DIY Popsicle / Ice Cream Sticks Shelf – Easy Home Decor Ideas | PINTEREST Inspired!

DIY Popsicle / Ice Cream Sticks Shelf – Easy Home Decor Ideas | PINTEREST Inspired!

Popsicle sticks have been around the crafting world for a really really long time. They’re incredibly versatile and so popular because they’re inexpensive, fun and you can make some really cool things. I came across this DIY honeycomb shelf on Pinterest which instantly grabbed my attention. This shelf will definitely spice up your home decor For the Popsicle Shelves here’s what you need to get started.. Popsticle Sticks around 4 to 5 packets.. Fevikwik or you can even use a glue gun, a hexagon shaped template that I made which I am going to be linking in the description Please feel free to download this and use it Blue paint, a paint brush and tape First things first, download the template, print it out on A4 paper, and tape it down on the table so that it doesn’t move Now to build a foundation for the shelf lay three popsicle sticks on the grey coloured side and tape that as well Put some fevicol on the edges that you have taped down Now take 3 more sticks and using the lines on your template as a guide overlap the sticks that you have taped Here’s how your first hexagon should look like Now that the foundation is built, remove the tape and the template Do the same thing with the second hexagon in the same pattern as we did for the 1st making sure everything is aligned properly Continue with this process till the shelf reaches the depth you want This is how my shelf looks. Now, you can paint it if you want to, or just leave it like this. I’m going to be painting it blue so it looks great on my wall! Now just use it as a showpiece or hang the shelf on the wall You can even improvise the design buy overlapping 2 templates together like this This gives you 2 shelves attached together which is kinda cool, right? The process is the same the only thing you need to remember is to not place a popsicle stick on the side where the two templates were joined Instead only place it along the outer edges. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did sharing it with you. I love creating stylish yet easy on the pocket products. So you guys should definitely give this a try Also if you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already, please subscribe! Until Next time stay tuned stay glamrs.

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