DIY Halloween Mummy (The most fun way to make one!)

DIY Halloween Mummy (The most fun way to make one!)

my eyes are like half plastic like I
can’t close or open them that’s so weird are you ready to be mummified sure first
we wrap you in ceramic we’re gonna start with a basic mummy pose first so you’re
gonna stand like this and then put you’re gonna wrap both my legs together
together yeah say that good balance yeah you got you got this our body form is
going to be made of duct tape but underneath that is going to be a layer
of plastic wrap the plastic is gonna make it so the duct tape doesn’t get
stuck to your skin or clothes and generally makes the form a lot easier to
take off you’re gonna draw lines like this and we
know where to tape it back together we’re gonna cut this thing apart and
then it’s gonna have to go back together later so these lines are gonna be really
important to help us get it back into the same shape after we do the legs we
move on to the torso once again we start with plastic and then follow up with a
layer of duct tape it’s a great material for body forms because it doesn’t
stretch at all and it holds its shape incredibly well next up we do the arms
and we’re careful here not to wrap the tape too tightly because that can make
it challenging to cut off later on this back area is going to get cut into
several sections so that we can get it off so the lines here are really going
to come in handy to get it all back together now you feel better it’s gonna be
awesome and it’s all good good yeah yeah just take a deep breath if you try this
at home be super careful make sure to leave
plenty of space to breathe this is pretty obvious but just to be sure
for our mommy we’re covering the nose but leaving the mouth wide open it was
over a hundred degrees that day which is why we’re not out in the workshop and
we’re in the house and we don’t run the air conditioner when we’re filming so by
now I was definitely ready to get out of this duct tape okay that was weird
but now that it’s off we’ve got our mummy kind of laid out in front of us
next we’re gonna start stuffing it yes the nice thing about the duct tape is it
really helps to hold the form so I mean it already looks pretty pretty lifelike
all right yeah let’s do this we’re using some thick metal wire to act
as a spine that will go from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet this
is gonna help them stand up straighter and not slouch there are quite a few
steps along the way where one of us needs to hold a piece while the other
tapes it so this is definitely a project you want to do with a friend next we
work together to fill up the inside of the mummy with old recycled newspaper
magazines junk mail things like that this is a great way to use some of that
old material that we all have lying around the house here you can see where those black
marker lines really come in handy for taping this back together there’s a spot
on the upper back where four different pieces all had to come together
perfectly and if those lines weren’t there it would be a total mess to wrap our mummy we’re using grade 10
cheesecloth and cutting it into thin strips this cloth has an open weave that
works perfectly for this and other Halloween projects for links to all the
tools and materials that we use for this mummy project check the description the
cheesecloth is way too bright white for a mummy
so we’re going to use black tea to stain it to give it an aged look to do this
we’ll make a giant batch of tea and let our cloth soak for about 10 minutes the
longer you let it soak inside the tea the darker it will get 10 minutes was
just about right for the look we were going for after that we’ll drain it out
rinse it a bunch of times and then let it dry the cheesecloth is
semi-transparent so since you’re gonna see through it a little bit we paint the
body form white with some white spray paint and that’s gonna make it so we
don’t need so many layers of cloth finally we’re ready to do the fun part
we’re gonna do a test wrap to make sure that we have enough cheesecloth in our
case we actually didn’t we had to go back and make a bunch more and do
another tea stain because we didn’t have enough but that’s okay depending on how
you cut your fabric you’ll have a frayed edge either on both sides or maybe just
on one side and you want to make sure that that points down to give it a more
aged look as you’re wrapping you can kind of go back and forth across
different areas to give it some variation you don’t just have to do a
simple spiral all the way up we wanted our mummy to have skeletal
hands so we picked up some life-sized ones and then they fit right into the
wrist area and we use the same cloth to kind of wrap around the fingers to
get them to stay in the last step is optional but we want
our mummy to have an aged and dirty look so we’re using a watered-down brown and
black acrylic wash to dirty it up and give it some texture once it’s dry
everything gets wrapped back up and our mummy is complete

85 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Mummy (The most fun way to make one!)

  1. to get a fake mummified flesh look on the fingers you could use paper towls or toilet paper, brown paint and some glue. kinda paint it on and let it dry. itll get a shriveled up flesh texture and look.

  2. Man, that is creepy! All I could think whey you were getting wrapped up, Jay, is, “Nope.” I’m terribly claustrophobic. Ha ha

  3. It's that time of year again! We're getting our DIY Halloween season started with this awesome life-sized Mummy project!! We literally wrap Jay's entire body in duct tape and it's not weird at all. Not…one…bit.

  4. Again great idea 😁 our Halloween party in the UK is getting bigger and bigger each year so these props will certaintly help with sproosing the place up 🤣 again.. Thanks guys.

  5. This is a great project and my son and I had lots of fun and laughs making it. Thank you. I love your projects. One thing i think you should specify is that the cheesecloth should be in one continuous sheet. The one I ordered from Amazon (I picked the one that was Prime) is multiple sheets of it. I think it will still work but the continuous material would have been easier. I suggest that you also specify that the bottom of the feet are plastic wrapped and taped when the mold is being stuffed and taped close. My son and I disagreed about that and we ended up enclosing them but it would have been a lot easier not to. Thanks again!!

  6. I really like this project. The look is spot on for a Halloween mummy. A quick tip for a future mummy or other projects that require a fair amount of wrapping.

    Having the cheesecloth rolled up the way you did is perfect but holding the roll and unrolling it the opposite way that you did (see time stamp 06:01) will make easyer and faster to do the job. This tip was taken from first as I'd training.
    Checkout my channel WICKED DESIGNS.

    Keep up the Wicked Making, and HAPPY HAUNTING.

  7. Folks could also use the "creepy cloth" material, which comes in an off-white color. Bonus with that is it has random holes in it, so it's tattered and old-looking. Plus you can buy it at Dollar Tree; you can buy a case online for $36. One cloth is 72" x 30", so you'd have quite a lot to work with!

  8. It looks pretty good, but I would suggest that anyone wanting to make this dirty the wraping after it's wrapped. Because it looks like whoever wrapped this poor dead guy used (pre owned) strips from a tomb robbery. Love the videos!

  9. Great job . Maybe throw a little stain in the mix. Darker color for the wrapping would have been my choice. Roll him some dirt really set the effect

  10. This is awesome. You should see what it would look like with corpsed hands. You might be able to use caulking, shrink wrap, and wood stain. If you do. Make a tutorial of it <3 I love your tutorials.

  11. How did you water proof it for outdoors?. It was real cool. Idea. Ty. You guys are great. Halloween it my favorite holiday.

  12. Looks awesome! I could not imaging being wrapped up in that! Also, have you through about investing in a pair of bandage scissors for future projects like this? You can get them fairly inexpensive, and it has a neat little nub on the pointy bits for less chance of getting cut!

  13. Paramedic Scissors, for the win. Allows you to safely cut off bandages, and what have you, next to the skin. Just sayin'. Also, could cut slit in where the eyes should be and drop in two red LED mini lights. Gauze over them and they're ready to go.

  14. This would be a good basis for giant spider victims. If I were to do that, I would make several of them in various shades of light grey, and the arms wrapped in different poses close to the neck and head, and the knees slightly bent for a realistic variety. For a really realistic effect, there’s webbing made with web guns that work like a glue gun that when layered over the mummy would make it look more like webbing.

  15. 2: 29 You can buy a leather suit that looks the same as this …. If you're into that sort of thing. I guess duct tape and plastic is cheaper and more freaky

  16. Spend $300 on duct tape and plastic wrap instead of going to Spirit and buying an awesome animatronic mummy with groans for $250 ;-D

  17. My very first thought at the beginning of this video "I hope he went to the bathroom before they started this!" Great project!!

  18. Hi folks just wanted to say thanks for putting this up. The family and I made our own Mummy following your instructions and it came out awesome.

  19. I love Halloween but seeing you guys have fun together makes these videos awesome. Reminds me of me and my husband during Halloween as well.

  20. this could also make a good fake dead body LOL gives me an idea instead of paper i would gather all my trash and i can't imagine the neighbors face 😂

  21. I would have wrapped the fake fingers too. They look out of place and tell they are fake. Yeah I know the whole thing is fake but u wanna make it kind of look real as a mummy. Great work though.

  22. This is awesome. I made a miniature version of these once with left over casting material from an Orthopedic clinic. But didn't look as amazing as this!

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