DIY Graphic Wall Paint // Budget-friendly Accent Wall // by Elle Uy

DIY Graphic Wall Paint // Budget-friendly Accent Wall // by Elle Uy

Hi! This is Elle and welcome to my very first DIY video. So.. (Elle) What?? (Brother) Why? I can see your face… *imitates reaction* (Brother) No I’m not. Hi! This is Elle and welcome to my very first DIY video. So I am here at Third Space Studio Cafe …and obviously it’s not a house. But the DIY that I will show you is applicable for your homes or in your rooms Because what I will do today is an “Accent Graphic Wall” So…the first step that you have to do is to know the design that you want to make. So what I did was I thought of what the look would be… …what feel would be. But I chose one that is very simple and graphic so that It can be done using different colored paints and masking tape. When I already knew the design that I want, I applied it in Photoshop so that I can fill in the colors and I’ll know if they will go well together. After you finalize the design that you really want, Buy the materials you need for the project. So if you don’t know where to buy different customed colored paints… Click the link below. I have a video about “How to choose wall colors?” And that’s where I gave tips on where you can buy paints. So there. After that, you can also buy the brush, masking tape and roller. After you complete the materials, you can already prepare the wall. And this is the wall that I will paint on. This is the wall that I will work on. You need to draw the design you made on the wall using a pencil. So.. Once you’re done drawing, that’s the time you will put the masking tape on the design. So you’ll now you’re ready to paint. Because I chose a simple design… As in… You’ll see… the lines are just straight… diamond… with several lines… So what I did was… I made the measurements equal in 10 inch increments. So that it is easier to apply it on the wall. As you can see, I’ve drawn the design. And there’s masking tape already. So what you have to do is… … if you’re doing a similar design as mine… …put masking tape alternately. And to avoid confusion, Because there are so many tapes on the wall… I wrote the paint colors using a pencil. So Beige. Green. And Brown. So at least when you start painting, you are sure that you are painting on the correct place. So there… I’ll start painting now. So after the first batch of paint, I immediately removed the masking tape So that’s one tip… Even though the paint is still wet, you need to remove the tape. Because when it dries, there’s a chance that the dried paint will peel off. So now, I’m just waiting for the first batch to dry. So that I can tape it for the second coating. Another tip! Usually, when we use masking tape to paint things like this… For this part, we will paint it, yellow. As you can see, this one is beige. So the tendency is… Once you tape it… Then you paint this with yellow, The yellow will bleed through the tape… …and will slightly overlap the beige. How do we avoid this? What you do is to get the paint color of the base and seal off the edge of the tape. There. So if you do that, the coat that will seep through matches the color of the base. So when you paint it over with yellow, it won’t bleed anymore. Because the beige sealed it off already. And it matches the base coat. So that’s what you can do when you’re painting stripes or any design using masking tape through paint. So finished the DIY wall the other night. And I am so happy with the result. So, here it is! So this is the wall… and I super love the colors that we chose. And as you can see, we placed a lot of knick-knacks. So it will be more appealing. But if you will do it yourself, you can do away with all these. You can just put a sofa or a headboard. There are so many applications that you can do for this design. You can make a smaller version, if you’re not comfortable in making a big one. But as you can see, you can do a lot of things using paint. Another important tip. If you’re going to use masking tape on your wall, make sure to try it on the not so visible space. Because you have to know if the masking tape is compatible to your wall. There’s a chance that paint will peel off when you remove the tape. So, it is important for you to test it first. That’s it for my first ever DIY video. What’s important here is that it has a big impact. Even your choice of colors, and all. And it does not require a big budget because you just need paint. You just need your imagination and some effort. If you enjoyed this DIY, like this video and subscribe to my channel. Until next time… Bye!

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