DIY Or Buy: Woven Wall Art

DIY Or Buy: Woven Wall Art

if those red fails by here hey y’all Connie here so I love to craft but there are two big problems when it comes to doing like a DIY project one can I even do this projects too couldn’t they just buy it somewhere for less money less time and like less problems so we’re gonna try to tackle that today here’s the place I’m gonna go onto Amazon and I’m gonna find a craft that I think that I can duplicate then I’m gonna buy it I’m gonna go to the store buy materials to craft it make it compare the two then I’m gonna tell you guys if you should crack this or if you should just like cut your losses and buy it all right the Amazon okay here is the thing I got on Amazon as you can see it’s a macrame woven wall hanging the biggest issue that I have is I don’t know how to macrame also it’s only $19.99 back from Walmart where they did not let us film I got this dowel I got 300 feet of this diamond braid clothesline which i think is way more than I need but go big or go home so it’s 11 ish dollars so it’s about half right now of what you’d pay on Amazon it’s looking pretty good for the crafting option for really checking out this Amazon piece and looking at way too many macrame sites online here’s how this thing breaks down you have your piece of string separate not sections then you have to cut it into some kind of triangle thingy at the bottom and you’ll witness if that works it up not one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 [Music] look at that watch me whip watching that criminais that’s one side down now you got to flip it I think and then do the other side down yeah [Music] so worth the minor meltdown [Music] this is reminding me of a giant lanyard all those moments at Camp all pain [Music] okay let’s try my hardest to find but this middle knot is looks like a flower or a square I do not know I cannot find it I’m going to try to bless something all right oh my gosh we’re so fast last night the last knot is happening right now the last thing that we have to do is that we have to cut the bottom into a triangle to match the layers that we’ve done Mac reggae it actually happens I’m really just so happy with this it came out way better than expected has delivered for me there it is look at that you guys so here are the immediate differences I’m noticing right off the bat of course you have price time and size which includes my rope which is a little bit thicker than the macrame cord and obviously mine’s longer than the Amazon one the thing that really takes us over the top for me though is the customization aspect the Amazon order it is one size fits all which is totally fine but the crafty piece like completely customizable knots and all Maccabee is like such a cool skill to pick up and it can be used in tons of different things so I think it’s totally worth your time to learn it since I’m pretty obviously biased as I made one of these I’m going to take you around the office and see what other people think okay pretty clear winner this round seems like crafting it is the one that people prefer so get out there and macrame is somebody’s day that’s what you’re gonna end up yep I’m standing strong [Laughter] [Music]

58 thoughts on “DIY Or Buy: Woven Wall Art

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  2. Btw if ppl want to see more like this (especially for clothes), check out Annika Victoria's series "Make, Thrift, Buy" 😊

  3. This should be a new series..
    It seems like everything can be done by ourselves..
    So this series should clear confusion..

  4. Aw I love this! I'll be looking for more like this in the future. Our hostess reminds me of a childhood bestie. 😁🧡 loving how genuine she is! I wish more youtubers were like this.

  5. I did this like 1yr ago and it is time intensive. Not hard if you spilt in days and super cheaper though
    P.S. gets easier as you go. I know i can make a 2nd one better then first.

  6. I don’t know why I though it was Ariel, Neds wife.

    Edit: can’t believe I call her April…. Ned if you see this, I’m sorry!

  7. I made woven linen tea towels once. On a four shaft floor loom which I warped by myself. Someone's new wife said "Oh I could buy those for $2.00 at X Linen Store". I replied (prophetically, as it turned out) "These Tea Towels will outlast your marriage". Suck them lemons, lady.

  8. What is with all the talking? Completely not necessary. Would have much preferred a typical buzzfeed nifty video just SHOWING how it's done etc. That girl is way too annoying to watch.

  9. I think I liked the Amazon one slightly more, but only because the thinner rope looks more appealing to me through the video. Might have a different opinion in person. Great job though!

  10. Y'all totally stole this from the channel coral with Dani and Alexandra. Come up with your own original content. I hate buzzfeed because of this shit.

  11. You guys shouldve sought advice from a professional macrame person so you could do a tutorial with this DiY vs Buy challenge

  12. The concept of this video is amazing and super helpful, and the girl is amazing, and really fun to watch! We need more of these!!

  13. I think if you n DYI something than to do it because it will bring you more pride and confidence that you made something. So I would prefer to DYI than buy it

  14. This is awesome but please include instructions on how to replicate it! Going off the video I can find other tutorials but it would be great if you put it all in one place!

  15. Really buzzfeed so another channel starts doing this exact thing and all of a sudden you guys have a very similar video?? Wow so I guess you guys really do love stealing content

  16. You completely copied this idea off another channel, and executed it poorly. Guys, if you like this video, you'll love the channel "Coral" – give them some support!

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