DIY Fireplace Mantel Home Decor DIY Interior Design Ideas Install a Mantel Decorate A Fireplace

DIY Fireplace Mantel Home Decor DIY Interior Design Ideas Install a Mantel Decorate A Fireplace

– [Narrator] Hey everybody! Today I am thrilled to share
with you my newest video! I updated my fireplace wall with a french inspired mantel for the holidays. Usually I hang my stockings on a table or a bar and it’s such a bummer. Those days are over and
this year I have installed my own DIY fireplace mantel
and I’m gonna show you how you can get it in your house. But first, I wanna send a shout-out to all my new subscribers and a super warm hello to all my loyal subscribers. Hey you guys! If you are new to my channel
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time I upload a new video. If you guys are following
me on social media, you will see I started
with this fireplace. I took the glass off and now
I’m gonna take the whole thing out because I need to find
out where my studs are. So follow me on my social
media accounts you guys. You know how much I love Amazon. Well I got my own little Amazon shop. You guys have to check it out. And that’s where I will also leave links for products that I use in my videos. You can also click the
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and follow me on Amazon. Do you know you can always
find the links for everything I use in my videos right underneath this video in the description area. I purchased this 72 inch wooden mantel as well as the 52 inch fireplace
surround mantel kit legs. Those are two separate items. These are wooden legs and it also comes with two wooden
legs, two base boards, and one board that goes across
the front which is the skirt. Initially, I wasn’t a fan of fluted legs for my fireplace mantel. The legs actually have the little long, see the long dips in the wood? I didn’t really want that. I wanted mine to be more plain and simple but I couldn’t really find
it so I just went with it. If you don’t know, most of
the fireplaces generally are made of stone and not wood. So it’s really hard to find something that you want that’s made of wood that can be easily manipulated whether you wanna cut it shorter, make it bigger, anything like that. The mantel kit also comes
with these two mounting boards which we will attach the legs
to later on in the video. So here are the items you’re gonna need. You’re gonna need some wood glue, you’re gonna need some dry wall nails that are super long, get
the three inch drill. Of course, the pink power
drill, the cute one. And a level ’cause you’re
gonna have to make sure that it’s straight on your wall and a stud finder ’cause
you have to find out where you’re gonna mount
that board to on the wall and lastly, this fun little tool which is generally called a 5-In-1 tool but we’re gonna call
it a 14-In-1 for today. Okay you guys, so the
first things we’re gonna do is pry off this baseboard
as nicely as possible. It’s always easiest to score
it first to remove the caulk then to damage your wall
so try to score it first and then gently pry it off the wall. (upbeat music) So the next thing we’re gonna do is use our fabulous stud finder to try to find out where the
wood in the wall is located so that we can attach
our actual mounting board to the wood inside of the wall. I use my stud finder and afterwards I marked it with a pencil on the wall so that we all know where
to attach my mounting board. Now this mounting board
did not come with a kit. It usually does come with a kit but I actually had to replace mine and buy a new one at Home Depot because mine was cracked
when it came in the box with the mantel itself ’cause generally they do come with a board
inside of the mantel shelf. So this we’re gonna
just attach to the wall with the dry wall screws
and I would recommend you drilling a hole first inside the wood before you actually mount it on the wall and measure where the screws
are in the wall so that you can match them up and screw it
directly in with no problem. So that you don’t risk cracking the wood. Next up we’re gonna put
the smaller mounting boards that will hold the legs on the wall but don’t forget to use your stud finder to find out where the wood is in the back of the wall and then pre-drill the holes and then attach it using
your dry wall screws. Because these mounting boards are actually gonna be support for the legs. Now the kit only comes with
one mounting board per leg. I actually went and bought another one because I just felt like it would be much stronger if each side had two legs. So I went with the two legs on each side. Next up, I attached the legs. There’s several ways
you can attach the legs. I chose not to use the method
that the instructions says which is use a nailer and use brad nails to actually attach it to the side wood. I didn’t do that because I
knew I was gonna cover up and I still know that I’m gonna cover up the actual fluted legs later. So I just went ahead and
used screws to attach them. You can use a nailer
which is a cleaner look but I’m not gonna do that
because I’m definitely gonna cover this up because I’m
not a fan of the fluted look so for now, just for Christmas, I’m gonna leave it and we’re
gonna work with it that way. However, I’m just gonna put
the disclaimer out there, I am not a professional so I’m doing this because I like it and that’s
all that matters. (laughs) But so far so good. I went ahead and put the glass
back inside the fireplace and put everything back together. So the only thing we have to
do now is put the mantel up. Isn’t she beautiful you guys? And it’s very well-made. The company that made this
mantel did an excellent job. It’s very well-made, the wood is smooth, it is just a beautiful piece of wood. It is rather heavy. The instructions here again,
I didn’t use the instructions. I actually did my own thing. It says attach the mantel to the mounting board using finishing nails. I’m not gonna do that because again, I am unsure if I’m gonna keep this, if I even like this look or if I’m gonna go back to my flat wall. Maybe in a year or so. And basically you’re suppose to use the wood glue onto the mounting board and then use your finishing nails to actually hang the mantel up. I chose to use wood screws
because I don’t know if I’m gonna actually keep this mantel up or take it down so I used screws so it would be easy for me to remove just in case I change my mind and want to go back to my original wall. Another thing would be to
fill in the gaps that you see between the wall and the actual mantel legs as well as the mantel itself. You can add some caulk to
actually make it a seamless look but again, because I’m not
sure if I’m gonna keep this, I’m not gonna do that
yet and if I do do it, I will definitely go back and retrace these steps and do it correctly. You know what you guys? Doesn’t it look super cute natural? Like the natural wood? I was so tempted to keep
it it’s natural color because the natural wood
color just really stood out and just looks so fabulously cute to me. But I love my white. This is the fun part about doing DIYs is the actual painting and
painting the baseboards, the wall, adding molding, adding corbels, adding all the fancy bells and whistles that go with any DIY project. That’s the fun part for me. I don’t like the part where
I have to lose every single fingernail in order to
make a project look amazing but it’s so worth it in the end you guys. I must say it just looks
so good in the end. I’m super happy with it, yay! It looks so cute to me. I really like it and I
really like the height of it. I know some people are like, eh it’s too high for a fireplace. Aye-yi-yi whatever. I like it! You can add some marble, some tile, add a hearth, add some molding. There’s endless possibilities that you can do to make this mantel your own. So I chose to go with
a french inspired look by adding a little bit more ornate molding and I think that’s more my style. Or you can just leave it as is. You don’t even have to touch it. Let me say this before I forget. I actually chose to use
chalk paint to paint this. I know that is a little bit odd but I just found much success with chalk paint for some reason lately. I have been loving it and I just don’t, I like it because I’m not
getting, it’s easy to wipe off. That is one of the reasons but
I used the same chalk paint that I used on my panels in my bedroom. So if you guys remember
the decorative panels I put on the wall with the white. I don’t know it just worked for me. At the end of the day, I
think you’re supposed to use like a nicer paint that’s
either shiny or whatever. I don’t know what I’m
gonna do with this yet so for now I’m just gonna do this because I know I have Christmas coming and I’m gonna be attaching a bunch of pine and all that other stuff
that might scratch it up and I’m just gonna leave
it like this for now so that I just don’t get upset if semi-gloss paint hasn’t
cured yet or whatever so I need this fireplace
to work for Christmas so we’re just gonna keep it like that. But you can use whatever paint you want. At the end of the day it’s your decision. That’s it you guys! If you are looking for a
place to hang your stockings this holiday season, I do hope
this video has inspired you. And as always, thank you
so much for watching. Do share this video with your friends and don’t forget to rate this
video and give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next video. Thanks so much for watching, bye.

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