100 thoughts on “DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

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  2. Awesome, just found a live and kicking 'Bob Ross' of 'construct' painting. Just as talented, just as professional, and just as soothing and teaching. This is awesome. Who knew you could learn so much about a 'simple' paint-a-wall task.

  3. Noticed you didnt show the sanding of the second coat.. is it the same sanding process as the first time? What grit do you use for the sanding?

  4. Well all I can say is thanks for sharing your expertise. I will put your skills to use on the room I am about to paint. Great tip not only on how to load the brush but the actual extension pole and the fact that it locks instead of twists gets rid of the issue of twisting off that I've had happen. I've wrapped loaded brushes and rollers in plastic grocery bags and set them in the fridge if I need to buy some time and they are fine when I pull them out to use.

  5. Great job. Very informative, professional and to the point. I too watched the entire video. Now I have knowledge to be sure it gets done right. Good job.

  6. I knew you were Canadian- such a easy going chill personality! Was only going to watch first 5 minutes…. ended up watching the whole 40! You sir, are a gifted teacher! Thank you

  7. That's me what I did for 38 yrs for the government,but I didn't use hawk I used a mud pan,an cleaned walls then lightly sanded walls then painted .

  8. Great video! super informative.
    Im about to start a painting job, but concerned with the health risks associated with breathing in paint fumes, after sanding the first coat, etc
    i had read that water based/ acrylic paints are generally harmless while oil based paints can be dangerous(avoid paints with high VOC). and also to allow ventilation.
    id like to hear your thoughts on this, specifically sanding after the first coat of paint.

    Thanks for your time
    Keep up the great work!

  9. Hi bro.. im from Malaysia. I have watch this video 2times 😆
    And yeah… I just done my paint on my living room hall with your tips n tricks😊
    The usefull tips is using a brush tu cutting off the adges. Its very usefull n i dont have to use any tapes and wasting my time.
    Thank you so much.
    Ps/: sorry for my grammar on English writting😂😂😂

  10. Hey sorry, wasn't sure where to post this question; I have wooden handrails that are peeling like crazy. There appears to be about 5 different layers of colors from the past 30 years under there. I want to strip to bare wood. Should I use a chemical stripper, sanding sponge, or rip it out and buy a new one? Thanks!

  11. You need a drywall pan bro. Btw, fast setting compound still needs primed if its your top coat and its not even used by pros for finishing.

  12. I had a painter paint my hall and now I can see all these patchy looking things. He came back to "fix" it and said it was because of the texture on my wall. He had put more texture than I had so it was showing the paint more. He said he would lightly sand and knock off the tips of his texture and that should fix it. But where he patched small nail holes, he put mud, then sanded and it left a smooth spot…. He again said it was because my wall had light texture so he couldn't really match it. My hall looks bad. I don't want to call him back again because he seems offended but I still have spotty walls and it look worse when the light is off in the hall and natural light is shining in and shadowing all those patches. What can I do?

  13. Hello Jeff, i hope you are doing well ! i have a question regarding painting raw dry walls, the joints and screws have been covered..i want to know if i can paint directly on top, obviously i need to sand and apply primer before, but some say that i need to apply mud to all walls, seeling before paint ! thank you.

  14. Hello Jeff, stumbled upon your Youtube channel about a month ago and it has been my goto channel for DIY info. Really great content. I also just became a member as well as I am in the process of renovating my townhouse and own several rental properties so your information should indeed be quite useful. With all of this said, i do have several questions as i begin my renovations. 1) is this the right place to place send questions – meaning off of a video you posted or do you have another area? 2) after removing tough wallpaper on a small bathroom i have lots of imperfections in the wall. I will use Gardz sealer to seal the places where the drywall paper has been removed. However, after this is done is it ok to use USG all purpose joint compound? I have the time and can wait 24 hours. Plus my choices are limited at Home Depot and Lowes. 3) Do i use the same joint compound for both coats or do i use a different compound for the last coat? 4) Also, the walls have bumpy lines where wallpaper glue came off and where it remained. How do i address these areas appropriately? 5) given that these walls have glue remnants on them should i wash them with TSP and then sand before priming and painting? Or should i sand first then wash! 6) should i sand and prime ceilings before painting? I am using white on white. 7) should i sand and prime doors and trim before painting? 8) what type (woven, microfiber, etc) and size roller ( 3/8, 1/2 inch, etc) do you recommend for interior smooth drywall walls and ceilings. Sorry for all of these questions but i just want to make sure i learn the right way to do such things before i begin. Regards dave

  15. Well Sir if you just spray the walls, ceilings and everything in one color with a spray gun then you would be done in no time.

  16. Great video. I recently retired and I'm going to start painting homes for some extra cash. Great advise. I'll probably do a few family jobs for minimal to get the techniques down. Thanks

  17. You are kind of good, but when you paint with a brush, without rolling the texture in with a roller, you kinda suck too. But with some tape, you could do it like a pro ! But keep it up, you have many good pointers, and your channel is awesome 🙂 (in my (imaginery)firm you would be put on brush cleaning duty)

    Btw what is your day job? 😄

  18. First he never should have used that flathead to pull the cover off. Then go ahead and scrape the wall with the 5 in one.. and if “it’s not about speed it’s about perfection” then tape it!!..I’m a professional painter I will always use tape! Because you will never make a perfect straight line with a brush.. and with the clients I paint for it has to be perfect.

  19. I'm amazed at how geeky/manly cool your videos are. I don't even have dry-wall (I have brick walls), but still watched the details about how to fix a dry-wall. Not surprised your channel has so many subscribers.

  20. The way you explain things earned my sub and not just that but I beat the hell out of that bell to be notified of all your videos. Well done sir.

  21. Thanks for posting this, really useful summary of all the techniques we need, doing it properly makes it less of a chore (nearly)

  22. That Wooster pike is all use the are brilliant ,,I class myself as a experienced painter with 15 years on my belt but I have learnt a couple things from you !

  23. This video is legit so good! Thank you my dude! Seriously didn't expect to watch every single second, but I did.

  24. i wish i watched this before doing it myself. paint has splattered allover me and the floor and my back and arms are sore

  25. Very Excellent video for a beginner. Always appreciate good word. I am very pleased the way he is explaining things. GOOD JOB

  26. I think you do excellent work done 4 diy jobs in my house off of your videos and might I say my wife is a lot happier with me. Happy wife happy life😂

  27. So did you sand between coats? And what grit sandpaper did you use? Also then do you have to wipe down the walls?

  28. I had flashing issue and I'm about to paint in a different project. Can you please explain why Sheetlock powder handles the flashing problem but the ready use pail by the same company isn't???

  29. Get rid of that pan and use a 5 gal. and a bucket grid Much quicker, rolling pans are a pain because you have to keep refilling it.

  30. As someone mentioned just below, 40 min video. Nothing worse than watching paint dry as they say! But I was mezmorised as well throughout. I still think, perhaps a little easier said than done but I'm a great believer in spend the cash on good tools, great paint and use the tips taught and most things will work out. Personally I don't find it a major drama taping up and it gives me that security as an amatuer to paint more freely. Thanks for this video though!! Everyday is a school day. Now to put it in practice…

  31. Great video, the guy makes it look so easy but im sure it takes some time to get it down.
    Will keep these tips in mind next time and give them a try 😎

  32. Hi Jeff, just wondering if you could do a video on painting asbestos walls? I think you are not allowed to sand the walls due to asbestos fibres, but a sttep by step video on this would be great of possible!
    Great work on this video too, it has given me alot of tips to try!

  33. After cutting in, should the paint remain wet from cutting in to rolling? Or should the paint be allowed to dry between cutting in and rolling?

  34. Jeff — I moved into a home with swirl paint ceilings. I really don't want to sand, texture, etc. to achieve an amazing flat ceiling. Would a paint-loaded long nap roller help fill the grooves? What do you suggest?

  35. I don't have anything interesting to add here, but I've watched easily 30 of your videos and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed every one. Great information, great presentation, love it.

  36. I always put my sleeve on my frame and if I’m working by my self I take the tape and put the end of the tape on to what ever is around if there’s nothing in the room no door or nothing I’ll put them in around the door knob and roll the tape out about 12 inches maybe a little more then roll the roller wanted to tape the get all the fuzzies off the roller and I usually do it two or three times depending on what how much is coming off but usually about two times and it’s ok and I also Santa Claus like you do and the sanding sponges I can’t stand when the person before you does a shitty job my girlfriend just bought us 300 and some thousand dollar brand new townhouse and I’m walking around the house with a flashlight you would not believe all the imperfections in the walls and he had a bulkhead that was crooked I was on her every day about emailing them now it’s about close to a year she did email them once and they wrote her back and said you can get some touch up paint up at the office I said I need stupid or they just don’t understand what you’re saying I said I’m gonna go up there and tell them because it was so many that they were going to have to repaint the whole house and this is in Baltimore city near Canton area in a really nice area really expensive area to live and that really bothered me that it was that many imperfections and holidays and the paint I’ll Chyna drywall imperfections and then dry rolling stuff and brush marks It was crazy because the way she is even when they hooked up the washer and dryer up they had the heart to the cold and cold to hot

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