DIY Paper Flower Wall Art Decor (Mason Jars & Vases!)

DIY Paper Flower Wall Art Decor (Mason Jars & Vases!)

– Hello everybody. My name is Jennifer Maker. Today we are making a paper
flower wall art canvas on The Great Maker Show & Tell. (upbeat music) So in my last tutorial, I created several
bouquets of paper flowers, just like these over here. So now it’s time to put them to good use and make some beautiful wall art decor. I have designed these two paper or vase flower canvas things, I don’t have a good word for them, and I’m going to show you
exactly how to make them and so that you can have your own as well. Now the first one that I made is this simple and cute mason jar that’s filled with red roses. There are exactly 10 roses. Each one is a different size to give it a little perspective. The mason jar itself is
made from iron-on vinyl on a reverse canvas, and if you don’t know
what that is, no worries. I’m going to show you how to do that. And the words on the jar
read love blooms here, and the canvas is 12 inches by 12 inches. Now this one is a pretty art glass vase filled with 10 paper flowers. Each one is a little
different from the other. The flowers are all made
from shimmer card stock to give them some added sheen, and the vase is made
from transparency film using Print Then Cut on
my Cricut cutting machine. Isn’t that awesome? So it’s see-through just like a real vase. I actually designed different vase colors, blue, green, amber, pink, and purple so that you can choose, and this canvas is eight
inches by 24 inches. And of course, you can get the free files for both of these vases over on my blog at So let’s head on over there so I can show you where to find them and then we will get started. Okay, so let me first show you how to make the paper roses
in a mason jar wall art. So you’re gonna wanna
start over at my blog at and you’ll wanna find the post about the paper flower wall art. And if you scroll down, you’ll see there’s a link
right here in step one. And if you click this, it takes you right to Cricut Design Space that has all of the flowers for the mason jar wall art that I made. So that’s 10 flowers in 10 different sizes as well as the leaves. Everything is sized right. Now to get the mason jar itself, you wanna go back to my blog and click on Libraries, scroll down and enter my
free resource library. If you need the password, you can get it at the bottom
of any post on my blog. Once you’re in there,
you’ll wanna search for the mason jar SVG and download that and open it up once it’s downloaded, and you’ll wanna look for the SVG. It’s important that you unzip any file that you download from me before you try to upload
it to Cricut Design Space. So that’s the SVG right there, so let’s hop back on over
to Cricut Design Space and we’ll click Upload,
Upload Images, Browse, and go find the SVG that
we’ve downloaded and unzipped. So it’s right here, so click
that and then click Open. And it’ll come in and you’ll see I’ve got some extra things in there so that you can make some choices about how you want to use this file. So once it’s uploaded,
click it and then insert it. So here it is. Let me scroll down so you can
see it a little bit better, and we’ll zoom in a little bit as well. Now you’ll wanna ungroup everything so that you can choose
what you don’t want. So we’ll get rid of these flowers here. Just clicking Delete on my keyboard. And I have different, I put the love blooms here text
in a couple different fonts, so you can choose what you want. You can just drag over
the one that you like. I like the original one with the little plants and birds, so I’m gonna put that back on the jar, make sure it’s centered, and then I’m gonna select
both layers and click Attach. Now everything is kept together. The sizing right now is about right, but if you need to resize
it larger or smaller, you just use the icon in
the lower right corner and click and drag it. But a little over five inches is good, so let’s click Make It. And so we see all of our layers here. And I’ve got, you can see there’s the leaf layer and here’s the flower layer. You may need to make, if you don’t have a 24-inch mat, you might need to make
that a little smaller. But let’s look at this black layer. Now I’m gonna do iron-on vinyl for mine, so I’m going to mirror it. If you’re not gonna do iron-on vinyl, then you don’t need to mirror it. You can cut this out in paper or self-adhesive vinyl
or anything like that. But yeah, I’m going to do iron-on so that I know it sticks
really well to my canvas. So I’m gonna go ahead and
search for the Everyday Iron-On, which is what I’m using, and we’re going to go over to
the Cricut and cut this out. So here is my mat with my vinyl on it, and note I’ve put it on facedown. Whenever you cut out iron-on vinyl, you’ll always wanna put your
vinyl on your mat facedown, so that’s shiny side down. And gonna go ahead and cut this out just using the fine point blade. It’s not difficult at all, actually. And the reason that I chose
to use the iron-on vinyl rather than self-adhesive vinyl is because it’s not always so easy to get vinyl to stick to plain canvas, and I thought it would be fun to do the reverse canvas and show you exactly how I did
it in this tutorial as well. And iron-on works great
for a reverse canvas. And plus, you know with the iron-on vinyl, I know it’s going to stick there and it’s not gonna wanna come off at any point later on either, so that’s why I chose that. Alright, so the Cricut is
all done cutting out the jar and you can see it right there. So let’s go ahead and take this over. So these are all the paper flowers. I’ve already cut them out. I’m not gonna show you exactly how to roll up these
paper flowers in this video because I have a whole
entire other video tutorial that goes into lots of depth on choosing the right card
stock for paper flowers, determining which tool
to use to roll these up, and the best glue to use. So please head on over
there and watch that. I have linked that tutorial in this video so that you can watch that. But again, for this mason jar wall art, I am using 10 flowers, and each one is a different size. And I thought it would be fun to do that because then I can arrange the roses to give us some perspective, as if it’s a bouquet and not just flat roses or flat flowers. Alright, so there we go. We have all 10 of our roses all rolled up and ready to go. So let’s set the flowers aside and turn our attention to our canvas. So to make a reverse canvas, you need to begin by
removing the canvas itself from the frame. So you just flip it over and you use an X-Acto knife or craft knife to cut around the outside. So, just outside the staples. You do not need to remove these staples. That’s a big pain and you
don’t need to do that. So you just take off the canvas and set it aside. Now you flip over your frame and you have this beautiful frame that you can then use. It looks actually pretty awesome, I think. So you can just leave it unfinished or you can stain it or
you can spray paint it or you can paint it with acrylic paint, which is what I’m going to do. I’m going to paint it navy blue because I think that’s going
to look awesome in my bedroom. And you’re just gonna paint it. There’s nothing special to it. I didn’t sand it or anything. I wanted this to have a shabby chic look. I don’t want it to look
polished or anything. If I did, this would still be fine. I’d probably just wanna
use like a glossy paint or put a glossy sealer
over it when I was done. But I don’t, so I’m
simply going to paint it with my navy blue acrylic paint and then let it dry. Just make sure that you get the side, the insides and the
outsides, as well as the top because this is going to visible and you want it to look good. So while your frame paint is drying, let’s weed our mason jar decal. So I always find it such a challenge to get the vinyl started on the, to take off the vinyl because we need to remove the vinyl that we’re not going to use. I find the easiest way to get this extra bit of vinyl off is to make a little cut in the corner and then bend it and then peel it away so it’s sort of like
creating a little cut line so that you can then remove
that vinyl that you don’t want. And so there is the outline of our jar, and then we need to take our weeding tool and get all the extra little bits out. And don’t forget to get
the insides of the letters and any other small details that you’re able to weed out. There we go, it’s all weeded. Be sure to check for any little bits like those corners there. You don’t wanna accidentally
transfer those to your canvas. Alright, so now it’s time
to iron this onto the canvas that we removed from our stretched frame. I’m going to use my EasyPress. You could also use an iron
or another heat press, whatever works. This is not a complicated project. But I’m gonna use my little EasyPress and I’m gonna set the
temperature to 340 degrees, which is the recommended
setting from Cricut for a project like this. While it’s heating up,
we’re gonna make sure we know exactly where
wanna put our mason jar. So keep in mind that the frame is gonna
take an inch all around, so you wanna make sure that you’re marking it far
enough in on your canvas. So, not right at the edge or your frame will cover it. You can just use a little pencil mark and be sure that you center it as well. And once that’s marked, you’re going to want
to preheat your canvas for five seconds, and then place your mason
jar decal where you want it. Cover it with a piece of parchment paper or a Teflon sheet if you have that. Cover that and then set
your EasyPress or iron on it and heat it for 30 seconds. Apply medium pressure, and then when it’s done, you’ll wanna turn it over and heat the other side for 15 seconds. After you’ve finished ironing it, you’ll wanna wait about a minute before you start peeling it. Now this iron-on vinyl is a warm peel which means you do wanna
take it off while it’s warm but not while it’s hot. I think that’s a mistake
a lot of people make. So gently peel it off. Make sure that it’s sticking. If it’s not, give it a
little bit extra time and then gently pull it off. If you have a problem, you can go ahead and
heat it one more time, but you’ll wanna wait again until it’s cooled down just a bit. And there we go, it has
come off and it looks great. So let’s put the EasyPress away and we’re going to now put our canvas back into our frame, but it’s going to go the reverse way so that we can see our pretty blue frame. Erase any pencil marks
if you have any left. So there’s our frame and
you’ll see that right away, our canvas is bigger, right? So just use your pencil
and mark around the edges where the frame is. Bring your pencil in a little bit and then go ahead and cut it out right where your pencil line was. You can always trim this
a little bit more later, but you don’t wanna cut any more than this because it’s important that your canvas is at just about the
same size as your frame because that’s how we’re
going to reattach it. So put your frame back on, double-check that everything fits, and then when it does, put some hot glue at
the top of your canvas, just like I’m doing right here. And then set your frame on top of it. You want to make sure you’ve
got that canvas centered on your frame just like this. And when it looks good, you’ll want to glue the rest of it down. So just take your hot glue gun, you’ll wanna work quickly, and put a line of glue along the side, across the bottom and up the other side, and then put your frame
back down and press. You can turn over and press to make sure everything
is nice and smooth, there’s no creases or bumps
or anything like that. And you’ll see there’s on this side, its just a little extra, so I’m gonna just take my knife and remove that little bit of extra canvas so we don’t see that when
it’s hanging on our wall. And you can check all the
other sides for that as well. There’s a little along
the bottom as well here. So there we go. That looks awesome, doesn’t it? Now it’s all ready for our flowers. So I’m going to arrange my flowers so that it looks realistic. I’ll put the bigger ones in
the middle and at the top and the smaller ones below that because if it’s on the wall, we’ll probably see it
from that angle, right? And for the leaves I cut out, I’m just using my weeding tool to just put a line down the center and then folding them to give the leaves more dimensionality and look a little more realistic. And there’s no, you know, you can put these in in
any order or way you want. I’m just doing what looks good, honestly. Tucking on a couple leaves
inside the flowers themselves so that it looks like an
actual bouquet of roses. Alright, so let’s take these off now that we’ve decided where to put them, and I am going to glue everything on now using my hot glue gun, and that’s it. We just put some glue on the bottom and then press it on to the canvas. It’s really super easy, and this is totally the fun part. I do recommend that you experiment with where you want your roses or other flowers to go before
you actually glue them down. And if you want, then you
can just pick up each one one at a time and glue them. So just keep going through
and gluing all your roses. I recommend you do your flowers first and then do your leaves because the leaves can
tuck under the flowers and go in between flowers much easier than if you put them down first, then you have to line up your
flowers so that they match. And these little ones on the side here, I’m actually attempting to
put them kind of at an angle. Do you see how I’m doing that? So it looks like we’re seeing the roses. They’re actually like pointing
in a different direction. We’re seeing them from the side. And that I think also enhances the illusion of
seeing a bouquet of flowers in a mason jar. Alright, so let’s put some leaves in. I’m just tucking them around the sides. I’m just putting the hot glue on the stem because I want the leaf to be able to stick up a little bit from the canvas, just like the flowers are. I think that it matches better
if you can do it like that. Now you’ll notice I didn’t
put any indication of stems in this mason jar, and that’s because
there’s words on the jar and I wanted to make
sure they were very clear and easy to read. If you choose not to do any words, then you can certainly
put stems in your jar or perhaps use a lighter
color or something like that. And one more leaf, I think, right up here to hide this
little spot right here in case anyone sees it from the top. And there we go. Doesn’t that look awesome? I am super happy with this. This was a fun project and it’s gonna look
amazing on my bedroom wall. And of course, you could use any kind of flowers you wanted here, all the same size, different sizes, different colors, different styles of flowers. Just go crazy, have fun. Okay, so now let me show you how to make the paper flowers in a glass vase, or it looks like a glass vase, right? So again, you’re going to want
to go to and find the paper flower wall art post and scroll down. You can use the little
table of contents there to get down to the art
glass vase paper section and click on this link here, and it will then take
you to all the flowers and the leaves that I
use for this project, all in the right sizes, all ready to go. To get the vase, go back to my blog, go to my libraries and log in, and you’ll want to look
for the vase PNG file because this is not an SVG. The vases are in PNG. And there’s actually five different colors for you to choose from. So let’s come back to Cricut
Design Space, click Upload, Upload Image, Browse, and then pick one of these five colors. So there’s amber, blue, green, pink, and purple. I’m gonna go with the blue. I love this color of blue. And when you bring this in,
you’ll wanna click Complex and then click Continue. You don’t have to do anything to it. It’s all ready to go. So click Continue again and save this as a Print Then Cut image. It might take a little
while for it to upload. It’s a large, high resolution file. Once it’s in, go ahead
and click on its image and then click Insert images. Now when it comes into your canvas, it’s going to be a lot
larger than you need it because it’s a high resolution image so that it looks good when we print it. So you will need to resize it. So just use the sizing at the very top of the Cricut Design
Space window to change it, and I’m gonna change it into 9.2 inches so that it fits within the
Print Then Cut limitations. And then that’s it. It’s gonna go ahead and send this over and start getting this printed and cut. So I am going to send this to my printer. Now when you click Print, make sure that you keep your bleed on because it’ll produce a nicer cut image. Also, if you cut this on
transparency film like I do, click on your Advanced Settings and make sure that your
quality is the best possible and your paper type is
something like glossy. That will give you the best image printed on your transparency film. And remember, you need to
print on the rough side of your transparency
film, not the shiny side. And you can choose transparency film right in Cricut Design Space so that it knows the kind of material that it’ll be cutting. There you go. So go ahead and cut out
your transparency film and all of your flowers, and then we will assemble this. So here we go, here’s my canvas. It’s a long, tall canvas. You can use whatever size you want. You just might need to resize your vase and/or your flowers so that it fits. So here’s a pink one and a blue one. Printed out both so that
you can see the differences. Both are on transparency film and they’re both therefore translucent, which makes it really cool and the transparency
film is a little shiny so it looks more like glass. This is the transparency film I used. Just make sure that you use the
right type for your printer. I had a inkjet printer. So I’m going to, I want there to be stems
visible in my vase, so I’m just gonna cut out three strips right from my 12 by 12
self-adhesive vinyl. No, I don’t need to use
my Cricut to do that. And make sure that they look pretty good. Position them. It doesn’t have to be
like perfectly straight. After all, a stem wouldn’t be
perfectly straight, would it? And once, I’m gonna mark
the bottom edge there so I know about where they should be, and then I’m gonna take off
the backing on the strips and put them into place. Now the nice thing
about this self-adhesive is that it’s not super, super sticky, and you’ll be able to reposition these if they don’t quite look right once you put your vase over it. But that’s what I recommend you do, so place them on where you
think that they should go, and then check with your vase to make sure they still look good, and then we’ll put on the third one. Like this one I think needs
to be repositioned a bit on the side there. So let’s put this third one on and then we’ll fix that other one ’cause we wanna make sure that our stems are all within our vase, right? That one on the side there is
a little close to the edge. There we go, that looks good. That looks realistic. We’re going to use
permanent spray adhesive to attach our vase. So spray the rough side so that the shiny side,
the glass-like side is on the outside. And don’t worry if you get little droplets or air bubbles when you
spray, because actually, it’s going to look more
realistic with that. And mine, in fact, did that, and I thought it looked awesome. It was a happy accident. So once you’ve got that adhesive on, just make sure you’ve got
it really well adhered. Turn it over and press it down from the back as well. You can just your scraper
or your fingers even, whatever it takes just to get that, make sure that’s down there. And it is important to use
permanent spray adhesive or it may eventually come off. And then put your flowers where you think that they look nice. There’s no rules here. You get to choose what you’d like. That looks pretty good, and then we’re gonna put
leaves around as well. And just again, I’m
kind of filling in spots to create a pleasing arrangement. And I’m using a variety of leaves, unlike the previous project
which was just roses, so I used only rose leaves. This project has 10
different styles of flowers, so we can use any kinda
leaves we really want to. Alright, so now it’s time to
apply all of these flowers. Now I have them where I want them to be, so rather than take them all off, I’m just gonna go one at a time and take one off and put the glue on the bottom, press it down while the glue sets, and then work through all of
the flowers just like that. I’ll do the stems as I go as well, and I’m just gluing down the tips of the stems on the leaves so that they can stick up from the canvas and continue that three-dimensional look that the flowers have. So there we go, we have
all 10 flowers glued down. So let’s just fill in with our leaves around the edges and in between flowers. Wherever you might see a bare spot would be a great place for a leaf. There we go. I think that looks awesome. There’s a couple extra at the bottom, so make sure we get
everything glued in there. And there we go, it’s all finished. Doesn’t that look super, super cool? I love how the flowers
stick up off the canvas. It’s a really, really fun effect. So these paper flower canvases are going to look amazing on my wall, and I bet they’re gonna
look great on yours too. I love how easy they were to put together, and you can really
personalize this project by changing the words on the jar or using different colors
and types of flowers. And remember, I have over a
dozen free paper flower files at I cannot wait to see how you
make this project your own. Please share a photo of your
completed paper flower wall art in my Facebook group over at so we can all appreciate your creations. And my Facebook group
is also a great place to ask questions about this project, or you can always just leave
a comment below this video and I would be happy to answer. So that’s it for today. Remember, if you can tell
me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it. Until next time! (upbeat music)

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