DIY Home Decoration Ideas : Learn How to Make Wall Decor from Plastic Spoons | Diwali Decoration

How to Make an Elegant Wall Decor Using Plastic Spoons This is a best out of waste plastic spoons craft that anyone can easily make! Things You Need… Colors & Palette, Color Brush, Plastic Spoons, Scissors, Glue Gun, Cardboard, Craft Glue, Glitter Paper, Decorative Stones, Mirrors, Divider & Pencil, Scale Take a cardboard and mark 30 cm on the cardboard. Mark the center and draw a semicircle. Take the same center and draw another semicircle measuring 10 cm in diameter. Now cut the semicircles as shown. Take a glitter paper and cut out a semicircle equivalent to that of the cardboard. Now apply glue on the cardboard and paste the glitter paper on it. Now mark the semicircle on the glitter sheet of diameter 10 cm as marked on the cardboard. Take the plastic spoons and apply yellow color on it as shown. Let it dry completely. We need several such spoons. Mix the red and white shade to get the pink color. Apply this shade on the spoons as shown. We need several pink spoons as well. Apply glue on the spoons and paste the alternate color spoons as shown. We need this type of arrangement. Arrange and paste the spoons as shown Now decorate with decorative stones and mirror as shown. Your beautiful DIY wall decoration craft with plastic spoons is now ready! Hope you have enjoyed watching this video. Happy Crafting!!

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