DIY Outdoor Wall Art Ideas Including Pottery Barn Dupe/Knockoff (2019)

DIY Outdoor Wall Art Ideas Including Pottery Barn Dupe/Knockoff (2019)

Coming up on this episode of Designed to the Nines. I have a couple of easy and inexpensive Outdoor decor items one of which knocks off a Pottery Barn item for a fraction of the cost So if that sounds good to you stay tuned Welcome to Designed to the Nines… I’m NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting I’m so glad you could join me if you like learning about all things home related including interior decor and DIY then you’re in the right place and I’d ask you to consider subscribing to my channel below and turning the Notifications on so you don’t miss a thing in fact next week is a very big and exciting week on Designed to the Nines so stick with me to the end of this video and I’ll tell you more about it I’m outside on my patio and pool deck and I’m gonna give you a little tour of what it looks like a lot of times because I have kids and they like to have fun out in the pool, but they don’t always Organize so I’ve got some ideas to make this a really fun place to hang out this summer Because during the summer we do we spent a lot of time in the pool So I thought it would be fun to add some decor with a little bit of function and a little bit of decor for fun. For Mom. for me. And for all of our guests, so on today’s episode I’m going to be doing a Pottery Barn dupe – that’s gonna save you a ton of money I’m really excited about it and it has applications. Not only Outdoors, but you can use it indoors, but it’s a very very flexible project I’ll tell you about that in a second and then I have a couple of little projects to kind of go with this. This is not like a full patio makeover It’s more of just a couple of things to spruce it up, but let’s get started on a project for today My first project is from Pottery Barn I found these alphabet letters and I knew I wanted to do something with some type of typography Outside and they were about 25 dollars apiece So that was a little bit expensive now some of my other dupes. You’ll notice are not the most inexpensive dupes ever But I always try to recreate the looks for less while still maintaining some level of quality on my project I ordered these letters off of Amazon. They were about five to six dollars a piece It kind of depends on the letter and they are actual wood Now you can save a little bit more money and do this project for even cheaper if you’re doing indoors Hobby Lobby has a chipboard Letter that’s almost identical and it is about two dollars a piece and sometimes if you find it on sale or a coupon you might be able to get it as low as a $1 or $1.20 (US) a piece so that would even be More savings for you. But since mine is outdoors. I didn’t want to use chipboard. I wanted to make sure it was an actual wood letter They’re gonna hold up a little bit better with all of the humidity all of the water. That’s gonna be around So all we’re gonna do is spray paint these in black and then I’ve got a hook. That’s very similar I’ll put the link for these as well. So I’m not planning on attaching the hook directly to the letter but instead I actually got a Plaque that I picked up from Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off for twelve dollars and I’m gonna put my letters and hooks on that Again, you could put these in the mudroom You could put these on your entryway use it spell out the word love spell out the word home family Whatever your last name I’m spelling the word “swim” for obvious reasons and I will be using ours as a place to hang our Beach towels. Okay, so I have a finite amount of time before it rains It’s get a little loud from this construction But I’m gonna have to push through this project because it’s gonna rain and I want to get this project done for you So let’s get started So the first thing we’re gonna do is I got some Rustoleum carbon black spray-paint its roof accessory spray paint Which I actually thought would be perfect for outdoors I you know if it’s meant for roofing stuff that sees a lot of weather So I thought that that would be good. And I also really like the idea of a carbon black spray paint So we’re gonna spray our letters So our letters are dry and I actually ended up spray-painting the hooks even though they were already black They were a little bit more shiny and I wanted them to have the same kind of matted finish as the letters Pottery barn’s hung there’s by screwing right through the letters and that’s what we’re going to do as well so I’m going to do the screws top and bottom here and top and bottom on the “I” and Then on the W and the M we’re going to go on the wide side So we’ve got our letters on and now it’s time to do our hooks and one of the reasons I wanted to do this on A wood backing is because the screws that come with the hooks are not very long. And so By screwing them into a piece of wood that will make them nice and secure Maybe down the road. I’ll add a sealer coat, but as for now, I don’t mind it getting a little age on it I’m gonna hang our swim sign right here. It’s right next to my slider glass it’s a perfect place to hang the towels and I will eventually Put up a different “pool rule” sign I want to make something that’s a little bit More in keeping with what I’ve got going decor wise and I want to do that when I get a vinyl lettering cutter So if you have a suggestion on that put that in the comment section below and let me know which is the better Vinyl letter cutter because I definitely am wanting to get one and I would love your input So let me know team Cricut or team silhouette? My sign is up and I’m thrilled with how it turned out I’m gonna do a little bit of final stylizing a little bit later, but I just wanted to tell you about the cost comparison So the one from Pottery Barn ik you did this with Pottery Barn with been probably over a hundred and twenty-five dollars My version is a little less than forty dollars Which is not like the cheapest dupe in the world and you’ll find that what some of my knockoffs and dupes They aren’t always like the super dirt cheap Sometimes they are… I pull them out here and there but I do try to get a high quality Look for as little as I possibly can and again you can use the chipboard And get that price a little bit lower as well as get rid of the wood backerboard That would also save you some money in my case I Wanted it because I felt like it would be a lot more sturdy for what I’m doing and I liked the idea of the wood Next to the kind of the flat matted black industrial letters So I’m overall really thrilled with this now. I’ve got a couple of other projects for you So I pulled out my barbecue and there’s a whole bunch of smoke residue. That’s not good so I thought I’d attempt to clean it before I hung my Art that I got and I’m gonna try a little trick that I saw in another YouTube video. I’m gonna try Scrubbing Bubbles So we’ll give this a whirl… Alright, so I would call the Scrubbing Bubbles a success I didn’t even scrub I just let it sit on there and I sprayed it off with like a pressure tip on my hose and I would say About 80% of it came off But if you wanted to put a little elbow grease in it a scrub brush or whatever. That might be a good thing So I wanted to show you the artwork that I’m gonna be hanging up here kind of in a gallery style I guess or a collage And I shopped my own house first and I had this from a couple of years ago I picked this up at Hobby Lobby on their clearance section a few years ago It lights up and I can’t remember what I paid for it, but it was a really good deal And I also got these I believe Hobby Lobby. I’m not 100% sure It might have even been Walmart, but I paid like $1 a piece for them a couple years ago so we’re gonna use that and so see is obviously for my last name and G and N is Greg and NataLee and I just think that I had them and I’m gonna use them. It’s kind of fun and then I got this sign at Hobby Lobby just like last week on their clearance. They had a huge clearance sell. I got it for like 10 bucks And this was white and then I just slapped on some black paint that I already had on hand To kind of make it match with us the swim sign over there And so I think that’s just going to be really cute and for 10 bucks You can’t beat it and it’s got galvanized metal and it’s going to continue that theme. So let’s get them up All right, so I have one last little quick project for you and it’s really easy and It’s just gonna add a little character out to my patio here So what I have is I have an antique toolbox but I picked up at an antique store in Maine when I was living there and I already had it on hand and I decided to turn it into a little herb garden So I’ve got an assortment of herbs that I’ve just placed in there I haven’t even put them into any fancy pots or anything like that I probably could that would add a little bit of charm and everything I have some leftover rocks from a project that I got at the Dollar Tree Some sweet little stones, but I’m gonna fill in some of this empty space on either side I probably could have fit probably four more herbs in there, but I think I’ve got what I need here I have one last little added element. That’s more of like a personal touch. My sister had a baby Who was stillborn a couple of years ago and so every June… When he was supposed to be born she does Brody rocks So I’m gonna just add those on top of the stones and my nephews honor… And while I’m talking about family today is my mother and daughter’s birthday. They share the same birthday And so I just want to wish you both a happy birthday I love you, and I hope your day is great. And even though we’re not together Just know that my heart’s with you and I love you both and very much. So happy birthday!! My projects are complete for this episode now I am super happy with how everything turned out and at the same time I know that this is not Designed to the nines it’s not by any means done as far as my pool and patio decor is concerned I still would love to do some drapery. I want to string lights over the pool I need to add some pillows to my lounge chairs And so I’ve got lots of projects to do and that is okay. We can decorate in stages We don’t need to drop a whole bunch of money all at once. In fact on next week’s episode What I hinted at is a big challenge that I’ve issued I’ve issued a challenge to a whole bunch of other female Youtubers to use a power tool in their tutorial on their Channel. I’ve created a collaborative playlist that they are going to join in and I’m inviting you as well if you have a youtube channel and you would like to Build something with a power tool. It’s called the girls can use power tools challenge and it’s next week on my episode and for that episode I’m going to be doing a ballard design dupe of a chandelier and it’s gonna be hung over my table here and it’s gonna be amazing! and we’re gonna build it from scratch and we’re gonna do it for a tiny fraction of the cost and That will be yet another layer out here in this pool and patio Area, what was your favorite project here? Let me know in the comment section below if you liked this episode, I’d really appreciate it Really helps out my channel if you subscribe to it below and turn the notifications on so you don’t miss out on a thing Thank you so much for watching today, and I hope to see you next week for the girls can use power tools challenge It’s going to be great. See you then

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