DIY Papercraft Unicorn Room Decor ~ OXYGAMI Pattern Tutorial | @karenkavett

DIY Papercraft Unicorn Room Decor ~ OXYGAMI Pattern Tutorial | @karenkavett

Hi everyone, I’m Karen Kavett and today we
are going to be making this papercraft unicorn. Seriously, how freaking cool does that look,
and it’s made out of nothing except paper and glue. This unicorn was actually designed by a guy
named Stephane who runs the Etsy shop Oxygami. Full disclosure, he did send me the pattern
for free after I emailed him asking for permission to make this tutorial video, but I did purchase
the first pattern that I made, and he’s not paying me, I’m not paying him, I’m
just obsessed with his designs and I wanted to share them with you guys. So the great thing about this project is how
inexpensive it is. The PDF patterns in his shop are around $9
to $14 dollars. So when you buy the pattern, you get an instant
download of three PDFs. One is the instructions, one is the white
shapes, and one is the colored shapes. Also, if you happen to speak French, Stephane
is from Paris, so the instructions are available in both French and English. So, let’s look at the white shapes PDF. You’ll see that each shape is numbered,
which makes it easier to keep track of what you’re doing since there are 43 in all. You’ll want to print out the entire PDF
onto cardstock – it’s really important to use cardstock because it has more weight to
it than normal computer paper. Once you have it printed out, the first step
is to cut out all of the shapes. I like using small detail scissors like these
because you can really get into all the tiny nooks and crannies. So this entire project isn’t difficult per
say, it’s just very tedious and meticulous. If you don’t cut out the shapes perfectly
now, you’ll have a much harder time later on when it comes to put it all together. So, take your time, it took me about 3 hours
to cut out all of these pieces. You might also notice that I have a couple
different colors going on. That’s because I decided to make the hair
into a rainbow and also make the eyes, horn, and hoofs pink and purple. If you want to make yours the exact same colors
as I did, these are the shapes that I printed onto each color – but of course feel free
to make it your own and use any colors that you like. So once all of the pieces are cut out, it’s
time to score and fold them. On the Oxygami patterns, you’ll see two
types of dotted lines – a small dotted line and a larger dotted line. Grab a cutting mat, a craft knife with a dull
blade, and a lightweight metal ruler. Then you’ll want to score all of the smaller
dotted lines. If you’re not familiar with scoring, that
means to run your craft knife along the paper in order to leave a line but not to cut all
the way through. This gives you much a sharper, cleaner fold
than you would get if you just folded the cardstock without scoring it. So once you’ve finished scoring all of the
small dotted lines, we want to flip it over to score the larger dotted lines. Some of these lines connect corners that you’ve
cut out, so it’s easy to see where the line needs to go. However, if it’s not obvious where to score
without seeing the lines, I have two solutions. One is to use a pencil to mark the endpoints
of the line on the back of the paper. Then you can score the line, and then you
can erase the pencil marks. However that’s a little time consuming,
so what I did is I used a lightbox. That way I can see through the paper and I
can easily score all of the long dotted lines. Once you’ve finished scoring all of the
lines, you can make your folds, and now you can see the 3D shape starting to form. Continue doing that with all of the cutouts,
and again, this is meticulous, time-consuming work. But you do want to get it right because otherwise
you’ll just get frustrated later on when it comes time to glue it all together. It took me about another 3 hours to score
and fold all of these shapes. So once you’ve got those ready to go, it’s
finally time to start gluing it together. For this step, you’ll need wood glue, toothpicks,
and a small dish. I really do recommend wood glue for this papercraft
projects like this, because it dries quickly and it doesn’t make the paper wrinkle. So if we look at our shape, you can see that
some of the numbers have circles around them. That’s telling us that those tabs connect
within the shape, so we’ll want to glue those first. Use your toothpick to brush a bit of wood
glue onto the tab, and it just takes some trial and error to figure out exactly how
much to use – you want to use enough that it’s sticky, but not so much that it oozes
out when you press down the tab. Once you’ve applied the glue, just hold
it in place for about 10 seconds or so while it dries, and then move on to the other tab
that you need to glue. Once the tabs within the shape are glued it’s
time to attach piece #1 to piece #2. And this is where you’ll want to refer to
the instructions PDF, because Stephane has done a great job of illustrating exactly how
each piece fits together. So if you look at the tabs, each one is numbered,
so it’s as easy as matching up the numbers and gluing the tabs together. I like starting in the middle, because I found
that if you start at one end and it’s slightly off, by the time you’ve gotten to the other
end, it’s way off and super obvious. But if the middle piece is just slightly off,
and you work your way out, it doesn’t look as bad. But obviously try to get it as exact as possible
no matter where you start. And that’s basically the entire project. You’ll just want to just repeat that for
all 448 tabs. I know, it’s a lot, and it took me about
6 or 7 hours to glue it all together, but I find that it’s just really relaxing, meditative
work. And you don’t have to do it all at once
– I did this project over about 4 days, so take your time and if you get bored or if
your back hurts from hunching over it, walk away and come back later. Now a little tip about the wood glue – it
dries quickly on the paper, but that also means it dries quickly on your dish. So if it’s getting a little goopy, just
pour out some more, and you can see the color difference, that the fresh glue is a little
more reddish and a little less dried out. So I’ll admit, the eyes are a little tricky,
because there are so many tiny tabs, and so much to glue before you attach them to the
main horse head. But this is what they’re supposed to look
like, and then you add another piece that kind of circles around, which looks like this. And then, you glue it onto the horse head,
which is a little creepy, but it’ll look fine once you fill in the rest of the forehead. And now the horn is also a little tricky – you
just want to make sure that you’ve scored and folded the lines really really sharply
so that you can glue it into the horn shape. And then it’s a little fiddly, but you just
glue it onto the top of the unicorn’s head and then move on to the next pieces which
will help to stabilize it. And I am not going to lie, this project is
super boring to watch on camera. It’s basically six hours of applying a bit
of glue, putting the tab in place, holding it there for a few seconds. Rinse and repeat. So rather than showing you a full on walkthrough
of attaching every single piece, which would take literally forever, I just want to tell
you to trust the paper. If you follow the pattern exactly, I promise
you it will come together and I want you to have the same joy of seeing the shapes come
to life as I did when I was making it. But speaking of going through step by step,
I did quickly want to mention the ears, which are shapes 19 and 20. There is lot within the shape to glue together
before you attach it onto the unicorn head and the first unicorn that I made, I didn’t
realize that, and it was kind of a mess trying to finish gluing the ear together when it
was already attached onto the head. The shape will start out looking like this,
and it should end up like this before you glue it into the body. So I think my favorite part of this project
has to be the rainbow hair. I think it looks so cute, and I love how the
pastel colors all look together. I’m going to link the exact paper that I
used down below if you want to make yours the same way. Oh and I don’t think I said this yet, but
make sure you have clean hands throughout the entire project. If you’re spending 12 hours on this thing,
you don’t want it to look messy by tracking glue onto the front of it. Literally as soon as your hands get messy,
if you get some glue on them or whatever, just get up and wash them. So, once you’ve finished the unicorn head,
it kind of looks like the unicorn emoji. And you could totally just leave it like that
if you wanted. But, to finish it off, go ahead and keep building
down the neck until it looks like this. At this point you can put the head aside to
make the legs. The instruction PDF does a really great job
of illustrating what you’re doing, so I won’t get into too much detail here, since it’s
basically the exact same thing we’ve been doing this whole time. But in the end you should end up with two
legs that look like this. At this point it’s time to attach the legs
onto the body, and I won’t lie, I had some trouble with this step, but if you keep at
it and make sure that you let the glue dry before moving on to the next tabs, you can
do it, I promise. And once the legs are attached there are just
a couple more pieces to add to stabilize them and finish the bottom of the horse’s body. And then there are just a couple flat pieces
to glue onto the back to make sure that it hangs flat against the wall. And once those are on there, that’s it. You’re finished. Give yourself a round of applause if you made
it to the end, because it is not a quick project. So since it’s only made of paper, it is
super lightweight and you can hang it up off of just a thumbtack. I think these paper craft unicorns make such
a statement in a room and just look really unique. And I’m sure all of your friends will be
super impressed when you tell them that you made it yourself. Also, I know I kept going on about how precise
you have to be, but I definitely have a couple less than perfect moments in mine, which were
really bugging me when I was gluing it together. But, just like life, if you step back and
look at the big picture, no one is going to notice the tiny imperfections, so don’t
beat yourself up if it’s not flawless. It just gives your unicorn some character. So, let me know in the comments what I should
name my unicorns because I cannot decide. Also let me know if you think you’re going
to try it out for yourself. I’m going to link to the Oxygami Etsy shop
right down below, and once you buy a pattern, you can also join the Oxygami private Facebook
group to troubleshoot and get advice, and get even more inspiration on how to personalize
the patterns to make them your own. It could be as simple as changing the colors
like I did or you could go crazy with glitter and other decorations. Or you could try printing the patterns out
at a different scale – you could make a giant, massive unicorn, or a really teeny tiny one. So if you do decide to do this project, I
would love to see a picture and I’m sure that Stephane would love to see it too. I hope you guys liked this video, don’t
forget to like and subscribe, and happy paper crafting.

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