DIY Home Improvement

DIY Home Improvement

There are So Many TV Shows on right now that
make DIY Home Improvement look so darn easy, but have you tried it yourself? And was it
a Success or was it a Home Remodel Failure? I’m Suzy Valentin with Century 21 Now Realty
your Southern California Realtor bringing You Real Estate News You Can Use. Welcome to another Video, and if this is your
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miss a thing. What is Your Favorite DIY Home Improvement show? There are so Many out there but they have
one thing in common, They Make Home Remodeling look so Darn Simple. But Did You Nnow, that nearly ⅔ of homeowners
who’ve attempted a DIY Home Remodel Regretted Not Calling an Expert, on at least one occasion. Do You Know Why Homeowners decide to Do It
themselves? Yup You Guessed it, It’s To Save Money. On average Homeowners Hoped they would save
60% off costs if they did it themselves. Homeowners have attempted 8 Home Remodel Projects
themselves and ⅓ admitted they had to call a professional to redo the job. Hope that wasn’t You. The most regretted DIY Home Improvement Project
was Installing Floors. Especially in the Master Bathroom. 55% of DIYers thought that their Project took
Longer Than Anticipated. Also 55% of homeowners that did DIY project
themselves, were not satisfied with their results. Oops! My husband Alex & I we’re pretty handy,
but even we know our limits and we know when we should or shouldn’t call a professional. Have you attempted any DIY Home Improvement
Projects, Like Painting, Installing Tile Floors, please let me know in the comments below.
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  1. Have you attempted any 🔨 DIY Home Improvement Projects, Like Painting, Installing Tile Floors, please let me know in the Comments below. I want to Hear The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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