DIY Gift Bag Wall Art

DIY Gift Bag Wall Art

Hey Dreamers welcome back! it’s Tina from Dream Free Art and today, we’re gonna do a DIY video. I’ve done a few haul videos I’ve done a few “come shop with me” videos But now I’m actually going to make something with the stuff that I’ve purchased instead of just going out shopping. So today’s video is we’re actually going to make wall art for Valentine’s Day as you can tell by my Little tablecloth that I am really into Valentine’s Day, I love Valentine’s Day, I know it’s cliche I know that not everyone gets into Valentine’s Day, but I do I love the colors I love the red and the pinks and the gold I love the feeling of love all around I love how much people are paying attention more than ever To be thoughtful and to be kind and to be loving to one another so I can’t help but fall for the cliche I love Valentine’s Day So I’m actually gonna make some wall art today using materials that I got from my “come shop with me” trip From the Dollar Tree actually. So first in order to make this wall, art you are going to need: Gift bags, I bought three that I just they drew my eye I thought they would look really nice together And so I got this one that is shiny you can see it’s got some gold foil on it That says love is all you need I got this one that is similar with the gold Hearts on it, and it’s just hearts, and then I got this one again similar, but this one is pink and it has gold hearts on it as well. I also got three picture frames again all of this from the dollar store, I got three picture frames I got two 8 by 10 picture frames 2 8 by 10 picture frames And then I got one really big 11 by 14 picture frame, and then I didn’t get this one the dollar store So I don’t know if your dollar store sells it or not I ended up going to a craft store nearby and purchasing a really Small as you can see because I only needed one for this project, and I just need a little bit But one can of gold spray paint Make sure that it adheres to plastic. Alright, let’s get started The first thing that you’re going to need to do is unwrap the plastic and remove any tags or anything from your frames Once you have removed all the plastic and the tags from your picture frames Now it’s time to take the glass and the cardboard and any paper out from the inside of your picture frames Make sure you do this as carefully as possible You don’t want to break the glass or ruin the picture frame before you even get to use it Once you have completely removed the glass the cardboard and any paper inside of the picture frames now It’s time to paint. Spray painting can get a little messy so one trick that I always use is to take an old cardboard box and to place your item that you’re Spray-painting inside the box. That way it helps to contain the mess a little bit when you’re starting to spray paint. Once you’re ready to start spray-painting make sure that your room is either well-ventilated or that you spray paint outside when it’s nice weather I love spray-painting outside Shake the can well and then spray in a sweeping motion back and forth. Once your picture frames are all dry then it’s time to cut your bags Once you have made all of your cuts Trim the bags to remove any handles the plastic tags or any holes that might be left You also want to make sure that you trim it so that it fits inside your picture frames Some of the picture frames that I purchased like the 8 by 10 ones came with these little Cardboard mats to go around the picture so make sure that you also trim it so that it fits inside the mat The 11 by 14 picture frame did not come with a mat, but I’m actually going to use the inside the paper That came inside. I’m going to flip it over and trim it to make a new mat. Once you have the bags trimmed and cut to fit inside the picture frames. It’s time to assemble! And tada! it’s finished, it’s beautiful. It’s shimmery It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day the materials cost me about nine dollars in total actually Three dollars for the picture frames three dollars for the bags And then I spent maybe about a dollar fifty on that little can of spray paint because I also had a 50% off coupon So roughly about seven or eight dollars to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day display Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram don’t forget to Like and subscribe and click the Notification button so that you can be notified of the new videos that we post every week. Until next time, Dreamers. Bye

17 thoughts on “DIY Gift Bag Wall Art

  1. This is a great idea for Valentine's decorating. They came out great, and thanks for the tip to allow each layer of spray paint to dry first.

  2. Valentine's day is one of my favorites too. It's my Grandmother and my Granddaughter's birthday. My Granddaughter is a little piece of my Grandma in heaven.

  3. That is a really cute idea! I think I like your mostly pink and red hearted one looks the cutest. Well done.

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