DIY Mixed Media Altered Guitar with Finnabair Art Alchemy Waxes

DIY Mixed Media Altered Guitar with Finnabair Art Alchemy Waxes

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a brand new tutorial where I altered a wooden
guitar using lots of metal embellishments and I altered it using
Prima Finnabair art alchemy waxes this is a small wooden guitar that I bought
in an artisan market on one of my recent trips and it’s not a real guitar it’s
more like a toy guitar although it does make sound and it’s small enough that
you can alter and not ruin it all the products and links are listed below in
the description area so here’s the guitar I wanted to show you all the
pieces that I put in it that glue is still a little bit wet as you can see
it’s a little bit shiny but that doesn’t matter because I am going to cover this
with the black gesso but I just wanted to show you what I’m doing and what type
of pieces I put on it because I just wanted to embellish it not on-screen and
glue everything because I wanted to think about the composition and it’s
hard to do that when you’re doing a video so in the center here above the
hole of the guitar I put one of these vintage trinkets from Prima finna bury
to that Roman clock and then I put a metal piece right here and the same one
I put over here so they kind of match together I have a heart on top of that
and then I put these like mechanical little knobs I put them right here I had
these little wooden pieces I haven’t even painted the back as well
as you can see it so I have to paint it in black but I just wanted to get the
pieces on this little piece that I already painted in black is actually
going to go inside there and it has a little music note on it but I’m waiting
to actually paint it outside of it and then stick it in because it’s really
hard to paint in there I also have this piece that will go at the end over here
if it matches like it says believe in it and I will probably put it in at the end
but I don’t want to put it on yet because I don’t want to cover it in
black other than that I have the wings over here these are the mechanical wings
with a little music notes these music notes set which I have the treble and
a few music notes that you see over here and there’s one inside this mechanical
butterfly those I got I think from Michaels they were one of those like
dollars make metal sets and that’s what I did with it I have some other
mechanicals here some gears some lotus flowers some regular flour is a heart I
have some other gears over here some flowers so basically you can see I can
show you like from close-up that it’s a lot of different mechanical pieces I
have some metal leaves here from Prima as well and I put some knobs inside the
flowers so basically just simply decorated and glue it you could use any
metal pieces for this and that would be just fine what I wanted to do is well
this is still wet I actually wanted to have it dry overnight but to do that I
need to let it sit for awhile but I wanted to kind of combine it with
this which is the white crackle paste it’s the only crackle paste I have I
know it’s white but it doesn’t really matter what I wanted to do is I wanted
to add it to certain areas to get crackle on the background and this also
takes about 24 hours to dry or at least a few hours to dry so I figured I could
get this done as well as having it as well as having the metals dry as well so
I’m going to add this in certain areas carefully just to make sure that I don’t
mess up and I just know it’s gonna be white but it doesn’t really matter
because I’m gonna color everything in black so this pace will look really cool
and it will have this like really nice crackle to it so that’s what I want to
want to create that croco effect on the on the guitar to make it look kind of
antique so I figured that crackle paste would be the perfect thing and I’m also
going to add it on to the sides like onto the sides
I’ll see I’m not sure everyone who I’m gonna do the back I might but that will
take even longer because I would have to let it dry
I would have to let one side dry and then the other now I could have added
this paste sorry I’m off-screen I could have added this paste before I added all
the embellishments but I didn’t really want to waste it I wanted to make sure
that I only use it wherever I can and not waste it it doesn’t really have to
have this everywhere you just you can just like have a little bit of crackle
here and there and don’t put it too too thick because it can mean you’re gonna
get big crackles if you put it sick but if you want those smaller type crackles
then it’s better to put it thin so I’m gonna probably take a small paintbrush
soon and just kind of add it into certain areas where I can’t reach oh I
have to kind of turn this around a little bit just because I’m right-handed
it’s easier for me to do it this way and I want to add it to the sides here even
though it will be black afterwards I’m putting the white crackle and I’m
not gonna do that everywhere I think I’m going to kind of paste it and do some
places crackle and some not because it will look better it will look more
realistic I really am excited to see how this turns out I’m really really looking
forward to seeing how this turned out because of my warning I had this dream
of doing this for a while and I just couldn’t figure out a place to find a
guitar or an instrument that would be small enough to alter so I knew that
when you go away to places like Mexico or when you go away to certain like you
know islands you tend to have these so that’s why I ended up buying this one
actually it is a funny story because I actually bought one guitar when I went
to Punta Cana not recently in in this winter and then I got home thinking
great I’m going to alter it and then my daughter saw it and she said oh I
want this I want this guitar can I have it please so I said of course how am I
not gonna give her I brought it even though I brought her lots of tons of
souvenir see she wanted that guitar badly so I said that’s fine she could
have it so I ended up giving her the guitar and then wanting to still alter
once so the next time I went teaching when I went to teach in Colombia
recently I went to market another market and I saw another guitar and I thought
okay good now my daughter has one so I can definitely buy one so I can alter
for myself and that was really cool because I really was excited to do it
and I don’t know if you saw recently my friend Ola she actually altered violin
and when she and I saw her so I thought to myself oh my god like she had the
same idea I like just to alter some kind of instrument and I thought you know
watched her Stern out so beautiful so it really got me excited knowing that I had
that idea and that it’s just so cool to just do something like an instrument I
love doing altered pieces and this was perfect for that so I’m just gonna add a
little bit more here and there doesn’t have to be everywhere and I’m think I’m
going to add as well hold on let me move this crackle paste is really nice really
nice consistency and I’m going to add a little bit here
and these have to be very careful here with and I mean obviously this guitar is
not going to be used so that’s okay just for a kind of a display in decoration
and I can’t wait to like display it in my room so I’m really excited about that
I can’t wait to see how this turns out so there we go so I’m going to let this
dry overnight I’m going to wait until it dries up completely so that way I can
add more things to it and basically start coloring it
I really hate wasting time on gluing showing how to glue things and this was
a perfect way to just show you that you can you can just glue things in advance
and then just show you how it looks okay so the texture paste the crackle paste
is finally dried and you can really see the cool crackles everywhere so I’m
really excited to wait until I see how it turns out on the actual on the actual
when I add the colors and stuff but now I have to cover everything with black
gesso so I’m going to use the black gesso first and I’m going to cover
everything and I mean everything the reason why I’m doing that is because you
really need to have it all primed the same way everything the same way because
these are made from different materials you see here there’s white but there’s
also metal and there is different types of metals and you want to kind of even
out the field so that’s a good way of doing it by adding the gesso and all you
have to do is just add a coat everywhere so I’m going to grab a couple of
paintbrushes from here and I’m going to basically start painting and it’s just
almost painting that’s all it is and getting in there in-between the
embellishments when everything is dry it’s much easier to paint everything
this is why I wanted to wait until everything is dry
then I can just quickly go in do all the texture that I have to do and and that’s
it and leave it like that and I want to make sure that it’s not such a thick
coat I want to make sure that I get the texture of the color that I’m going to
put I want that nice crackle texture to come out so I’m just gonna paint this I
also have to paint the back because I ended up made adding texture to the back
as well so I want to make sure that I paint everything if you pat it like this
you can get into the nooks and crannies in between the embellishments there’s
lots of little holes and places so the brush just needs to be kind of tapped
and then you can get in between there and you can also grab smaller brushes if
you need to as well so it’s a combination of all things okay now it’s
time to color in and I the chose and I wanted to use the waxes instead of
paints I usually go for paints when I want to paint on black with metallics
but I figured that I wanted to try something new
I always tend to use waxes as an accent but this time I want to use it to
actually paint the whole guitar with them so we’re not paint add glue to the
whole guitar so we’re gonna see how this goes now we’ll need pick two colors I
picked the amethyst magic and I also pick the mystic turquoise and look how
beautiful it already looks so I’m going to open both of these and just go back
and forth between the colors maybe even use two brushes at the beginning and
tend to forget them and then I end up mixing them so this is really they’re
really easy to apply and you can blend them together for a nicer look you just
want to be careful with the strings over here this is the fun part it’s always
for me the most fun part what color that’s what I love doing the most
unfortunately I made a mistake of adding too thick of a gesso layer
which means that it covered a lot of the really nice crackle that I had done
which is really unfortunate I’m sad about that because I really wanted that
crackle to show through I mean by using the waxes as color and not as highlights
it really makes a difference in terms of how much you want to apply so usually I
apply very little only on the surface but because I you want to basically
color everything I’m applying it much more abundant a little bit more than
usual which is which is what I’m trying to do because I’m coloring the
background so this is basically going to be the shadow of the guitar the nice
things of course about these waxes is that they’re permanent really easy to
just apply everywhere the brushes are using our stipple brushes they’re
blending brushes so again really easy these are prima spinner bear brushes really easy to just use and went under
the back they have a lot of pigments so it’s really easy to just apply quickly
and cover a lot of area I’m going to use a smaller brush to just
get in between here the nice thing about these waxes is that they’re permanent
and they’re non toxic toxic wonder it once they’re dry they’re dry and what’s
nice about it it’s that they drive permanently and you don’t need to
actually put anything on top because they just dry automatically you can
obviously heat set them if you want to go faster but you can let it dry air dry
I mean to say so they also I’m going to paint this one inside this has to go
inside after when I glue it so I want to make sure that it matches there we go so
this is the two colors that I used for the for the guitar and now I’m going to
add the accent pieces which is the accent colors which is the golden colors
okay for adding some accents I took out the vintage gold I love gold accents on
things I mean you could use silver if you really want to but I just really
really love gold accents so it just looks beautiful you lightly touch them
and look how beautiful that is so this is my favorite color I’ve used this one
a lot as you can see and I’ve had this one for almost three years and I still
have so much of it so these two they do last a long time you could also go ahead
and use the brush if you really want if you don’t want to
get your hands dirty you could use the brush as well I love using my finger it
gives a different effect you see that’s the brush effect and when you use your
finger you can really control and put much more and really get in the nooks
and crannies while I was letting things dry before I had to go pick up my
daughter from school but I also went and got my nails done so you can see a
difference right now I got them done I have an event so I needed to have them
done for that but that’s why they look so pretty I’m trying to be careful not
to ruin them as well so wherever my finger can reach I use it I can use it
as much as I can and the rest I just basically use the brush so for example
here I can’t reach this so I want to use the brush for that and the nice thing
about these brushes that you can use them and you and change colors between
them and it’s not a big deal because it’s a dry brush and this is wax it
doesn’t really matter and they have different sizes of these brushes so you
could get the different sizes if you want I’m gonna use my finger for the
clock I want to kind of keep that shadow underneath as much as I can I also want
to put some gold on the strings only I think that will make it look really
pretty so just the strings in nothing else trying to get just the strings the wings of course need a lot of gold
and even these knobs they need gold as well as well as right here now how to
get in the oh I also want to get some gold on here because this is gonna be
stuck in the center but you really need to kind of see it so it’s nice to put
some of this here and I’m gonna try to just put it on the treble itself the
other place I need gold is in this believe I want to make sure it’s gold
underneath so I’m actually going to add gold behind it and what it does it kind
of gives it a golden tone you could actually put gold paint as well that
might work as well I really put it gold in here so when I stick it there you can
really see it okay now I want to be careful with this area here first of all
I want to go around the guitar and kind of define it so it really brings out
that form and I’m gonna do the same thing in the back then I’m gonna get a
small paintbrush to just kind of going between the embellishments here that I
can’t get with my finger really really cool I love the effect of the waxes a
huge difference in how things look okay now I’m going to use this paint brush to
kind of do the highlights on top of this area where I can barely get to so you
could do as I said the whole thing with a paintbrush or you could use your
finger or the stipple brushes or basically anything and it will work
perfectly you can also like warm up the wax a little bit my heats heating it
like you could go and use a little bit of heat
and what it does it kind of melts it a little bit and really gives it’s really
easy than to just get your fingers in there or get your brush in there and it
makes a big difference in how it looks it becomes more it becomes softer if you
know what I mean because it’s waxed it becomes softer so when all I did her her
violin which really inspired me in terms of the colors so I did similar colors to
what she did and maybe similar techniques that you know I never watched
her I don’t know if you had a video on that but I’m sure it’s similar because
we work for the same we designed with the same products but she inspired me to
like finally get my guitar going because it took me so long to get it and I just
really wanted to just have that done and I really loved how it turned out
I think you know like we tend to kind of get inspired from people and there’s so
many inspirational people out there so if you do get inspired by somebody
mention it to them it’s really important so many people get upset when you don’t
do that but I’m okay if you don’t mention me but I do love it if you do
because that really makes me feel that something I made really inspired you and
that’s a huge thing for me now I’m going to turn it around and I want to just
create the same effect in the background just to put around and kind of frame
this guitar so I’m just lightly rubbing it so I don’t get finger marks and you
can as I said he said it almost looks like wooden like
a like wood the way I applied it that’s just totally coincidence but I guess
there’s no coincidence in this world so let’s just say I meant to do that so
here it is the background let’s highlight of the edges a bit more I say
this is my favorite color it really is I love this one so much and of course I’m
listing everything below like you know and I want to just kind of highlight
these a little bit they’re kind of getting lost a little bit nobody’s gonna
see the back anyways but if any ever if somebody picks it up it’ll be nice to
just have that you know extra little details done here as well because it’s
gonna be hanging on a wall for me at least it’s gonna be hanging on a wall
and I think I want to do this size as well like this here I think it’s
important to kind of define them just a little bit maybe I should do it with the
paintbrush it might be easier that way hmm and I’m gonna do the other side as
well she want to make sure nothing moved inside and just a bottom part as well
there we go and there is my guitar so thank you so much for watching today I
just want to show you a little close-up of everything if you like my video
please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends in social media please
it’s really important when you share I really appreciate everybody for coming
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I also have a link to my website at the end and link to other videos that I’ve
created so for some altered art so thank you so much and have an amazing day bye you

28 thoughts on “DIY Mixed Media Altered Guitar with Finnabair Art Alchemy Waxes

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  11. I love the idea of altering an instrument and will keep my eyes open for one. Those waxes are so pretty ,I love metallic colors over black gesso. This is a lovely decoration piece. Fantastic job Keren, very inspiring. : ) PS. Please check your e mail.

  12. I love the idea of altering an instrument and will keep my eyes open for one. Those waxes are so pretty ,I love metallic colors over black gesso. This is a lovely decoration piece. Fantastic job Keren, very inspiring. : ) PS. Please check your e mail.

  13. This is super inspiring!! I would love to make one of my own. My dad was a musician, so it would have a special & emotional meaning for me. Thanks for sharing!! 💜💜😁👍🏻

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