DIY Quick Doll Diorama Using Canvas Art Panels For Barbie & Fashion Royalty

It’s been seven months since my first video And I feel kind of bad so I decided to bring out a little small diorama tip for you today I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago, and I found these canvas panels that come in a pack of three. and they measure 12″ x 16″ not 16 x 20 like I said in the video. I purchased them for 5.97 on sale. So I decided to get these because I’m always looking for different ways to make walls I’m not that crafty so cutting foam core and cardboard is really not my thing But this was right up my alley so the texture they are made for watercolors or acrylic painting And I thought they’d make the perfect Walls for a little quick diorama sometimes when I get off work I just want to play a little bit just to unwind so this is real quick what I did was I took two of the panels like so And I put a piece of tape on the back To hold them together with a little space in between so I could bend them at a 90 degree angle And I’m using a Walmart placemat as the flooring it has a bamboo texture on there And so I used the movie fun barbie set and It came with a little bit of furniture. Here’s a little console for the TV and the VCR and then I have The beanbag chair, and I have my bowl Cheerful check doll on a Uhura Barbie body, and I have this girl Chic Chambray with her new made to move body on a blue mod chair, and I’m gonna put the Ottoman out here with the kitty And I’m gonna give her some popcorn to hold so they can watch TV They are having a girl’s TV night here and just to make a quick little scene for the dolls so we can take pictures or just for the simple pleasure of playing with them to de-stress for the day So I wanted to bring this to you. I thank you for your attention Don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel and you can check me out on Instagram at t–‘s doll room. Thanks Have a good day. Bye. Bye

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