DIY Platform Bed – Costs Less than $200!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

DIY Platform Bed – Costs Less than $200!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

hey guys welcome to another one big
happy DIY build this is part two in a two-part series showing how we built
this platform bed be sure to check out part 1 to see how we built the base and
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built it was time to move on to the upper canopy we cut the four by fours to
7 feet long then cut the two by fours to length by measuring between the four by
fours after we inserted them into the base we used metal right angle brackets
from Home Depot to attach the two by fours to the four by four posts using
self-drilling screws there are lots of other more legit woodworking ways we
could have done this but this was by far the fastest and easiest we started by
attaching one bracket to either end of the shorter two by fours this made it
easy to install the two by fours because they just sat right on top of the four
by fours while we screwed them in to attach the long two by fours we clamp
them to the other side of the metal right angle bracket to hold them up
while we secured them using more of the self drilling screws next it was time to secure the 4×4 posts
to the frames we used a socket set and drill to install six-inch lag bolts into
the corner blocking that we installed when we first assembled the base so the
first thing we had to do was to drill pilot holes for these huge lag bolts
that we used next it was time to actually install the
lag bolts using an adapter on the drill and the socket set so as you can see
these lag bolts are actually really big so when Joseph went to screw them in
using the drill and our drill is cordless and battery operated so the
first two went in just fine but the quiff the drill quickly started to
struggle and so then joseph had to use elbow grease to get the lag bolt all the
way into the wood then of course he did this four more times now that we are
done walking around inside the bed we went ahead and installed the middle
support board using pocket screws this board will help support the slats that
the bed sits on once we had the bed all together it was time to pull it apart so
I could finish it I was going for a weathered multi-layered finish similar
to the Restoration Hardware look I used three stains to were oil based stains in
the colors weathered gray and dark walnut the third was a whitewashed
pickling stayed by Minwax that I used for dry brushing I painted on the
weathered gray stain in chunks using a cheap paint brush then filled in all of
the empty spots with the dark walnut and let the stain set for a minute then
wiped off the excess with a cloth this created a nice multicolored aged effect then I top coated with the whitewashed
pickling stain I used a dry brushing method where I dipped my brush lightly
in the stain and wiped off the excess then lightly ran the brush across the
surface of the wood in the direction of the wood grain
I used a clean cloth to buff out the rough edges of the brush strokes then I
layered on the whitewash until I was satisfied then moved on to the next side
I repeated this process on the entire bed so you can imagine it took quite a
while the finishing took the longest by far we could have gone for a simpler
look that would have made it go much faster for example we could have just
picked one of the stains and gone with that now I did try just the dark walnut
and just the weathered gray and we didn’t like it as much as this once the
finish was complete joseph’s top coated it using polycrylic and our paint
sprayer polycrylic is a water-based topcoat and it’s really easy to use once
the topcoat was dry it was time to take the bed upstairs and reassemble it the
bed is pretty heavy because it’s solid wood so it was a bit of a haul to get it
up there Wow bid strong Dad! Reeves, the struggle of getting beds
upstairs look it look at just look at it the struggle the struggle It’s a good thing she didn’t have a queen. huh It’s a good thing that you did not have a queen bed that’s true to reassemble the bed we inserted the
posts then screwed in the lag bolts to secure the four by fours to the base
which Joseph had to do largely by hand because we needed the drill to install
the screws on the slats while Joseph was finishing up with the
lag bolt I placed the slats and then spaced them by eyeballing them and used
1 and 1/2 inch self drilling wood screws to secure them to the base the bed will
sit on these slats so it’s really important that they are secure the last
step was to reattach the two by fours to the four by fours to make the canopy and
one thing that we did not do here that we wish that we have was to mark exactly
which two by fours went where because that would have made the reassembly
process a lot easier once the bed was complete we put Alexis’s room back
together and this is how the bed turned out later we restyled her room and this
is what it looks like now we hope you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to
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39 thoughts on “DIY Platform Bed – Costs Less than $200!!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  1. Think the staining was a missed learning opportunity. Alexis is certainly old enough to help with this kind of project, especially for her own bed.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You guys are so productive, lawyering on weekdays, furniture building on the weekends. You have a pretty impressive workshop as well with some serious tools. I think restoring old second hand furniture is probably more realistic for the average person ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lucky Alexis! Great cheering section. What required the mask? The finish on the bed was so beautiful with the grain showing through. Awesome family.

  4. I'm loving your channel. water-based wood stain is the best thing ever. Just FYI if you have never tried it. I put grey wood stain on anything I can find that needs a makeover.

  5. Wow! What a remarkable achievement, I hope you continue on doing these type of projects. I'm a new sub. I really am enjoying your videos. Thank you.

  6. This is amazing!! I have a canopy bed and love how you added those curtains to the back of the bed, where are those from are they curtains? I love the way it looks! I clicked on the video because of that!

  7. awesome work guys ,,,,,,,how solid is the bed ? as its looks rock solid I may do this design love it

  8. This DIY was excellent I only wish that I understood how to do all of this I always wanted to do front of Jamaica furniture myself I even try little small DIYs projects but this one is just too let me say difficult detailed for me especially to do alone this was great guys

  9. It looks amazing great job Joesph & Tasha ….big hugs Katie from Scotland UK ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I've been searching for a big girl bed to build for my toddler. This is it! Can't wait to start building๐Ÿ’œ

  11. Canโ€™t I pay for someone to do this for me ? Because I want to keep the bed frame Iโ€™m getting and get this done.

  12. This is so inspiring! And you are such a beautiful family. I am attempting to build a platform king bed … maybe I'll do a video too. Excellent job!

  13. This is goals! And Iโ€™m not talking about the bed (which is absolutely beautiful) but by this project with your family. I would LOVE one day to be able to do this with my future husband (need one of those first, lol). Building stuffs on the weekends or when we have free time. Damn Iโ€™m so so so in love with this!

  14. Hi i tried to do the same effect but nothing is working. Those colors are not soaking into the wood, and when i wipe after waiting for a minute it wipes most of the paint off! And also i dont see any effects.
    Is it because you used something other than pine? And do i need to apply conditioner?

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