DIY glass piston tutorial for Stirling engine!!!

DIY glass piston tutorial for Stirling engine!!!

3 ways how to make a PERFECT glass piston for Stirling Engines OK guys, today I’ll show you few simple methods how to make a perfect glass piston for your Stirling engine model from glass syringe. Few easy steps and than you could try your new piston. From a 5ml syringe you can make two pistons with cylinders easily. Take a mark at 15mm from the end and cut it off with a diamond cutter Always use some added water on that line I’ll show you first the basics of my method with perfectly fitted plastic tubes or containers, but I will show you few others later on this video. For the joint I used some failed guitar spring holder It’s made from hard brass with approx. 2mm inner diameter. It is fit for bike’s spoke good enough You should cut it off with a bit smaller length than your glass syringe’s inner diameter It’s important if you don’t want to crash your glass parts Mine ID was 10 mm so it will be ok! Make 2mm holes into the plastic part The spoke rod will fit into these holes also hold the brass part with low friction As you see the assembling process is so easy! The rod should tightly fit into the holes and we have NO steel on the sides! Put the whole ready part into the glass piston I used red silicon onto the end. The piston is ready to run after vulcanization time Tadaaaaaaam, I made a mistake as any other ordinary people!:D But be careful and use working gloves! This type of engine is really sensitive for friction so this is a good feedback how low the friction here. You could reduce it with graphite coating of course Second type glass piston in this short series: plastic tube with smaller diameter as the glass tube with O-rings First TIP for today a recycling one! Use this part from your bags because it has iron wire inside and you could cut it off with a sharp blade easily TAKE CARE! USE GLOVES! Take a bicycle spoke and turn the wire around it few times It will be a part of your rod to connect to the flywheel Take a cheap plastic pen with thick wall. The OD is a bit smaller than the glass tube’s inner diameter Turn off the end and cut the threads off! You should make two grooves with your cutting tool into the surface approx 1mm from the end with 1mm gap Cut off cca. 15mm length of the plastic tube and make 2mm diameter holes on it for the rod as I presented you before Put the silicone O rings into the grooves I used 5mm ID O-rings with 1,5mm thickness Cut the spoke to your perfect length The assembling process is same as before The piston is ready to use! Don’t go anywhere, because my third solution will blow your mind! 😀 A 10mm OD thick wall silicone tube! Cut a 10mm long piece of it and make a hole across the tube with 2mm drill Put the rod and the joint into the holes and put together into the glass piston Seal the end with silicone glue Here we are! We have a perfect glass piston again!

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  1. Parabéns, o seu vídeo e o motor ficaram perfeitos. Todos tivemos um ótima aula de conhecimento com este seu vídeo.
    Como você pode ver, uma boa parte do seu público é do Brasil, teria como adicionar ao seu vídeo uma legenda?? Porque na configuração do You tube, nós podemos fazer a tradução automática para o português, já que a maioria não sabe ler inglês.
    Este seu vídeo, teria que ser melhor valorizado pelo You tube, é injusto!
    A seringa que você usa é de fabricação chinesa?
    Adorei a sua ideia, quando eu fizer o meu motor novo, eu acredito que vou adotar uma das suas ideias e vou publicar no vídeo, o link do seu canal, para te ajudar.
    Leandro Wagner.

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    If you do !!! You will sell thousands and thousands of shake table to take to the rivers and lakes without the use of electricity !!! Good Luck for the new shake table gold !!!

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