DIY Paper Butterfly Heart Canvas & Wall Art Tutorial – Made with a Cricut!

DIY Paper Butterfly Heart Canvas & Wall Art Tutorial – Made with a Cricut!

– Hello, everybody, my
name is Jennifer Maker. Today we are making a paper
butterfly heart canvas on The Great Maker Show and Tell. (cheerful music) So, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I thought it would be lovely to create a pretty heart from paper butterflies. I have a particular
fondness for butterflies. One of my very first projects
was this pop-up card, and then later I made
this butterfly bird house and they’re both made out of paper and they’re so much fun. And there’s just something
about butterflies, isn’t there? They spend most of their time
being ordinary caterpillars, crawling about on the ground, chained to Earth just like most of us, and then something miraculous happens. They undergo the most
startling transformation from a creepy crawly bug into a glorious explosion of flying color, spreading their wings and soaring high. It’s really something special, and it underscores the
amazing power of change for all of us. So, this is my paper butterfly heart, and rather than have the
butterflies form a perfect heart, I put some on the sides to create wings so my heart can soar. And that’s one of the best things about this simple and fun project because there’s really no specific way that you need to place your
butterflies on your canvas. Other than the heart shape,
I put these butterflies on in random directions and distances apart. And there are other ways to arrange these butterflies as well, and I’m gonna show you
some ideas in this video. So, but the real beauty
of this butterfly heart is that you don’t actually
need a lot of stuff to make it. All you really need is about
four to five sheets of paper. I’m using several sheets of paper from this sea foam green
pack that I got at Michaels, and I cut out my butterflies, and there’s about 200,
300 of them on here, using my Cricut cutting machine. But you could always
use scissors, of course, though it’s gonna take
probably quite a bit longer. And there’s actually four different kinds of butterflies in this heart. There’s blue morphos,
emerald swallowtails, monarchs, and scarlet peacocks, and all of the butterfly
designs are free on my blog for you to use, of course. You’ll also need a canvas or
a piece of board or a sign or whatever to attach your butterflies to. I’m using a 16 by 20-inch framed canvas, and I didn’t paint it or
prepare it in any way. I simply took it out of its
packaging and I went to town. And finally, you’re gonna need a way to attach your butterflies to your canvas. You all had several different ideas on how you might attach your butterflies, so I thought I would experiment with three different methods, glue dots, raised Zots, and glue, and I’m gonna show you
which method turned out to be the fastest and most
reliable in this video. So, let me show you how
to cut out the butterflies and then we will get started. Your first step is to
find your butterflies, and I have some free ones for you. You’ll find my free butterfly files over on my blog at, so to locate the files
themselves, click on libraries and then once you’re on
that page, scroll down and look for the link that says Enter the Free Resource Library. Click that and you’ll
want to enter the password that I sent you an email when you signed up free for my site. And once you’re inside the library, you’ll want to search for
butterfly heart canvas or just the work butterfly. Once you find that, go
ahead and click the link, and it will download and
you’ll need to unzip it so that you can access the files inside. So, here we have the unzipped file, and we can see all the files inside, and the SVG is the one we wanna upload over at Cricut Design Space. So, click on new project and click upload and then click upload image and browse and look for the SVG
file that you downloaded inside that zip folder. And once you’ve got it, make sure it’s the SVG file, click open and it might take a little while to upload because there’s a lot of
butterflies in this file. I’ve got everything all set up for you. But once it’s there,
go ahead and select it and then click insert image and you’ll see it on your canvas. Now, it is all ready to go right now, and you can go ahead
and just click make it if you are ready to cut, but if you want to customize
this in any way, you can. If you click ungroup
over on the right side, you can access each layer individually and you can show and
hide things, you can… ‘Cause you’ll see here, there’s four different
styles of butterflies, and you may not want to cut out all four. You might wanna have just one
butterfly silhouette style, and you can do that if you want. To duplicate the layer, you’re just gonna right-click
on the butterflies and select duplicate, and that
will give you another copy, and you can do that again so you have a full sheet of
butterflies when you cut. But I wanna go ahead and
cut out all the butterflies, so I’m gonna click undo so we can go right back to where we were with the butterflies and the big heart. That heart is our template,
by the way, for our canvas. And so here we are in
our mat preview page. We see our big heart ready to cut out on 12 by 12-inch paper. You can, of course,
change the size of that if you have a smaller canvas than I do. And then we also have our second mat which is our butterflies. Now, this defaults to the
12-inch by 12-inch size, but it actually will fit on an eight and a half by
11-inch sheet of paper. And I’m gonna go ahead and change that so that you can see that it does fit. Now, what I recommend that you do is go ahead and send this to your Cricut, and cut out the heart first and then cut out the butterflies. And if then… You can then keep cutting out butterflies so that you have as many as you need. So, I cut out four sheets of butterflies for my 16 by 20-inch canvas, and I had extras when I was done. You might be able to get away with just three sheets of butterflies. It really kinda depends on
the size of your project. It also depends on if you’re going for the ombre look that I
have where it goes from a darker color to a lighter color. In that case, you’re gonna want to have a selection of colors. So, go ahead and get this all set up, and if you’re using medium card
stock, which is all I used, select that from your materials. And I always like to choose more pressure because I like to have
that nice clean cut. Alright, so, I’m gonna go
cut out my butterflies. Alright, so here is a sheet of
eight and a half by 11 paper. I’ve already cut my heart,
so you can’t see that part, but I’m just gonna go ahead
and load that in there, and it’s gonna cut. It takes about 10 minutes to cut a full sheet of butterflies, so just in so that you
can budget your time based on how many butterflies
you wanna cut out. But the awesome thing about
the Cricut, of course, is that it’s doing all that
hard work cutting it for us. ‘Cause it would take quite a while to cut these out with scissors, which you absolutely can do,
it just would take a while. If you do do that,
definitely go for the simpler of the four butterfly shapes that I have. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. I think I like having the variety of butterfly shapes on my canvas. I thought it looked pretty awesome. Okay, so it’s done, so let’s click that unload button on the Cricut, and I will show you what they look like. So, there’s a full sheet of butterflies all cut out and ready
for us to start folding ’cause our next step is
to fold the butterflies in preparation for
putting onto the canvas. Alright, so I’ve cut out
four different colors ranging from a turquoise
blue to a light teal, and I am going to pre-fold them. Now, you might wanna just fold them as you take them off of your cutting mat or you might wanna fold them as you’re putting them on your canvas, but I thought it might go a little quicker if I pre-folded all of
my butterflies first. And the folding is so
easy because the wings naturally will want to
fold right in the middle, so you really just pick it up and pinch it between your fingers and then toss it back onto your pile. That’s all you really have to do. So, that’s why I say you certainly could simply fold your butterfly
as you take it off your mat or fold your butterfly
as you’re putting it onto your canvas, whatever
works best for you. Okay, so we’re gonna try
three different methods. I’m gonna try the small glue dots, the small Zots, they’re
both 3/16 of an inch so they’re really quite small, and of course, just
regular old tacky glue. And we’re gonna see which
one really works the best for this process. So, I’m gonna move all of my
butterflies out of the way and get out my canvas. This, I haven’t done anything
to prepare this canvas at all. It’s just right out of the packaging. And I’m going to get out my ruler and measure the width of this
canvas, which is 20 inches, and I’m gonna mark it and
make sure that my heart is right in the middle at 10 inches so that I have my picture
actually centered on my canvas. ‘Cause that would be a
bummer to do all this work and not have it be centered. And, you know, you don’t
have to cut out this heart and use it as a template, and you can certainly make
any other shape you want, but I thought I would include it in case you wanted to use it. So, I just used a regular pencil. Now, it’s time to attach our
butterflies to our canvas. And we’re going to first
try using our glue dots. So, put a little glue
dot on the bottom there. And all I’m doing is I’m starting at the bottom and
I’m following the pencil line that I want that heart
shape to be really clear, so I’m just setting it down right there and I’ve got the wings
following the pencil line. And I’m just gonna just keep going. I’m not gonna make the wings follow the
pencil line every time, but I wanna make sure my heart
shape is very clear, too. Otherwise, it’s just placing
them on in random directions, and you can overlap them a
little bit or not at all. It really is up to you. This is really what… There’s really no rhyme or reason here. It’s what looks good to you. And you can see here
the glue dot dispenser is a little bit tricky ’cause you have to get it
right on the wing perfectly, and I’m struggling with it a little bit. I doubt this is gonna be my
favorite method of doing this. I mean, I do like that there’s no mess. Once I put that butterfly on there, it’s on there and there’s no glue coming around the edges
or anything like that. That’s nice, it’s
certainly clean and neat. It’s just hard to get that glue dot on in just the right spot. Alright, so let’s try the Zots. Again, these are 3/16-inch Zots, and I’m just placing the
butterfly right on the Zot and then peeling it off. So, the advantage to the
Zots over the glue dots is that it really is easier to get that, the little adhesive sticker, right in the position that
it needs to be on my canvas. So, between the glue dots and the Zots, I definitely prefer the Zots. But you can see how I’m just
really, I’m randomly placing. I’m putting the adhesive on one of the wings, not
always the same wing, but otherwise it’s random. I’m gonna use the tacky glue, and we’re gonna just try gluing it to see how well that works. So, I could put it right
on the canvas like this, but that leaves a lot of
extra glue around the edges. I’m gonna try just putting it on the back of the butterfly wing and
see how well that works. So, again, just placing the butterflies in random positions around,
filling in the space. So, the glue is actually faster than the glue dots or the Zots, and faster is good when
you’re talking about hundreds of butterflies. So, I’m going to just stick with the glue and do the rest of this
project in the glue. It’s not really messy. I’m not really getting it on my fingers, and because this glue will dry clear, it’s not an issue if
there’s a little extra that sneaks around the
edges of the butterfly. I also really like the fact that if I need to reposition a butterfly, I can without any issue when
they were using the tacky glue. It’s a little harder with
the glue dots and the Zots because once they stick, they just kind of wanna
stay there which is good. Alright, so you can see how I’m putting the butterflies
up above like this. I’m preparing to transition
to my next color, so I have four colors for this project and I want the next color to blend seamlessly together. So, you can see this. So this here that I’m using right now, this is the next color. So, I’m overlapping the two
so that it’s not a clear band, so we don’t see a clear
separation between the two colors. So, by having some of the darker color bleeding into the lighter color like this and overlapping the two colors, we can have a smoother
transition between the colors. And this only applies if
you want to change colors as I have done. And, of course, you don’t
have to do this ombre effect which is what I’m doing here. You could do rainbow colors or just complementary colors
or anything like that. Again, there’s no rules. It’s really what you’d like to do. So, I am going to speed up the video here and so we can go a little faster, and you can see how I continue to blend the butterflies as I move up the canvas and go from darker to lighter. (cheerful music) Alright, so, there are now three colors of butterflies on this, and it’s time to put in the
fourth and the final color that I’m using for my design. And I really wanted that top
to be really well blended. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and show you the rest of this pattern, this rest of this design
without gluing it down because I wanna show
you some different ways that you could do this. If I don’t glue it down, then I can play around with it some more. And, you know, this is a really good tip because if you’re not quite sure what design you want to
use, you can just go ahead and put them into position
before you glue them so you can decide if it’s the
right thing for you or not. So, right now, I’m gonna
put all of my butterflies into a perfect heart shape so that you can see how that looks. And, again, I am just setting them in here in random positions. The only thing I really pay attention to is the edge of my shape. I wanna make sure that
I’m creating a clear edge so that you can see the shape
that I’m attempting to make. And if you change the shape
from a heart to something else, you just kinda wanna
stick to simple shapes like circles or squares or maybe a rainbow shape, that kind of thing. Keep it simple. Alright, so here we have a complete heart which I think is very pretty. Now, another popular way of
doing this butterfly heart is to have the butterflies flying in from one corner like this. So, I have them coming
in from the top left, and they’re filling in the heart, right? So, this is also really nice. But what I think that I’d like to do is create a winged heart because the winged heart
is my special symbol. I use it as my logo on my blog. I use it as my device in other places, so I’m going to have my
butterflies flying in on both sides to create wings like this. And so I’ll do it on both sides, and I’ll try to keep them
fairly well-balanced. And maybe it doesn’t look
like wings to everybody. I’m not so sure that it will, but this is what’s great
about doing it like this because I can set it up and I can position our butterflies
before we glue them down. Then we have some… We can visualize our idea better and make some changes before
we actually glue it down. But I actually really like this. I think it’s sweet and simple and it’s totally me. And put a few extra
butterflies around the edges. So, I think I will go ahead
and glue this all down now. Now that the glue is all dried, I wanna compare how the glue
does compared to the Zots. Now, if we look at where I put
the glue dots and the Zots, you’ll see they’re a little wobbly, whereas if we look at the glue areas, they’re really quite stable. So, I’m definitely saying
use glue for this project. Skip the glue dots, skip the Zots. Alright, so I’ve glued
everything down, and you can see the butterflies are flying in at the edges and there’s just one
last thing we need to do. We need to erase our pencil lines. So, if you drew a line for your shape like I did for my heart, you’ll wanna just come
back through and erase it. It erases really quite easily so long as you used pencil, and you just wanna lift up the
butterfly wings on the edges to get to the pencil line, and that’s really it. It’s no big deal to do this at all, and when you’re all finished erasing it, just pick it up and gently blow
the little eraser bits away. Or brush them away gently. And then that is it. There is nothing else that
you have to do to this other than, perhaps, sign your name to it or you could add a message
to it if you wanted or, again, you could put it
into a frame with glass over it and put a message on the glass, right? Alright, I think that this turned out super sweet and beautiful. And by the way, I know
everyone’s gonna ask me how long it took to make this, and the cutting was about 30 to 40 minutes, which was easy ’cause I could
just walk away for that, and the butterflies themselves
were just about an hour. So, it really was not a difficult or time consuming process at all. This is one of those projects
that’s great for beginners. It doesn’t have a lot of
complicated cutting or assembly, but it’s got a huge wow factor. So, as it turned out, the best way to apply the paper
butterflies was with glue, and the glue dots and the Zots were really more time consuming to apply and they weren’t as stable on the canvas. You can use tacky glue as I have, but really any glue that dries
clear should work just fine. Yeah, I love tacky glue, actually. And some folks like to put
the paper butterfly heart in a shadowbox with glass
over it to keep the dust out. If you do that, you can
also put vinyl on the glass with a name or a sweet message or a quote or whatever. Or you could just also put some text down in the corner of
your canvas, as well. If you have any questions at
all about making this project, please leave a comment below, or post over in my amazing Facebook group at And if you want to make
more paper butterflies, you’ll find tutorials and free patterns for both my pop-up butterfly card and my paper butterfly bird house over on my blog at Isn’t this awesome? I mean, the wings flutter and everything. So, I think that’s it for today. Remember, if you can tell
me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it. Until next time. (cheerful music)

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