DIY Kids Room Decor | Clouds & Stars! | MOM VLOG

DIY Kids Room Decor | Clouds & Stars! | MOM VLOG

100 thoughts on “DIY Kids Room Decor | Clouds & Stars! | MOM VLOG

  1. Ma’am… not falling off of the night stand table 😂🤦🏽‍♀️😭😭 I’m glad you’re okay but that has tickled my soul 😂

  2. Maybe you can get chalkboard paint in pink if they have that and let her paint that small wall where the canopy is going to go.

  3. I like the minty green wall. It adds that fresh outdoor feel and goes with the butterflies and the clouds and just the girl atmosphere of the room. Of course we are not there in person so I can’t say how it really looks. The bedding cane together nicely on both attempts. If you’re not satisfied with the colour of the canopy….is there anyway you can dye it? Not sure if that’s possible.

  4. Oh gosh I remember when Ziya was just a little baby and now she’s this mini adult having her own bedroom and everything

  5. Maybe you can do like 2accent walls👀🤔 since you already have one of the "main" walls a light turquoise, maybe do the other main wall like coming in her room a light shade of pink & leave the two side walls white🤔👌🏾 that way all 3colors tie into her bed color ?? Idk lol 🤷🏽‍♀️😅 that might just be me lls

  6. As an elementary teacher I’m glad you give Ziya some input but overall you make the executive decisions. Too many kids nowadays run the show. Ziya’s room is adorable. ((Hugs))

  7. Hi Raven, I love watching your videos and I am starting my own youtube channel. I looked up to you pretty much most of my life! Love you!!

  8. My humble opinion is Ziya is right. The pink instead of this green would have been better. This color is for an older child and with the iron bed poor Ziya’s room looks like the hospital in old English movies. Love you but as a consistent viewer it’s a no for me.

  9. I could not blame you Raven, if I had a three year old I wouldn't allow her to do whatever or get whatever she wants!

  10. Went back and watched your stories where you’re discussing what to do with the walls, trade the gold stars for half moons!!! With the lights off, the stars look a little too much like teacher decorations. And I agree with chef toni lol

  11. Keep it green. It's not good for the mood to have grey colour especially as there is a rainy cloud already. And it's a little girl's bedroom which looks already a bit adult like. The set up at the end of the video is great!

  12. Hello how are you? I think you should put the tables in front of the windows. It will look better and balance the room

  13. I agree gray or pink or both would look way better than the green. The green looks a little washed out and doesn’t add a “pop” to the room. Other than that, great job on the room!

  14. I think u did a freakin awesome job!!! I can’t wait till I have my daughter so that I can decorate her room as well Just 3 more months 2 go 4 me Your such an inspiration 🥰🥰🥰👍🏾

  15. Wouldn't the whole design of the room go smoother if you changed the theme to match the bedding Ziya picked? Paint the walls a soft pink and get a more neutral comforter with the pop of butterfly design of the sheets….

  16. Ziya is so cute. She reminds me of a baby Jordyn Woods kind've….

    I love the Cloud design and rain concept. Very cool and unique!

  17. I think if you want her to have pink walls, you can do a SUPER light almost white-ish pink that will still have a little bit of pink but won’t overwhelm her room w pink

  18. Hi Raven Hi Ziya!!!!!…I love how if Ziya is not sure about something ;she always asks a question/s. Love watching you guys😘

  19. Girl bump them ppl that got mad cause you not letting her do whatever cause them the same ppl who grown kids throw a tantrum cause they sandwich wasn't cut into to stars 💁

  20. Looking forward to seeing the finishing touch of Ziya's room.

  21. Hey Raven! I’m an interior designer and was going to offer some tips and tricks to help you out! I completely understand if you don’t take these but it doesn’t hurt to know this information. For the cloud decor in Ziya’s room make sure to make it look effortless. Nothing in nature is perfect. I would buy some more string lights and string them through the ‘clouds’ and make the ‘rain’ look a bit more messy. This sounds like it would look chaotic but it gives the room a more effortless look which is perfect for kids. Also, one thing I always tell people is to add TEXTURE! This is such a simple way to spruce up a room and make it look more put together. Try things like wicker baskets or ikea even has a lot of cute baskets that are textured which is perfect for storage in kid’s rooms! Again, if you choose not to use this information that is totally ok I just thought i’d offer. Also, love you and your videos!

  22. Idk if the short hair is a wig or not but it's a cuteeeee hairstyle and if it's a wig you should get it on your hairrrrrr

  23. The bedding is just not cute I didn’t want to say it because ziya picked it but I knew since that Moment that would be a issue and yes that mint wall is a no. Raven you alright? lol im jk

  24. im so deaddd!!! the way ziya walked in and the blurrrrrrrr i used to do that so much when i was little😂😂😂

  25. Honestly, your mother added the finish touch to the bedding because it was cute at first but needed just a touch of something. And a lighter gray wall would sort of go with the rainy cloud theme because it gives a gloomy effect. Lastly, sorry, this is exciting for me because I’m a Virgo too, love decorating, currently starting YouTube as well but maybe opt for pink wall decal like pink polka dots or pink decal that would bring in the theme or replace the gold stars and/or to give Ziya the pink on the wall without actually painting pink walls. Overall, I love your channel and your style and wish you the best!!

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