DIY No Sew Burlap Table Runners DIY Wedding / Home Decor

DIY No Sew Burlap Table Runners DIY Wedding / Home Decor

Hi everyone! I’m Jessica from Bespangled Jewelry. Thank you for joining me today. I’ve got a great project for you, making some no-sew table runners This one is made out of burlap, and I’m using
these for my wedding decor. I’m getting married in 3 weeks but I thought
I’d take the time to make a quick video tutorial and show you how someone like me who doesn’t know how to
sew and doesn’t have a sewing machine can make a professionally finished wonderful easy quick and cheap awesome table runner. Let’s get started! Determine the finished width you want your
table runner to be by measuring the width of your table. The general guidelines are that the finished
width of your table runner will be about half the width of the table that you want to use
it on. The finished length is usually the length
of the table plus an additional 12-15 inches on each side. Now that we have our finished size determined, we need to add at least 1 inch to each edge that would be 2 inches total – to both the width and the length before we
cut our fabric. This will give us enough room to be able to
finish the edges nicely. A great trick for cutting burlap in a straight
line is to pull out one thread at the width you want your cut fabric to be. I’m making a 16 inch wide table runner, so
I need to cut my fabric at 18 inches. Continue to pull out that one thread all along
the entire length of the fabric. As you’ll see, this will create a nice line
for you to follow with your scissors in order to cut straight. After you’ve cut your fabric to size, use a spray bottle with water to spritz to
dampen along the edge. Fold over a 1 inch section I’ve used a marker to create a straight line
to follow, but this isn’t necessary. Use the iron on the hottest setting that is
safe for your fabric, to press a crease. After you have a crease, you can use your fusible webbing. Put it in place along the crease, fold the fabric over it, use a damp cloth or spritz a dry cloth over
it, and then use your iron again – hold and press, without using the iron, and count to 10 seconds. For this step, when you’re ironing through
the cloth, you want to make sure the iron is set to the ‘wool’ setting. And it’s a good idea to use a pale colored
cloth so that your color doesn’t bleed from the cloth onto your fabric (trust me on that one). Following the instructions on the fusible
webbing, flip the fabric over and repeat on the other side of the fold. Now just check to make sure that your fabric
has fused evenly, and if there are any spots that haven’t, just
repeat the process. Now we’re ready to do the length. It’s exactly
the same spritz along the edge of the fabric and fold
it over in about a 1 inch section. And iron to press it in place. Do this along the entire length of your fabric. A good way to make sure that you keep a straight
line as you go is to follow along one thread and try to fold along that same thread all
the way down the burlap fabric. Now to make these corners a little less bulky, I’m just going to cut at a 45 degree angle before we fuse this fabric down. And make it nice and neat. Again we’re going to follow the same process, insert the fusible webbing, inside the crease of the fabric, fold the
fabric down over it, and use a damp cloth and your iron to press
all along the entire length of the fabric. Now flip the burlap over and do the same on
the other side of the hem. And go on to finish the other end, and the
other edge one at a time. It doesn’t really matter which order you go
in. Don’t forget to trim your corners at a 45
degree angle before you fuse the fabric down. And when you’re finished, you can just trim
off any loose threads that might hang out, and you’re done! Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this
project and that you’ll take a minute to visit my blog: where you’ll find tons more of these crafty
tutorials. See ya next time!!

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  1. Such a great DIY video, beauty! So flippin' cute and easy to make ♥♥
    I made sure to give this video a thumbs up; you are so beautiful 🙂


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