Hello, everybody! And welcome to
a new do-it-yourself video! Today I want to show you how to create some of those really cool geometric room decors, like you see on Pinterest and Tumblr. And the best part? It’s completely made of straws. However, before we get to the tutorial. Don’t forget to subscribe, if you’re new here,
and leave a thumbs up for more videos. Like I said, you will need some straws,
thin wire and a hot glue gun. Let’s start with the pyramid, which is the easiest one. You will need 4 15 cm straws,
which is about 6 inches. And then 4 more with the 17 cm.
That’s about 7 inches. Cut a long piece of wire and
with the 4 smaller straws form a square. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just do it however you prefer, as long as
you get the right shape. I took the ends and twisted them together
to make sure it’s completely tight. That’s also the reason why I chose wire. It’s so much easier to keep everything tight. And even if something ends up being a little bit loose, the wire will still keep the shape. Now thread 2 of the longer straws onto the wire and go through one of the bottom ones. Now add another straw and
go through the opposite one. If you run out of wire from time to time, just cut up a new piece and connect both by twisting them together. Now add the last straw and your pyramid is ready! To secure everything, wrap the wire around one of the connecting edges and hide the end in one of the straws. Now I will show you how to make this
super easy himmeli decoration. If that’s even how you pronounce it. Shorten 12 straws to 15 cm (about 6 inches). With 3 of them you will create a triangle. Now thread 2 more straws and go through one of the previous ones that will form the bottom half. Repeat this until you have 5 triangles next to each other. Or, basically, just 1 straw left. Now that you’re done with all the triangles make sure to bring the wire to one of the bottom edges. Now pick them up and connect them by
going with the wire through the opposite straw. You probably can see it in the video. You will notice
right away where the last straw is missing. And voila! Your himmeli decor is done! Last but not least, we have this
complicated himmeli orb. Funny enough! It’s hard and easy at the same time. You will get to a point where you have
no clue what you’re doing. Basically, it happened to me. But somehow you can visualize
where each triangle is supposed to go. And that gives you kind of a visual guide. For this orb you will need 30 10 cm long straws.
That’s about 4 inches. We will start by creating a pentagon that
is connected in the middle. Like before we will start with a triangle. Now keep adding triangles until you have 4 of them. However, rather than having them side-by-side,
they will be in an arch. To create the pentagon just connect
both sides with one last straw. The middle part will slightly rise
and the pentagon is ready. Now get the wire to one of the edges. Add 2 straws and create a triangle. Don’t forget to keep everything tight. Add a second triangle on the left. Now connect these 2 new triangles with a straw. Now you will repeat the same creating a new triangle on the left and connecting it with the right one. Now it’s when it starts to be a little bit confusing. Basically, you keep adding new
triangles left and connect them. It creates a new pentagon,
and then you start from the beginning. But when you have it in your hands,
you will quickly realize where everything goes, and you can adapt to your needs. I have to say I was so proud that
I was able to complete it. It took me quite a while to be honest. But it’s so worth it! To secure everything just make some dots
with the hot glue gun on the edges. This will also make everything look
smoother and prettier. From time to time I also would wet my finger
and kind of shape the glue to a more round form. But I warn you guys! There is a risk to get burned.
So don’t do this if you’re not comfortable with that. If you want to make a shape
like this diamond for your wall, I recommend taping it to a flat surface. It will make gluing so much easier. But protect the surface with some parchment paper.
So you can easily remove it. I did not use any because I thought it wouldn’t
adhere to the cutting mat for some reason. And oh boy! How was I wrong! If you want use some spray paint to finish it all off
and your little sculptures are done! I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I certainly did and I must have said
“straw” like a million times. And don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t already,
and leave me a thumbs up. See you next time! Bye!


  1. I'm obsessed with biting things like this! I would love it if you subscribe to my channel and I'll sub yours 🙂 xx

  2. An alle hier von "I'm Jette", ich habe genau dieses Video auch auf Deutsch 😂 Wäre vielleicht hilfreicher:

  3. I tried it out and i love it!!! I didnt have wire so i used wool, needless to say it took about 3 hours just to get the structure (i made the one with the 30 straws) thank you so much for making this video 😄😄😄😄

  4. Heyy,
    I saw the same video uploaded by someone, but in a different language. I think she just downloaded your video and uploaded on her own channel using her name.

  5. If you haven’t checked his youtube channel, Kevin Rupard took inpso from this, and made copper colored geometric shapes! He’s good I hope you both can collab on an idea someday

  6. I’m so glad you made this! I’ve been looking to buy something similar for a long time and haven’t found anything! Now I have a new project to do ❤️

  7. Very inspiring… Can you please tell me what gold spray paint you used. I did some gold spray paint projects earlier, but it didn't looked like made up of gold like it does in yours

  8. Miss Lily Rose, do you have a video for the diamond shape? I would love to put something like that on my walls.

  9. Ahmaaazingg ❤️❤️ I was going to buy this in metal but was delaying it because it's way to expensive. This just allowed me to save money and be creative!!

  10. Luv it. The only thing was u didnt show the spray painting which is soo satisfying to watch. Luved it!!

  11. How are you guysss? I hope you love this video! Btw, if you feel like skipping the intro, jump right in at 0:48 😛

  12. I am looking to make a set of polyhedral dice frames, and this has given me some good ideas. Cheers 😀
    You already have the D20 and D8.

  13. I just went on the store the other day and one of these glass filled geometric shapes (smaller than in the video!) was almost $50?!?!? Thank God for this tutorial!

  14. So super happy I found your video! Thank you! Did you put anything between the spaces between straws and paint over it? Your corners look so polished!

  15. Going to use this video to make my center pieces for my wedding! Using straws is so much cheaper than on amazon!

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