DIY Girl Baby Shower Ideas | Dollar Tree Baby Shower Centerpiece | Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas

DIY Girl Baby Shower Ideas | Dollar Tree Baby Shower Centerpiece | Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas

hey guys welcome back today I’m gonna
show you how to make a girl’s baby shower centerpiece and setup here we go you guys have been asking for me to make
the girl version of my boy baby shower centerpiece and I’m very happy to do
that for you today also I’m going to have this set up for the candy buffet or
dessert table buffet so you can see how these centerpieces
will look on that alright let’s get started I’m going to start by gluing my
five by seven picture frames with my hot glue gun I’m going to leave it just like
it is because I’m going to be painting the whole box so it doesn’t matter
you can feel free to take off the backing of it if you feel like this on
your way I’m just going to leave it on there and here it is a perfect box now I’m
going to make four small boxes out of these 2×3 picture frames it’s basically
the same process as the bigger boxes the only thing is that I’m going to remove
the back stand for the picture frame here are my four small boxes the next
step is going to be to glue these letters right in the middle of the frame
I’m going to do this all around on all four sizes just make sure that when you
glue the letters because I’m not sure how many of these letters are repeat
just make sure that you are going to spell the word baby and then the rest of
the other letters doesn’t matter where they go by the way guys this packet of letters I
bought from the Michaels only comes with one letter B and you set it right on
here and I did not read it and I’m not gonna have to go back to the store and
buy another letter hopefully individually if not I’m gonna have to
buy another packet meanwhile I’m just going to go ahead and do the other
letters okay guys so my box is I’m ready to go to get painted and set for my
letter B here but I can always add that later all of these boxes here are going
to be gold I’m going to paint the letters and debug school so it’s gonna
be all one color for my main box this time I decided to make it two different
colors the main box is going to be light pink and my letters are going to be dark
pink I’m also going to be painting two of the picture frames this are eleven by
fourteen some way to be painting these two picture frames what I’m going to be
painting light pink and the other one went to be painting dark paint
yes that’s that guy so I’m going to go ahead and take it outside and here is my box all ready to go it’s
a nice empty light feet that is and I’m going to make this by my front side
because this deep bedside because these sides are not as nice that’s the plus
side because as you know I don’t have a lot of patience in painting and I have a
little streaking around the sides but it’s not as bad as my last project so
I’m making improvement I am my next step is going to be to make a top or a cover
for my base and I am going to use foam board to do that and I’m going to just
turn it over here I’m going to distress inside a box and then cut it out now you have to place the foam inside
the box and you can do it two ways you can go under or you can turn the box
over which i think is easier and just place it inside and of course you get
stuck what I’m trying to do this for you here it is you place it inside then
you’re going to grab your hot glue gun and you are going to glue around the bar
and here’s how the Box looks like now it’s nice and secure now I’m going to
add the letters to the box I am going to spell the word girl
of course because it’s for girls baby shower and I’m going to leave it with my
hot glue gun I’m going to add my floral phone to the
top front part of my box because this is where I’m going to concentrate to make
my floral arrangement I’m going to start my arrangement with white hydrangeas
from Dollar Tree I’m going to place them all around the phone so I can hide the
phone and I’m going to cut them about two inches long now I’m going to add this pink process
from Hobby Lobby there were fifty percent off of $7.99 so they were about
four dollars per bouquet and they are very pretty perfect for this arrangement
they also come with this um I think these are like baby’s breath but they
don’t look too good so I kind of pushed them down so you couldn’t see them yeah
so disregard those when to cascade a few of the pink roses
right here on the left side and each rose is going to be longer than the
other I’m going to add more white hydrangeas to the top of the phone now
I’m going to add this beautiful dark pink roses from Hobby Lobby these were
also 50% off but I cannot remember exactly how much they were since I’m
recycling these from another project but I will let you know in the description
box I love these these are wonderful they’re so beautiful I’m going to add more pink roses and here’s what the arrangement looks
like so far now I’m going to go ahead and start
adding the balloons to the back here’s how the arrangement looks like so far now I’m going to go ahead and start
adding balloons to the back the pink with white polka dots and the white
balloon I got from Walmart for a dollar fifty and I got the dark pink at Party
City for I believe $2.99 the pack so yeah I’m going to blow this up I’m also
going to use three different sizes I’m going to blow up the feet with white
polka dot that’s gonna be my largest one the white is going to be a medium and
the pink is going to be small so this is you’re gonna have to gauge this once you
make your floral arrangement because you want your balloons to you know stand out
from the floral arrangement because this is pretty tall so I have to make sure
that my largest want are you able to see it from the back I’m switching to my low
temperature gun so my balloons won’t pop and I went to start with my white
balloon right here and right here in the middle I want it to stand straight so
I’m going to add a little bit of glue right here to the flower now I’m going to add my polka dot
balloons I’m going to add one to the left and another one to the right now
I’m going to add a third poke of that balloon to the middle to add some height
and here are my two frames that I color one in dark pink and the other one in
light pink I’m using this as a platform to give it a little bit of height you
can choose to use it or not too you can also choose to add flowers to the sides
of these but I think it will be too much and too overwhelming for the small box
so well yeah but I love it just like this but again this is optional if you
want to use it or not and here are my baby blocks in gold that looks so so
good I didn’t get up finding the letter B individually well not individually
they come in two in a pack from my post for $0.99 so that was not bad at all I’m
glad I didn’t have to buy another packet of 36 pieces which wasn’t so bad either
I think it was $2.99 or 399 so I’m not so bad so yeah so I did end up finding
it the only problem with this is that this one is a little thicker then this
one this one is a little more flat and I think the that one is a little bit
thicker but you know what guys I’ve given up being perfect home time
ago things work the way they’re supposed to and how it’s going to work out so
yeah I mean I’ll try to be as perfect as possible but I no longer
sweater so I’m just going to place this one right here and yeah and I think
that’s gonna look really really good now I’m going to use a bit of this foam
board to cover up the top of only one block the other three are necessary
because I’m going to stack them one on top of the other but I’m going to go
ahead and make one for this one and then I’m going to paint it gold and this is
what it should look like okay guys this is my girls baby shower centerpiece and
some of these set up and I have to tell you I love it I am in love with it too
oh my gosh I want to hug it too I think is beautiful I am very pleased with the
way it turned out and I do have to say also that it is a little bit more work
than the boys baby shower centerpiece but those girls are complicated so there
you have it and I also think that the baby blocks are very very cute the only
thing I would change though is that I would like add some hot glue like a thin
layer just like a line of hot glue to every you know place where you meet so
you can look a little neater because you know this is like a little gap right
there that I would like but you know what you do it I didn’t do it but you do
it and I did add a couple of teddy bears to my setup I bought these from Hobby
Lobby their paper mache teddy bears that I got for my boy baby shower but I
didn’t ends up using it so I’m using it today for the girls
and I painted them in gold in hot pink so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this
video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked this video and if you
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inspiration until next time

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