Hey guys, this is Karina!
>>It’s Ronald, and we are from Sis versus Bro.>>And today, we’re gonna do
the biggest, ginormous, fluffy slime
you’ll ever see!>>Yep, it’s gonna be huge. It’s gonna be amazing.>>Yeah, but first we need to have
the spatula fight.>>So what you’ll need
is two spatulas.>>Five containers of glue.>>And two cans
of shaving cream.>>One container of tide.>>And last, but not least,
food coloring!>>We got pink and
blue, of course. To make it pretty.>>Yup. So let’s begin. First, we’re gonna
put the glue.>>The five containers of glue.>>Yup.>>It’s a lot of glue. Alrighty, let’s do this. Whoo!
>>It’s so much glue.>>I know, right? I didn’t use glue
in a while. I feel so bad for glue.>>Wee!>>Smell so delicious!>>How does it smell delicious?
>>I don’t know, I didn’t smell it
in a while.>>Here goes the next one. Whoo!>>So much glue.>>It might stick
to the container and it will never
come out.>>Never. It’s like squirting
out like pee.>>Eew, you’re disgusting. Aah!>>We’re not
getting out of this.>>So sticky! Hit it out!>>Hit it out! Hit it out!>>Okay.
So much in here.>>What are we
putting in next?>>The shaving cream.>>Alrighty.>>Alright, three, two, one. Oh, come on.
>>Why are you so good at this?>>Look at this.>>Gaah! It’s gonna be fluffy. Let’s pour… Can I lick some?>>Don’t lick any.>>Remember from
truth or dare?>>Yeah.>>Wait, I’m running out
already.>>No, you’re not.>>This is loads of
shaving cream. Wow!>>My fingers are hurting.>>I know. [bottle squirting] Eww!>>That was like
a fart sound.>>This is all like
scrambled boogers. You’re making a tower?>>Yeah, tower.>>Let’s make
a tower together. Okay, here comes in
my farts. Do you smell popcorn?>>The next step is
to mix it.>>Let’s do it. Ooh! Looks so cool. I didn’t make slime yet.>>You like, never
made slime before.>>I never ever did.>>Doo-doo-doo.
>>Doo-doo-doo. Wreck all the mountains
of shaving cream.>>Yeah.>>Make all the farts into poo.>>So, next up is to add
some food coloring!>>I cannot wait for this.>>Alright.
>>Ooh, ready?>>Wait. There you go.
Squirt as much as you can.>>Alright, that’s it.
That’s it for mine.>>Come on. Come out, come out,
come out. Alright, that might be it. Now I’m mixing. Ooh!
The pink is so pretty.>>Look at this.>>Whoa! It’s so pretty. Now it’s like the purple. Yeah, the purple
is so fluffy looking.>>Scoop it up, put it down.>>The last step is to add
some Tide, but slowly.>>What do you mean slowly? Let’s pour it all in at once.>>Or else it won’t mix.>>Oh.>>Alright. Alright,
start mixing, Ronald.>>Ooh.>>Oh, that might be
a little bit too much. Oh no, it’s forming!
The slime is forming!>>The slime is forming! I don’t know what that means
because I never made slime before.>>Gonna pour a little over here,
and here, and here. Okay, I found… I found a lot
of slime over here. Alright.>>Look at this. Alright, I’m gonna add
a little more over here. Ronald, do you need some?
>>Yeah, I need some. Okay, that’s enough.>>Alright.
Start mixing.>>Ooh!
The slime is forming! I don’t know what
that means though! It’s so pretty!>>Alright, so let’s
use our hands now.>>Oh, our hands going
a bit too insane. Oh! I’m just going in.>>Oh, this is slime here! It’s awesome.
>>Ooh. Oh, this is
real good slime.>>Guys, this is like a unicorn
Frappuccino but in a slime. I wish I could eat it.>>Yeah, I know. Whoa!>>It just blobbed right
into the bucket. This is so sticky,
it’s hurting my hands. It’s hard to lift. Oh!
I wrecked my shirt. I hope it will come off.>>I’m going mad.
I’m going mad. How are we supposed
to mix this? So tired.>>Maybe we need Dad
to come and help us.>>Yeah, maybe.>>It’s gotta be the
hardest slime to make.>>Yep.>>It’s all coming together.>>Oh, I just cannot wait
till I have enough of this. I need to take
a nap after this. Are we finished
with the slime?>>No, we have to
mix it more.>>So much mixing.>>I know,
it’s hurting my hands.>>Okay guys,
let me try it.>>Alright. Oh, it’s lifting up
the container.>>Whoa.>>Let’s add some of this in.>>We’re gonna lift
the entire batch. Whoa!
It’s so big!>>Did we just
finish our slime?>>No, we didn’t.>>Okay,
let’s see if it slimes.>>Is that good enough?
>>Oh, I think it’s good but still sticky, still. Is it sticky?
>>It’s beautiful. I think it’s
actually ready to go.>>So, the slime is ready. It’s time to play with it. It’s so heavy.
>>It’s not sticky. Let’s toss it around
like a ball.>>I got a little piece
hanging off of it. Drum roll please. Wow.>>It’s good for
making holes.>>Alright. Okay, now let’s try
and lift it.>>It’s so heavy. Wait, let’s fold it
all up into a ball. Fold it.>>This is the strat
of the year, guys. The strat of 2017.
>>Alright! Yes! Yes! We’re fits!>>Did you fart?>>No.
That was literally the sound of thingy. Let’s see how long we can hold it
without the slime going down to the table. Alright.
Fold it up.>>Fold it up.
>>That’s our strats, guys.>>Strat Of 2017.>>Alright.
Three, two, one. It’s so heavy.>>Simple enough. I’m the support.
>>It’s sliding.>>I’m the support.>>We’re all the support. Here you fo–>>No!
That’s the–>>Aah! It’s so heavy!>>Why did you let go?>>It’s so heavy,
I’m sorry.>>Okay, can you
hold this at least?>>No, it’s so heavy! So the challenge is,
how long can we hold the slime in one hand?>>Okay.
>>All right. Three, two, one. Alright.
>>This slipped down.>>Mine’s sliding down
like a beast now.>>Oh, who’s gonna slip down first?
>>There’s a bubble. I popped it. [tired voices]>>Oh my god!
Yours is slipping! Yours is slipping! [laughter]>>Don’t–
No! Not it touched the floor.>>This slime is so cool. Why didn’t I
make it before?>>I know it’s like,
the coolest.>>Okay, let’s put our fingers in.>>Did you just fart?>>No, that was– That was the slime.>>This is so cool to play
with, it’s so fluffy.>>And squishy.>>Yep.
>>And squeenchy.>>It’s so addicting! I never want to stop.
>>It’s like the fidget spinner,>>once you spin it,
it’s like, I’m addicted.>>You never want to stop.>>I am a jackhammer.>>Guys, did you
ever make a slime? Tell us in the comment section
down below, and also tell us
if you love to play with it. Well because I do. Oh my god,
my hands are hurting. I’ve had enough of this. It’s so heavy.>>Ah, I’ll only carry this. Well, I can carry it on
one thumb.>>I can’t even carry this. Oh my god, it’s so heavy. Guys, you want some?
Then catch it.>>So guys, we hope
you liked this video. If you did, smash that like button
with your favorite slime, and we’ll see you all
next time. Good bye.

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