventually and it’ll be weird, but our first DIY is a birdhouse! How fall, how autumnal, how festive? I bought this pre-made birdhouse at Joanne’s fabrics for like ten dollars. But you can also make your own birdhouse if you’re a f*cking monster, and then I’m gonna use these metallic acrylic paints. Which are also super autumnal, that I also go to Joann fabrics, and then I got these brushes also from joann fabrics. So I’m gonna take my metallic paints and pick a color that I think truly reflects the current state of our world. Gray! And then this is where I decided to turn off the TV and talk into camera because I knew that my later voiceover would… …be sh*t. Hey! We’re gonna paint it kind of sh*tty and half assed- cause that’s how things seem to be done in our country these days… …and also the silver is really reflective so we can see ourselves in it. People that are in the most amount of power seem to only want to look at… …themselves. Just continue to paint it with the thought of like ‘get it done’ vs like ‘do it well’ and here just a lot of… …noise in the background… …too that’s par for the course. Golf, reference, it’s literally par for the course. So we’ve painted it a color that fully represents our future: BLEAK. This is a birdhouse, obviously a shelter meant for birds. It offers safety, comfort, and the hope for a successful future- BUT in keeping with current trends we’re gonna f*ck with that. I’m making some fun popsicle sticks. These come pre-taped tape so I don’t have to do any work. Thank god Just like the president. And just peel off the tape And I’m gonna just start sticking them right to the front and there you go. We have now officially nonsensically and very poorly constructed a wall in front of a structure yhat was once a beacon of hope for birds. Doesn’t it make sense? Moving on… Pillows! One of the most cost-effective and fun ways to change up your seasonal decor is with throw pillows. I found this pillow at Joann fabrics for maybe like $15 and it’s already pretty fall oriented, but I wanted to make it super specific so one of my tricks is when you see a pillow that you might like the coloring of- I love this plaid, but I’m not super into this. You can turn it over and make it into anything you want. PILLOWS! One of the other trends in pillows is to put some sort of quote or inspirational message on there, so I thought I would take this very fall themed plaid pillow and put a quote on it from a person that has a lot of influence. All you need for this is some sort of fabric marker or paint pad and a quote that you want let’s go for it. *music* And I’m done. This is a very autumnal, but also non-seasonal quote from the leader of the free world. Check it out. *music* Okay, our last fall home decor DIY uses a wooden crate. These are amazing, you use them for so many different things. I get this Joann fabrics for 10 dollars. And I’m gonna turn it into a very resourceful autumnal home decor item. So you can stain this if you want to go above and beyond. I don’t have time for that. Our world might completely fall apart at any moment, so I’m going to save some time. One of the fun things you can do, like the pillow, is personalize it, so I have some paint pens here. And I’m just gonna kind of write a personal message on the front of this. *music* Then I’m going to decorate the other end of it. *music* Now I’m gonna add the last little bit of accents. Ta-da, and there you have it. A very fall themed garbage can. *music* Well, there you go! There were my quick, easy, cheap fall home decor DIYs. I hope this inspired you. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you make any of these at home I’d love to see what you guys make it home, and do not forget to subscribe to this youtube channel. I’m making videos Monday through Friday for the month of November and you’re not gonna want to miss it. Unless it is something that you’re gonna want to miss, in which I respect your opinion. Thanks for at least giving it some time. Other than that, I don’t know. *BARK BARK BARKBARK* *mumble* Those are fireworks. The Dodgers just won game six.

100 thoughts on “DIY FALL HOME DECOR // Grace Helbig

  1. Jesus loves you Grace. I know you don't fully believe in him but please have in mind there's something after this life and you need him to save you.

  2. Grace i love you so much, your videos are amazing and i die laughing at them on the daily. However, the political references made upset me because youtube is where i go to escape from the negativity of the political world. I hate trump just as much as you do but i dont want to feel reminded of it when i want to be laughing! Im sorry if this comes off as rude, i just wanted to share my opinion. Love you!

  3. ugh i really hate hearing political stuff on random entertainment sources. completely ruined it for me. Im not even necessarily in disagreement with her beliefs, it's just really annoying to have them shoved down your throat in everything you consume.

  4. If you still think youtubers shouldn't be commenting on politics need to change that mindset. US viewers, you should already be preparing for the 2018 elections as they are very important. I think it's amazing that grace can make her regular videos have political commentary in an engaging way and wish more youtubers would do the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. sigh politics aside, does every video have to have a reference slamming Trump and talking about how America is doomed? Kind of a downer ๐Ÿ™

  6. she's gotta have a writing team that helps her write this shit! it's too good! it's like SNL skit good. if she is the one writing these jokes for her videos, then wow!! bravo! what the hell are u doing on YT.?! ur talented asf!

  7. Oh! Dont like america right now? Come to sweden! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I heard that people are have fun over there! And there is no police brutality!

  8. Idk why but you suddenly look more prettier than ever, especially at the intro! Idk why though.. You always look pretty but this video just made you shine!

  9. Joann Fabrics should totally sponsor your videos. I'm going to email them and suggest it. Which I'm sure will TOTALLY get a response. Your ship has come in baby!

  10. Oh my gosh this was so perfect!!! :"D I honestly wasn't interested in watching a fall decor video so I waited to see this one, but I should have known it would be great
    Loving the political stuff Grace!!!

  11. Recreating your cooking videos/food mash ups are probably the closest thing I have to a balanced meal lol I would appreciate seeing these more often on your channel ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  12. So done with your bullshit, Grace. Yet another YouTuber I'm unsubscribing to because they continually feel the need to bitch about the president for no valid reason. It's not him that's making this country worse. It's people like you and the other liberals who think everything that doesn't line up 100% with how you think or feel is wrong. You are the same people who think no one should be judged and everyone is entitled to their opinion, and yet all you do is judge Trump based on his thoughts/opinions. Quite hypocritical, don't you think?

  13. It is reassuring to see that even someone like Grace that has been doing this for years and years and has made thousands of videos can still have technical issues that once she gets to editing are beyond frustrating. I just shot a video last night that once I started editing it made me question if I should just re-shoot it today since the lighting was bad and the focus was not the best for a large portion of it.

  14. I am heading into hour 4 of a Grace binge right now and that Presidential twitter weigh in on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship living forever on a pillow is honestly the biggest blessing in my life. You may think that means I do not have a very blessed life and you would be wrong.

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