DIY Fall Wreath|Fall Decor 2019

DIY Fall Wreath|Fall Decor 2019

Hello I’m Jennifer with Jennifer
Decorates. Today’s video is all about how to make a beautiful fall wreath so stay
tuned. Fall is one of my favorite time of the
year. My husband loves it because it’s football season I’m afraid of a big yawn on
that. I love Fall and Christmas because it means craft time and getting the hot
glue gun out. So let’s get started making a beautiful fall wreath. Let me show you
the finished product first and then we’re gonna back up from
there. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to take these big floral stems, Fall floral stems, love the corn husk on them
and the wheat. So I’m not going to trim the end this is going to be my center
point and I’m actually going to kind of weave in that stem. Then I’m gonna take
this floral stem wire and I really like it it’s already cut and it’s kind of
coated with some plastic so it really doesn’t tear your hands up. What I
want to do I’m gonna clip it in half and really I’m just gonna grab a couple
pieces and run that floral wire through the grapevine wreath and twist the stem
onto the wreath to secure it. And then I’ll just trim the extra wire. I’m gonna
do that on the other side. The next thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to stop now and make the bow. The bow is just going to be kind of the
highlight of the entire wreath and I kind of want to come down a little bit
with the tails and I really want to tuck in the smaller elements. Now I have a
video on how to make those and I’ll link that in the description. Your important
thing about making a bow is getting your loops all the same size and that’s
about how big I want the bow to be. I’m gonna use the same wire on the bow and
this is how I’m going to attach it to the wreath. And I’m just gonna wire that to the wreath
because I want to make a really neutral wreath I have decided I really want to
put white pumpkins on and a little bit larger so I’m gonna snip these off and
I’ll just use them for another project. I’m gonna place of pumpkin on each side of
the bow and so luckily it has a really long stem so I’m going to trim it just a
little bit and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna stick into the grapevine but
then I’m going to add some hot- well that went somewhere- let me get my
glue gun Now I kinda want to see how I’m gonna
trail the tail of the ribbon so I’m gonna go under this pumpkin and tuck it
under just a little bit and come around the pinecone if you tuck it under after
I pulled that down a little bit I’m gonna cut it at an angle. Grapevine wreaths
are so pretty but they just make a huge mess working with them. Alright let’s do
the other tail yeah I’m gonna come under that white pumpkin I’m gonna go just a
little bit of a different direction and tuck under the pinecone this way. Just
kind of leave it hanging out. Then I’m gonna cut it at an angle as
well. Next I want to add two of these grapevine pumpkins. I’m going to trim
that stem a little bit and I’m gonna add it just under the pinecone and just a
little bit down from the white pumpkin.. Now I’m gonna add two sunflowers that
are very muted colors- really match the colors that’s in the floral stem I
already added a white one and then I’m going to add this one right beside the
pumpkin. I’m going to do the same thing on the other side except I’m going to
put this sunflower here and then the white sunflower up here around the
white pumpkin. I decided to add one more grapevine
pumpkin right around here up under the white pumpkins. Now for the really fun
part this is what I like to add a little bit of whimsy and have some of the
flowers come out from the wreath and I just begin by snipping little pieces and
tucking them in. If you’re able to do this at home and you have a spot in your
garage or a room where you can hang the wreath up while you’re working on it it
really helps a lot once you’ve got the bigger items on the wreath and you’re
going to put the smaller items it really helps you know what it’s going to look
like when it’s hanging on your door. So a lot of times what I’m in the middle
of working on the craft I’m not liking the way it’s turning out so I’m gonna
hit the brakes and kind of start over. This was the case on this one I thought
I was gonna like the tails kind of going in and out of the pinecones on the side
but I didn’t. The other thing I wasn’t liking was on my bow I felt like there
needed to be one more loop but I’m gonna show you a trick so that way if this
happens to you you don’t have to start all the way over. So what you do is you
trim a little bit of the ribbon and then you cut it at an angle. Floral wire that
I have you’re simply gonna twist it around so that it gathers on there
really tight and we’re going to glue it in place and then no one will ever know that
it wasn’t one continuous bow. Then I’m gonna come in here on the top, push it
down in there, and let it dry. Okay all done with that part. Then, I decided I
really kind of want to go ahead and let the tails hang in the middle of the
wreath and let me show you another trick. So you’re gonna do the same exact thing
you’re going to cut your ribbon angle it at the end and twist it together and
what I want to do is I want to put two of these just right there because I just
love the look at this ribbon and I think it’s gonna add to the whole entire wreath. I’m going to tuck it in right there, use my little stick, and let that dry and I’m just gonna do
that on the other side. Now the fun part to add these beautiful
little flowers and give us entire wreath a little bit of an airy and whimsy look. So
you really just want to pull down a little bit and start snipping the
smaller pieces and just start gluing them in the wreath. The trick to keeping it airy is not to
have too much of this clumped together but just kind of spread it all the way
around the wreath and something that’s easy to do is if you pull it down then
it kind of pulls the pieces apart for you much easier. Another quick tip when you’re adding
glue to these little stems you think you kind of really want to add it to the end
but actually if you come up here where it’s a little bit thicker you’re sliding
this into the wreath anyway so there’s more of a place to actually add the hot
glue and less likeliness of it to drip off and burn you. The very last
thing I want to add to the wreath are these beautiful little berries. So when you start with fall stems that
are already full and have a lot of different blooms on them it makes it so
much easier to make a wreath. You can make this wreath in under an hour. I’ve
got mine up, unfortunately the weather is not cooperating it is still extremely
hot here in Tennessee but that’s okay. Have a wonderful day make sure you
subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit that Bell because it’ll tell you
when I have a new video out.

51 thoughts on “DIY Fall Wreath|Fall Decor 2019

  1. How much money would you estimate you have in this wreath? It looks like you used nicer stuff than one can get at Dollar Tree:(

  2. I never would have picked that ribbon. I loved it! Good ribbon is expensive and hard to find sometimes. Thanks for another great idea.

  3. Jennifer… just gorgeous! How I wish I could purchase florals like you have. I get most of mine from Hobby Lobby, Pier One or even Potterybarn. But yours… magnificent!

    Thank you for sharing the great tip on adding to a Bow… never gave that method a thought! All the bows I have undone to start over! LOL!!!

    Love your channel Lady ! ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก

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  11. Hey Jennifer the Wreath turned out so pretty. It coordinates beautifully with your front door. Thanks for all the tips. Take care and God bless! Marion

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