DIY Gossip Girl PRADA Wall Art | ANN LE

DIY Gossip Girl PRADA Wall Art | ANN LE

– Hi everyone! How’s it going? So welcome back to DIY Sunday. Yay! I have a new video. Ok, so you guys have
been requesting for me to make the Prada Marfa wall
art that you’ve been seeing in the background of my previous videos. Today I am finally going to show you that and how to make it. So this one is inspired by
the one that you’ve been seeing on Gossip Girl. And you can pretty much
personalize this to however way you want to. The way I made this is
just very simple and something that I like. I love simplicity and
I love that chic look. So I have this hanging
in my room right now and I absolutely love it. So, let’s get started with this. To get started you’re going
to need a blank white canvas. I’m just repurposing an old picture I had by painting it white again. This is 46 by 30 inches. Next you will need some font. I actually drew out my own Prada font since this is not something
that you can find online. If you want to use my font, I will have it available
on Down on the list of
materials you would need are some black paint and a paint brush, some masking tape decoupage or Mod Podge lastly, is some black glitter and you can pretty much
use whatever you like this is just something
I personally like to use for my design. The first step is to have
all your letters printed and then cut them out. For the smaller letters,
what I like to use is a X-Acto knife or a
small blade like this one and then I would take this
and trace it along the line. Ok, so now with your plain white canvas what I would suggest for you
to do is take out your ruler and your masking tape and what you’re going to
do now is just measure down to where your line will
go for your Prada word and for the other words. So, here I just marked my spot and then I’m taking the tape and just taping it along the way to create a nice straight line so that way the letters won’t look crooked or anything like that. And I’m doing that the same
for the smaller letters that goes on the bottom. So, once you figure out
where your lines are going to be placed on your canvas, the next step is to take
out your cut out letters and place that onto the
canvas above the line. So make sure that your
letters are centered and evenly apart and the next step is to trace the letters. So I like to use a ruler just
to make sure all my lines my straight lines are straight. As you can see with a smaller letter what I did here was just use the stencil. I cut out the letters,
pop that out, and now I’m using this as my guide. So you can either, you
can use either this or the cut out letters. Whatever works for you. After tracing out all the
letters with a pencil, take out your Sharpie marker
and go over the lines again. Now you don’t have to do this step, you can easily skip it if you want to, but I like to do this because it helps me paint within the lines. Alright, so take out your
black paint and a paint brush. I usually like to start
off with a smaller brush so this way I can paint close to the edge and near the lines and then after that I
would use a bigger brush to fill in the letters. Alright, so once you are done
painting and the paint is dry go ahead and take out a brush and your decoupage, or regular
glue, and cover a letter with this. I would suggest for you to start with one letter at a time. So, cover the letter with
some glue or decoupage and once that’s covered,
then take out your glitter and sprinkle the glitter on. After that is done, move
on to your next letter. If you do decide to use the glitter look, then I would suggest to
you to wait a couple hours after applying on the glitter and then after that, go ahead
and clean off the glitter, and peel off the tape. I like to reuse the tape
and just take off any stubborn glitter that’s
still on the canvas. Alright, everyone so that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this
video and if you do don’t forget to give it a
thumbs-up to support this channel. I would greatly appreciate it. And also, I’m thinking about doing a question and answer video. So if you guys have any
questions you would like to know about me or any questions regarding tutorials that you’re confused about ask below and I will try
to select as many as I can for my Q & A video and yeah, I will talk to you next week. Bye!

100 thoughts on “DIY Gossip Girl PRADA Wall Art | ANN LE

  1. I live in Sweden and a lot of things you use can not be found here, and if I do find them they're really expensive… :/ do you know a website or alternative for your products that are cheap and easy to find? 🙂

  2. Hi!! I've been following you for a while now and I just love your DIYs !! I'm thinking about starting my own blog and I wanted to know with what software do you make your videos ? ^^


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    Amazing video BTW

  5. ok so i am making this now its so much fun thanks will post pic when i am done!!
    Yeah its finally warm here (MA) xox 

  6. all of your diys are AMAZING. you are my biggest creative role model and I can only pray to be as good as you one day. I love you and your channel and would live to see a room your once you are happy with the way it looks! I might also be getting the same bed as you…my mom picked it out and I love upholstered beds! the are very vintage looking. I really want to see your room tour! 😘💞👏

  7. Would You Mind Giving The Measurements for the spacing of YOUR words please??? I just so happen to have a blank canvas the same size as yours and would like it to look exactly alike. 

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  9. Why not paint and glitter the letters, then adhere them? It would take out a ton of steps and make the DIY much less time-consuming and more simple. Just an idea.

  10. Sorry. One quick question. Is there a reason for the bottom coat of black if you are covering it in black glitter afterwards?

  11. I'm in the process of making this for my office…very tedious but I'm progressing good. I love your diy videos.

  12. I'm in the process of making this for my office…very tedious but I'm progressing good. I love your diy videos.

  13. If I'm starting out with a new canvas would up suggest to paint the background white first ?? Also for mod podge do you recommend buying gloss or matte coat for this and future projects ?? Thanks [email protected] keep up the awesome work btw

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  15. Hi Ann! I am from Spain and few days ago I started to do this Wall Art! I took the same measures as you, but now I don't know the distance you usted to put the PRADA letters from the top. May you tell me what are the distances you used please?

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