92 thoughts on “DIY Rainbow Bench (and techniques that FAILED)

  1. UPDATE: it still hasn't fallen apart, despite rigorous sitting. Phew! 😋
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  2. "Hey guys, we're Evan and Katelyn and today we're going to be dyeing in six different ways"

    Vincent van Gogh has entered the chat

    Im sorry, that was rather dark of me

  3. We can see the name of the brand through the tape did you plan on not saying it because I can when I can’t even spell it out it’s pretty clear what you guys are using and I’m just curious what your purpose was covering the names up so you didn’t get tagged by the company is maybe that would be my guess

  4. This is from a Nebraskan person. Kool-aid is two packages for 1 gallon of water and like at least 3 cups of sugar. So yeah it needs sugar.

  5. If you want to make it clearer that you're trying to make the light spectrum effect instead of a block coloured rainbow effect, you could call it a Rainbow Spectrum Bench, which I happen to think is a cool name for it.

  6. Not that I don't appreciate your content, I do. But I am wondering if you have a few more builds planned for the future? I feel like most of your videos now are Resin/Paint based

  7. 1st of all my mans and his lady took a sip of kool aid without sugar this whole channel is a vibe and big mood I feel so single lol

  8. You covered up the logo
    So that we wouldn’t be able to see the logo

    And the tape is so thin
    That you can see the logo perfectly clear

  9. The first dye that u tried u didnt like the brightness so I so wished u guys painted it n wiped off. I think u would u loved the effect

  10. You should just call the channel Katelyn's project corner, and have evan be the cameraman/ awkward comic relief… not that you're not funny, you're perfect Katelyn … love your channel!

  11. Me: skips through sponsor to the actual video
    Evan: we're going to be dying in 6 different unique and different ways
    Me: wait

  12. Evan messing up the angles made me laugh. Earlier in the week I messed up half of the angles on a set I was building at work

  13. I was really kind of hoping they would do one more test after the first round of mixing the "drink powder" with the food coloring! I am curious to see what that wood would look like. 😆

  14. It came out perfect! And you just cant get any higher praise than Evans moms reaction, thats awesome. You guys are so adorzies together, oddly reminds me of me and hubby (who also makes absolute “killer” jokes/puns and laughs at them the most, he can sit on a “perfect” joke for weeks, waiting for just the right moment, like a sniper..). Anyway, happy build-up for x-mas! And if you have rainbow x-mas tree, I demand footage; Ive dreamt about one for years… We spend holidays with my in-laws at the lake house (kitties get to go out, beg food and boss people around), so I cant make it happen for myself. Yet. Someday.. and it will be glorious!

  15. Watercolor is also a cheep alternetive to dying wood. You will just need to put a protective coat on top so that water ddoesnt get to it. But ive used it to paint a wand that i sculpted out of wood myself and the are very much still there and the wood texture still shine trough. Even with how ive handled it nothing as moved.

  16. Guys you both awesome and everything but you’re using extremely huge amount of plastic!!
    PLEASE can’t you figure something else?

  17. I now realize that I want that on a T-Shirt and would pay good money for it. "I am not a basic bench", "we don't sit on no basic bench", "#BasicBenchTeam" and stuff like that.

  18. watches them drink super concentrate "Kool-aid"
    Evan: "It's like it kinda punches you in the face and you go 'ahhh' but then you're like 'oooh'."
    Katelyn: "Yeah, then you're like, 'oh I like it!'."

    I think Evan and Katelyn might be masochists….

  19. You should spraying the sample pieces with some flat and glossy clear coat before choosing. Topcoats can change the way colors underneath look.

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