Hello. Oh gosh! What’s up, YouTube? Today I am releasing a new
product called the Guava Juice Box. [TECHNO MUSIC PLAYING] So, what’s inside the
box, you’re asking? It’s not guava juice,
but it’s even better. Let me show you. This is what’s behind the box. Toys! Not one toy, not two toys,
not three toys, not four toys, but five toys. There are five boys in
this guava juice box. We got Bright Bugz, we got
Wacky Wally, we got Squirmles, we got Super Elastic
Bubble Plastic, and we got Electro Putty. Hey, Roy, how do I get
this guava juice box? Let me tell you, Chad. What? I’m starting a Guava
Juice Box subscription that comes with four
boxes every single year. Each box costs $14.99. Or you can purchase
one box for $19.99. By the way, the total of all
these products combined is $40. So you basically save 50% off. Whoa. Where do I go to get one? Chad, you go to if you want one. All right, let’s
play with these toys. OK, so our first toy,
we have Squirmles. Oh, look at this, it’s like
a little fuzzy worm in here. How does this work? I really don’t
know how it works. Oh, it’s moving. Yo! What? That’s crazy. Wha– It’s moving
around my body, dude. Oh my– Whoa, this is so cool. Chilling in the bowl, right? But if you lift it up
it’s trying to get out. Hey, hey. Don’t go– It’s get– ugh! It won’t leave me alone! OK. So I have five
Squirmles right now, so let’s put it in the bowl
and they’re not doing anything. Hello. Whoa! Whoa, gosh! Whoa! Oh, they’re all over me. Oh, man. You got– this is cool. You guys, you guys, calm down. I don’t have any food. You guys are good, right? You guys are good, right? All right, next up we
have Electro Putty. This thing glows
in the dark, so we have to go over to a dark room. Let’s go to the bathroom. Let’s go. So I’m here in my bathtub,
my favorite bathtub. You guys know this bathtub. And I’m here with
the Electro Putty, so I don’t know if
you got to see this. I am unboxing it right now. Look at that. So it comes with a pen
that lights up like this. And the Electro Putty
itself is glow in the dark. So let’s unwrap this right now. OK, I don’t know if
you guys can see this, but it’s a little bit green. OK, so the cool thing
about this putty is you can use this pen that
lights up and write on it. And since this putty
glows in the dark, you can write little notes. See, I’ll say hi to you guys. Check this out. H I. Hi. You see it? Hi. So, how about this,
let’s do this. Let’s make the whole
thing glow real quick. So let’s write all over, let’s
penetrate it with this light. Oh look at that. Look at that– looks
like a Kryptonite. Superman, where are you? All right, I’m
gonna throw it now. Here we go. Huah! You see it? Yo, that’s so cool. Next we are Super
Elastic Bubble Plastic. Let’s unwrap this. OK, so it comes with two
little tubes and this thing that kind of looks like, um–
what’s that thing called? We go like [HORN SOUND]. The ammo has been loaded. Let’s do this. Let’s some bubbles
in three, two, one. [SQUEALING] This is so cool. [LAUGHTER] Whoa,
that was so cool. Wow. Oh my gosh, it really is
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, because it’s really
just plastic. Oh, how about this. Can we do a bubble
inside a bubble? Can we do that? OK, there’s one bubble. No. All right, let’s
try another color. OK, it’s kind of
like yellow and pink. There’s still some pink residue
from the previous bubble. Oh, we can take it out, guys. Check this out. It’s stuck to my hand. What if we could
combine bubbles? This is so cool man. All right, fly
little balloon fly. Three, two, one. Next up we have the Wacky Wally. You throw it into
a wall or window, and it will just
crawl right down. Let’s try it out. Don’t mind me, this is how I
open my packages and my toys. So, I just get too excited. We have Wally and we have Wally. So they’re both Wally. Here we go. Let’s throw into the wall. Three, two, one. It’s crawling down. Oh, man. OK. Oh, man. Who’s gonna win? The orange or the green? Comment down below. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. It’s a race, it’s a race. Who’s gonna win? Green is the winner. So if you commented
green, you are amazing. So I have a total
of 20 Wacky Wallies. So let’s watch them
flip and crawl and jump. Here we go. Three, two, one. [LAUGHTER] They like combined
to make one giant Wacky Wally. Go. [GRUNTING NOISES]
Look at this one. Oh, no they all fell down. Ah, man. This is so addicting, man. This is like, if you’re
ever stressed out or you’re having a bad
day, just throw your Wacky Wally into your wall and
you’ll have a great day. Imagine waking up to this. You’d be like, oh, what is that? Last but not least,
the Bright Bugz. Let’s check them out. Right over there. I caught it. Whoa. Whoa. Oh my gosh. [FARTING SOUND] Oh,
it’s in my butt, wow! This is great, dude. [BEAT BOXING] What are
you doing in my phone? Let me get you out of there. All right guys, if you
want all those toys, they will all be inside
this Guava Juice Box. I made this box myself so
it’s very special to me. So if you get one,
please, please it means a lot to
me if you get one, because this is my
very first project I built with my love and
my happiness for you. If you want my baby, it’s $14.99
per box for the subscription. Or if you want a one-time
purchase, $19.99. So please,
if you want one. OK, stay juicy.

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