DIY Magnetic Putty – Man Vs Science #4

DIY Magnetic Putty – Man Vs Science #4

[Sciency sounding music] [Static] What’s up, I’m Rob, Welcome to another exciting episode of Man Vs Science, The show where my child-like brain Explores the scientific complexities of the universe. Believe it or not, Originally threatened by Justice Stewart, Magnetic thinking slime! “If you don’t do this, I swear…” You swear what!? What’re you gonna do about it!? You wanna do something about it? You wanna take it outside the laboratory? You let- you let me know. But just so you know, I was gonna do this project anyways. Things you’re gonna need: Some sort of putty. Could be Funny Putty, Silly Putty Nutty Putty. I don’t know, I got a sh*t ton of it though. Next, I got this powdered, synthetic black iron oxide, Why’s it gotta be black? And the most important item on the list, This absurdly strong, neodymium magnet. (Note: I looked it up, it’s spelled right.) Step one: Put on some gloves! I don’t know. This stuff could be deadly. I didn’t read anything about it. I grabbed some silly putty, Flattened it out, added some iron oxide, Then folded it back up like a taco and worked in the powder. Now, going into this, I knew it was gonna be a mess, But this is pretty f*cking ridiculous. Seriously, This black powder bullsh*t Is f*cking all over the place. Now, I wanted to do this to all of the Silly Putty, But after doing three of ’em I’m pretty convinced That I just got arthritis. Now, I heard of another method, Where I can make the putty myself! Using some liquid starch, Some Elmer’s glue, And some iron oxide powder. This turned out, however To be a f*cking disaster. Way, way more than a mess than I needed to make for myself. F*ck all this. I returned over to my magnetic putty, And took out my supermagnet. Test One: Make it move and do weird sh*t. Huh! Look at that! It works! Just Like The pictures! Now, I can totally understand Why they call this “thinking putty”. Uh, ’cause it definitely reacts like it’s alive. Which is pretty f*king creepy. Actually, uh, it’s really f*cking creepy. And… [Record scratch] I kind of don’t like it. Nope. Not one bit. Test number two: Watch it engulf a magnet Like some sort of f*cking crazy alien creature. That’s scary… Test number three: Infuse iron oxide powder into a Snack Pack. And make magnetized pudding. Uh… Is that- is this really necessary? Come on. Test number four: Make magnetized Jell-O? All right, that’s just ridiculous. Test number five: Make some magnetized brownies. Holy sh*t! That’s pretty awesome. Magnetized brownies. Who would’ve thought? And they’re pretty delicious! Science! Where does it come from? What is it? So many questions! Insane Clown Posse man: F*ckin’ magnets. How do they work? Got future scienc-y projects you want to see right here on the show? Drop ’em down below! Do you have a science fair you want me to attend? Email me… [Laughing] F*cking science fairs, am I right? Fun fact: I used to do the same science project Every. Single. Year! Nobody caught on. Nobody caught on! “Do Plants Grow Better With Music?” Was the experiment. [Piano music playing] And yes. Yes, they did. Speaking of, What was the WORST science fair project that you ever did? Confess in the comments below. In the meantime, ’til whenever there’s a new one of these episodes, Uh… keep it science-y? [Snip ] [ Snip ] [ Snip ] [ Snip] Uh, keep looking… keep looking at the stars? Something. You’ll figure it out. See you next time! [Video from last time playing]

100 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Putty – Man Vs Science #4

  1. He puts on gloves because he thinks it could be harmful… yet he ate the magnetic brownie… yep, thats Rob for ya.🍮🍮🍫🍫

  2. OK so I know he didn't bleed but I've been wondering how he hasn't gotten HIV/aids I'm very suprised on the bubble wrap episode

  3. Well it was one I did 3 days BEFORE IT WAS DUE. I wanted to see what chip had more grease thinking "iT'd MaKE peOplE eAt bEttEr" yea, I did great 😂

  4. i made crystals grow on an eggshell… my question was something like “do crystals grow on eggshells?” i really didnt give a fuck that year hahahha

  5. I remember when this first came out and the person who suggested this pin, they wrote "meet me outside the laboratory" I wish they had pinned that, but I think you couldn't do that back then.

  6. I did a cool oblex one we're I made it and explainwd why it does what it does and well my friend went to pull the lid of the container it was in and I was on the bus she pulled the lid lets just say water and corn starch was all over lol yolo tho

  7. Iron oxide is really bad for you if you get it on your hand. We use red iron oxide in ceramics and we always have to use gloves…. you may die from eating that stuff

  8. He said he didn’t know if it was dangerous so he put in gloves then he ate a brownie in the end with the iron stuff lol😆😆😂

  9. My worst science fair project was in elementary school. I basically did the volcano but without building the volcano. I just put the baking soda and vinegar in a beaker.

  10. I don't remember what I did for my worst one but I do remember that it sucked. My best one however was making an electromagnet, highest grade I ever got for science! And for those that think, "how can she not remember the worst one?" it was around 35 years ago and my memory for the most part sucks! 🙂

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