DIY Half Duplex Renovation Pt. 6

DIY Half Duplex Renovation Pt. 6

This used to be the shameny. Chimney. Shameny. Chimney. Shameny. . . . close enough. You guys can see that we have the the water shut-off. I’m not gonna open it right now because we have water in the Pipe. Yes, is this recording? Okay boss, you’re live. How about those people? Hello guys, what’s up? Bahiano here one more time. Today we’re gonna show you an update. It has been a week and we have done quite a bit. And okay, we will link the last update, and if you
want to see more updates please subscribe. An we’ll have the link in [the description]. Okay let’s go, let’s see what we’ve done here. We are down the basement and we have
removed all of the cast iron pipes and replaced them with ABS pipe. Good stuff. Like you guys can see sewer, 4″, ABS. And we still have a ittle bit to go
here. Just waiting for the bathtub and then we’re gonna connect this. And there’s,
like you guys can see, you have some open pipe there that we’re gonna do more
connection. We broke the concrete and removed the old pipe. Started to lay the new one in there. And we’ll just try to get
all of upstairs finished first, and then we just have water line. A lot of them they just run straight like what we’ve done in here. We
put a manifold so one for the hot one for the cold for upstairs, and downstairs will be the same, separated. Like you guys can see we
have the water shut-off. I’m not gonna open it right now because we have water
on the pipe right now. You guys can see. Yes, we snapped some line for the layer out of the wall today. Just trying to figure out where we’re gonna put the bathrooms
in here. So here we’re gonna open this wall here. Right where I am standing is going to be a bathroom for the master bedroom. And then once we move in here,
right beside it will be the main bathroom right here.
And here we’re gonna have the mechanical room which will include the laundry as
well. And we can walk this way.I We have some lines for the hallway that
is going to be one wall for the this bedroom here. And there we go. Like you see the pipes going up for the shower or bathroom. I just put this tape because this one is not
glues yet–the one that goes for the toilet upstairs. So I just put the tape that
way we will not miss anything. And we are just wait for some shower base so this pipe are disconnected because it would be easier just to set up the shower and
then connect the trap, everything from down here, is way easier then I try to do
it down and connect from the top. Okay this is pretty much about it. We have the pipe and stuff to continue the job. I will give you guys. . . we’re gonna go up and
check out how it looks. Yes, see you up there. Come in boss. Yeah
like here you guys can see the pipes are in with the vent. This is for the vent.
We have the stuff for the kitchen. And today we, else, we lay out where there’s gonna be
the plug for the kitchen. Fridge, stove lights,all that stuff. Here’s the bathroom. Yeah, pipe is still going one in here, so
we are good. And we’ll have something new in here with the floor
we’re gonna, we plan to paint this floor, clean it and paint it. And it will be new
stuff for us. And also we’re gonna share with you. We’re going to do the paint in there,
paint on the kitchen, because we’ve tried some vinyl plank, many stuff, and we’re just
gonna try something new. This is what it is. And this room, there’s no change this room. It’s going to be the same. Here is the thing we’re going to install a panel because we want the
power to be separated from this floor and the
basement. So, here like you guys can see just a little bit of a change. We move
the doorway this way. Yeah we just moved the door from there
over here because we just not want to lose this space. Here we have enough
space for a closet in here so we’re just trying to save some space. Yeah this is the master bedroom, so we just had to take a little bit out for this closet. So we
just moved this floor a little bit this way that we have
passageway. But we took the space from here but we give up more space in this corner for storage. So in the end we have more storage space and more space in the bedroom than what we had before. This one here is gonna be a
new bathroom for the master bedroom. So this used to be the
hallway. We’re gonna save some space just by putting a shower here, about 36
inch shower on this corner. And here used to be the stairs that was going
down. We’re just using this space for the sink and toilet. And the other side as well there is our closet And here’s another thing that I would like
to show you, this used to be the the shameny (chimney). Okay so we removed the shameny (chimney) and here we’re gonna put a stacked washer and driver right there so this was a pretty much a
dead space that we’re using. And we come this way. Toilet is gonna go there. Here’s more space than what we need for the toilet and sink. We decided just to open this up. This used to be the door to go downstairs
so we’re just going to open it to put open shelves. So the wall will be here, and then we’re gonna
have open shelves to either store stuff from the kitchen or from the
bathroom. So we’re just saving all the space that we can. So the kitchen is going to be pretty much the same. We didn’t do any framing or any other changes to it. We just removed the box, the drop that we had in there. We had a drop in here but we removed it. And another one in there. So the cabinets will be higher, there’ll be more storage space in the kitchen. So we’re good there. And now we’ll go into the living room. So with the living room we’re not going to touch it. It’s just gonna be as it was. We’re just going to repair the plaster And we’ll be good to go. And thank you very much for watching this movie. And thank you for your support. See you next time, and
we’re just gonna keep coming with great content. Just keep your
eyes open then you’re gonna see. In this project we are doing many
different things, from A to Z. So if you guys want to see something in particular
just let us know and we’ll be very happy to make a video about it. Just let us
know and see you soon! Yes and we are here to answer your
questions to help you as much as we can, and please subscribe if you want more
information. And we’ll be here, we’ll be very happy to help you. And you guys are
great. Great support, and I respect you guys a lot. Thank you!

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  1. It's so interesting to see the progress on your reno project! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to more updates 🙌

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