DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post | How to

DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post | How to

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today we’re going to make a vertical cat scratching post that slides over the arm of your couch we made a horizontal one a while back
and now we’re taking a stab cat scratching post version 2.0 let’s go for
this project we used a lot of tools just because we have them but really all you
need is wood sisal rope a yardstick drill and driver screws sandpaper and
something to cut the wood with the scratching post is made of three pieces
of wood that go over the arm of your couch to start you’ll need to measure
the height needed for your two vertical pieces because couch arms can be rounded grab a scrap piece of wood or anything flat and place it on top of the couch
arm making sure it’s level measure the height from the floor to the underside
of the scrap piece this will be the length of the longer vertical wood piece then
measure the height between the base of your couch between your cushions and
underside of the scrap piece. this will be the length of the shorter vertical wood piece
we cut these two pieces from our 1 by 10 on our miter saw but a circular saw
works too on the shorter piece we’re also going to add a slight taper so it
slides between the couch cushion more easily we drilled pocket holes then these
will end up being on the top inside ends of both vertical pieces ie the side of
the boards facing the couch we’ve linked below to a video that shows how use the
Kreg jig but you can also just screw perpendicularly through the boards later. best way to join things, hmm hmm next we’ll wrap the board with sisal rope. you want something thick and sturdy enough to handle the claws of a mighty hunter
ours was so thick we had to wrap the board first to figure out how wide the
top piece of our scratching post should be to start wrapping first drill a hole
through either end of your longer board tape the end of your sisal and thread
it through so that the taped end is on the Pocket hole side of your board we’ve
secured the sisal by screwing through it and into the wood being careful not
to go through the board the next step was rounding out our edges with the
roundover bit as we started we realized that we should have done this before
attaching the sisal because the sisal got in the way and we had to remove it
route that side and reattach it we wrapped our sisal as tightly as we could
around the board it helps to have a buddy because your arms get surprisingly
tired also we found towards the end that putting the board on its corner and
spinning it is the easiest way to wrap it we finished the rope the same way we
started it by drilling the hole through the wood and screwing the sisal into the
side of the board with the pocket holes now we’re going to use the two finished
vertical pieces to get the correct measurements for our top piece we made
sure they were level and then measured between the outside edges of each board
and we cut that length on the miter saw the last step is to assemble your boards
we use the round over bit along the rest of the edges except those that would be
butting up against each other once we joined them then we sanded our surfaces to make sure everything was smooth it’s a lot easier to do this stuff before
it’s assembled we used right angle clamp to keep the boards as square as we could
and drove screws through our pocket holes into the top wood piece when it
came time to attach the last piece the dang sisal was in the way again so we
had to get creative about how to clamp the right angle next we rounded out the
corners of our top piece there were a couple slight gaps so we
filled them with a mixture of sanding dust and glue this is a great
alternative if you don’t have wood putty around a trick to get your cat
interested in the scratching post is by spraying it with catnip spray it’s kind
of cheating but it works she likes it! oh that’s a happy baby. We’re super excited. This is the rare cat- this is a rare feat for cat owners so we’re pretty excited about this we definitely like this new
sketching post better than our first one hopefully Mochi does – thank you guys so
much for watching and check out our Instagram if you over up do right now
please subscribe if you want to see more videos hahaha Joobie’s running away. No joobie! Oh man Joobie’s gonna love this. She is gonna love it. Like look at all those little tufts this is like Joobies perfect little thing when I
see all those tufts I’m like oh the tufts, she’s gonna go crazy for the tufts. she’s gonna go crazy

62 thoughts on “DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post | How to

  1. Good job! My cat doesn't like when the rope isn't glued to the post though, so I need an additional step I guess

  2. "Oh, the tufts! Gotta love those tufts!"

    Seriously, who doesn't love a good tuft?

    I can't own a cat because I am allergic (not seriously, just enough that I get irritated eyes) but I like the fact that your cat is so well-cared-for. Better than scratching up your couch, right?

  3. Definitely need to look at building this one. The corner of our couch is starting to look pretty rough. Nice cheater trick with the catnip spray – great way for the cat to get comfortable with the new addition to the home.

  4. i've built a very similar night stand for a very small space, after watching this video i tried putting that on my couch arms and it fits perfectly !

  5. Nice channel guys! I made a scratch post a couple months ago.. she hasn't even taken a look at it :'( haha
    Keep 'em coming!!

  6. This is great – just missing the majority of tools to make this.
    If you chose to get a second cat, you'll find a helpful "how to introduce a kitten to a cat" video on my channel I made.

  7. Love this idea. Going to build one with my son for the couch in his room that our cat likes to go after.

  8. Your videos are absolutely great. I am sure that your channel will turn out way big. You started one month ago and already have almost 1000 subscribers, congratulations for that and I hope you keep doing great content👍🏻😊

  9. It looks great, but my cat uses the front of the armrest. And catnip does not work for her. But it can be inspiration. Thanks 🙂

  10. Next time, use a hammer after a couple of rows of rope to get it tighter together, that always works for me – great job too

  11. #NORMAL xD
    Great job you guys! We have an all black cat too! I made her a litter box enclosure that looks like a chest, check it out!

  12. I've been watching alot of your videos and with that i could say that you guys are pretty good, i think i can give 3 reasons why
    1st the video production is amazing the camera angles and overall clarity of the shot
    2nd you use background music that doesn't overwhelm the videos unlike other youtubers who use electric dance music (not that i hate it, its just overwhelming at times)
    3rd the both of you make a perfect mix and paired up with the video production no wonder you guys are good

    I just hope that you don't stop making content, keep up the good work : )

  13. I have a cube bookshelf and I want to attach sisal to the sides but wrapping it around it is not possible. Any idea on how I should do this? I really want my cat to not only scratch it but be able to climb up to the top.

  14. that was one nice DIY cat scratching wall!
    and its simple and easy project!
    i will look for some new idea !
    good luck!

  15. this is a great idea. my cat is always scratching at the arm of the sofa.. i bet if i make one the cat will just scratch on the other sofa arm…

  16. You have a great way of editing, the finished product is clean, funky and shows you exactly what you need to see; not only that but I've been watching your videos for about a week now and I've seen pretty much all of them – I can't get enough. Keep it up you're doing an amazing job

  17. I really like your video production style. Quick and to the point, while being very thorough. Keep up the good work! #catshirt

  18. what great cat owners, Thanks for not declawing her, some people selfishly declaw their cats over furniture,,I will never amputate my cat toes, Btw good job!.

  19. i would love your next video to be a diy cat tree you guys seem.pretty good at building the scratching post .

  20. your cat looks just like mine it even has the same bit of baldness above the eye. maby there the same type of act. Mines a boy

  21. Hi Evan and Katelyn, I am a researcher for Newsflare, one of the largest viral media companies in the world, and we would love to work with your video. Please contact me at email rosie(dot)wogan(at)newsflare(dot)com, many thanks!

  22. Good work 🙂 But it would be even better if you had used a hamer to get the sisal even tighter 🙂

  23. Hey, this looks wonderful and very stylish… Well done! What happens when kitty, by all the scratching, finally breaks through the sissal though? I had this happen to one I made and have not found a solution yet… Would it mean that you would have to wrap it all over again everytime it "wore out"? Is that what you did? Do you know if a glue gun would be good to keep the sissal staying put longer??

  24. Awesome, cool project! One suggestion for next time is to make a padded cover for the post, stuffed with catnip and then wrap the rope around it like you did. That way the catnip will always be there.

  25. Don't put hot coffee/tea cup on top, because if you walk away from it and the cat decides to use it the cat could get burning liquid over it,would blind burn and maybe kill your cat, there's an accident waiting to happen,nice pad idea guy's but maybe redesign the top part, overall nice idea.

  26. Though it makes the sisal or jute very hard to replace, we've found that it lasts a lot longer when it's glued to the board. I think the cats like it a lot more as well, since the pieces don't move while they're scratching.

  27. Please don't just say that you do not need all those tools. For a beginners video, show how it is done without them. Like this, the video sadly is of little use for a beginner like me.

  28. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  29. !!HEY!! Make a cat tree. Make a cat tree. Make a cat tree… or cat gadgets that make have a cat not so incredibly difficult.. yes

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