DIY Hot Air Balloon Decorations

(easy listening music) – Hi guys, so a few months ago I was walking down the street, when a store window caught my eye because they had made
mini hot air balloons out of paper lanterns. And I was like, I can totally do that. So I snapped a few pictures,
and now here we are. I’m gonna take you through, step-by-step, how to make an adorable
miniature hot air balloon, that is a great decoration
for any room in your home. You’re going to start
with a paper lantern. You can get these colored,
but I just got mine in white. So I’m going to paint
it a nice teal color. Paint the entire outside of the lantern and then set it aside for now to dry. So now we’re going to work on the base of the hot air balloon. You’re going to want to use
thin cardboard for this. I’m going to cut up a tissue box. Cut out four rectangles that are the same size, for the sides. It doesn’t really matter
what size they are, just try to keep it kind of proportional to the size of your paper lantern. Then also cut out a bottom piece, using the bottom of the
sides as your measurements. And now to give it a little more shape, cut an arc into the
top of each side piece. Once all of your pieces are cut out, it’s time to cover the insides. You can use any paper you like, but I am using pages from an old book. Just glue the cardboard to
the page, and then cut it out, until all of the pieces are covered. And now it’s time to glue
the entire thing together. I find that hot glue works
best for this sort of thing, since it dries so quickly. Just work your way around, to
touching one piece at-a-time, trying to keep it all pretty lined up. But don’t worry if it’s
not perfectly even. So once that is all put together, it is time to cover the outside. I’m going to be using burlap for this, since I love how the texture
looks over cardboard. And you can get a giant roll of burlap from any home improvement
store or just online. To attach it, just use hot glue and kind of pat it into place, being careful not to burn your fingers. And then just cut off the excess, and move on to the next side. So once the whole thing is covered with burlap on the outside,
and book pages on the inside, we’re going to clean up the edges by outlining them in twine. Once again, just use hot glue
to attach pieces of twine to every single outside edge. But for now, you’re just
gonna leave the inside alone. And now, for a little bit more decoration, I’m going to add a few
pieces of this thicker twine. Just cut four pieces, and then
hot glue one to each side. And for even more decoration, I’m going to make these little white sacks that hang off the side of the basket. For this, grab a piece of
canvas and cut out a circle. And then cut a few lines into
the center of the circle, so that they can overlap each other. And now, thread a needle and sew about a centimeter in from
the edge of the circle, pulling it tight, so that the
canvas bunches up as you go. You can put a tissue inside, if you need to help it hold its shape. And then, once you’ve
gone all the way around, just tie off the thread. And then grab a small piece of twine and tie it around the canvas
and cut off the excess. And then, finally, just
hot glue this whole thing to the side of your
hot air balloon basket. So now the basket is done. And we’re going to finish
up the balloon itself. Your paint should be dry by now. So use your larger twine to outline the top and
the bottom openings. Once again using hot glue to attach them. And then cut triangles
from your book pages and glue them to small
arcs from the larger twine. And once you have enough to go all the way around the balloon, use hot glue to attach them. So now, that is the balloon finished. All that is left is to attach
the balloon to the basket. You’re going to need two long pieces of your smaller twine for this. Start with your basket, and
glue each piece of twine into an inside corner. And you’re gonna want these two corners to be next to each other,
not diagonal from each other. Once that’s done, use an X-Acto knife to very, very carefully make four holes in the bottom of your balloon. And they should be evenly spaced out so that there’s one every
quarter around the balloon. So take one of the pieces of twine, and thread it through the outside across to the other hole,
and then glue the end down to the matching corner in the basket. And then do the same for
the other piece of twine, so that they cross each other
in the bottom of the balloon. And make sure that all four
lengths are the same height, so that the basket hangs evenly. Glue the last piece in,
and then you’re finished. You can attach another piece of twine to hang it up from the top. And now you have a really
cool decoration for your room. And a little bonus, it is the perfect size for the Doctor to take a little ride. So I hope you guys liked this DIY project. If any of you guys out there are hot air balloon enthusiasts, I know that this isn’t exactly how a hot air balloon works, I know this thing would
never actually fly, but it’s only meant for decoration,
not historical accuracy. But, if any of you guys are
casual hot air balloon fans, like I am, I actually made
a brand-new eBay collection with a ton of my favorite hot
air balloon-inspired things, like sweaters, and necklaces, and Christmas lights, and wall art. And I would love to see
if any of you guys decide to make your own eBay collections, too. You guys know I wouldn’t
talk about stuff like this unless I really liked it, and plus, eBay has really taken care of us. They gave me two 25$ gift cards, which I’m giving away to two of you, so that you can actually
buy some of the things that you put in your collections. So, if you want to enter
to win one of these, you can put a link to
your new eBay collection, down in the comments,
and one week from now I’m going to pick my two favorites, and then I will mail these to you and also a handwritten note. So that is about it for me, if you missed my last crafting video, it was a collaboration with Mary Doodles. You can watch that, right here. Or if you wanna see
more things that I like, you can watch my last favorite
things video, right here. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all
next time, bye everyone. (easy listening music)

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