DIY Interior Design – Gray or Brown tones in Home Decor… Pick your neutral.

– Today we are going to
talk about grays or browns, and which one will
withstand design trends. (upbeat pop music) I’m gonna ask you a few questions
that you are going to ask yourself when trying
to make this decision. First, do I like warm tones or cool tones? Question number two, do I want
to stay on trend with design or in other words, will
I change my decor often or with the seasons? The next question would be,
what colors do I currently have in my home? And the last question is,
do I like a colorful space or more monotone? Let’s go back to the first one, do I like warm tones or cool tones? Warm tones, we’re talking the browns, oranges, yellows, reds, burgundys. Think fall. Cool tones is going to be things like gray or blues or pinks. Purples. The next question, do I want to stay on trend with design? Are you the kind of person who sets your decor and you never change it or you’re totally comfortable
keeping the same decor for 10 years? Or are you the kind of
person that really gets bored and you want to be able
to maybe switch it up with the seasons? Say for spring, and maybe summer, and then you’ve got the holidays. If you think that you’re going
to change your decor often, then neutral walls is a really great idea because then you can change up your color just in your accessories. The next question is, what
colors do I currently have in my home? That is always something that
when I talk to people about making the most of their budget, I ask them to take a look at what colors do you already gravitate toward and let’s try to work with what you have. Next question is, do I
like a colorful space or more monotone? If I were going to advise a client who really wants a colorful space, if you’re going to put
colors on your walls then you really are
limited on what you can do in the rest of the room. That’s gonna dictate everything. I say, in a case like that, if when you’re choosing
between a gray or a brown on a wall, I’m gonna say
go with grays and then you can use whatever extra
colors or colorful palettes that you want to in your accessories. An alternative to having
to pick between the two, if this is something that is
a really tough thing for you to decide on and you’re
really just still not sure, let’s go straight down
the middle with greige. I’m gonna show you some
examples of what a greige would look like, and these
are my top five picks, and I like Dunn-Edwards Paint. That is my go-to paint company. I like the quality of their paint, their prices are reasonable. This is why it’s my favorite line. If we’re gonna start with kind of a soft, really, really, soft
color where it’s not very potent on the wall at all. Whisper Gray is for your lightest greige. Muslin is one of my go-to colors. This is something I have
used over, and over, and over again. Another one is Miner’s Dust. Another one I have used many times. The next one is Fine Grain. The Fine Grain is one that is more… It’s got a little bit
more of the beige in it. Last but not least, for a
deeper color on your wall, Drifting is a really, really
great one to work with. Now, if you look at them
all kind of fanned out with each other, you can kind of see the variations in color
that some have more blue, some have a little bit more beige. The beauty of a greige is that
it allows you really to do anything in that room. You can switch it up ’cause
who wants to paint your walls every couple of years. I know I don’t. What that allows you to
do by doing neutral walls, is it allows you to make
whatever choices you want to in the rest of your decor. When deciding on grays or browns in your color palette aside from
your walls, I right now, my first choice is always
a gray, maybe a greige, but whenever you go into brown tones you’re gonna start to look dated. It’s just out of style. You know what I’m talking about
when you go into some homes or say even some restaurants
or their bathrooms and it’s got the multicolored brown tiles, maybe like a mosaic tile with beige walls, and a brown cabinet, and a brown granite. Don’t do the brown and
brown on beige on top. Don’t do it. Find colors that inspire you. When you’re trying to decide, if you really are afraid of color and you wanna stick neutral, one way of doing it is a really
beautiful monotone color. But if you go monotone,
you’re gonna wanna go nice and light, right? You’ve seen the all white
living rooms or bedrooms or variant colors of gray, and you wanna have the
base of your room be light, bright, and airy if you’re
gonna do a monotone. It’s not to say that you
can’t do a very saturated, deep, kind of jewel
toned color in your room as sort of a monotone. The same wall color with curtains and maybe the same colored sofa. You can definitely pull that
off but that is an advance… That’s something you probably
want to pull a designer in to help you out with because that one’s a more difficult one to do. So, that’s it for this video. I hope that that helped. Please be sure to tune
in to my other videos, I have lots of things to teach. Don’t forget to check
out Have a great day. (uplifting happy music)

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