DIY Lighted Constellation Canvas. SO PURTY!

DIY Lighted Constellation Canvas. SO PURTY!

Today, we’re making
a DIY lighted canvas. I love staring at the night sky and have always been drawn
to constellation maps, so I decided to try
this lighted canvas project originally found
on, and put my own spin on it. So as inspiration for the art,
I’m using an astrology-focused,
constellation diagram
I found on Google. Okay, to get started you need
an art canvas. This one’s 24 x 36 inches. To get the constellation effect,
get yourself some black acrylic
paint and paint two coats
onto your canvas. Make sure to keep
all your brush strokes
going in the same direction. It really helps the overall look. Wait for it to dry, then print out
your inspiration image to use as a guide
if you’re free-handing it. Then just start marking out
your points and connecting them according to the diagram. It doesn’t have to be
perfectly spaced, just go for it. When all the constellations
were drawn out, I turned each little constellation
point into a little star using a fine-tipped marker. Then I filled in all the empty
spaces with smaller dots to represent some
more distant stars. It probably took me
about eight hours to do
all of this. Now time for the lights. I’m using a strand of 100
white string lights and a nail to make holes
in the canvas. The nail is perfect for making
a hole big enough but not too big, so the light
sits in there quite snugly. I started by making the first hole in a star close to
the bottom corner then gently pushed the first light
through the hole. Then you just want to tape down
the end of that light strand in the corner with some duct tape. Continue poking holes in the
canvas, slowly working your way from the bottom to the top
and inserting the light bulbs
as you go. I decided not to use glue
on each light because they fit in there
pretty well and they tend to need to swivel
as you’re placing the lights. Also, you may need to replace
a burnt out light bulb
at some point, and that’s going to be
a little difficult if they’re all
glued in there. Once you’ve placed all your lights,
the back should look something
like this, like a snake zigzagging
the entire length of the canvas. Another thing to keep in mind
is that it’s very difficult to get all the little lights
to stick perfectly straight
out of the canvas, so try to let go a little. With the canvas I used,
the light strand puffs out
a little bit from the back, but I was still able to hang it
on the wall using an extra-long screw, which I was kind of surprised
about but also super happy about. And voila, you have yourself
a gorgeous lighted art piece. I like it
with the overhead lights on. I like it
with the overhead lights off. The only real problem I’ve having
is whether I like it more in the dining room with our rustic
Mexican decor or over the Hogwarts shelf
with our pixie-pagan decor. What do you think?
I really hope you like
this project. It’s super easy and really
quite awesome once it’s done. Make sure to subscribe
and let me know in a comment what you would like to see
on the show. Snip, snip.

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  5. I made this for my girlfriend for our anniversary, centered around her favourite constellation. She loves it, thank you so much Corinne!

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