DIY Resin Geodes – Surprisingly Easy!

DIY Resin Geodes – Surprisingly Easy!

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we’re gonna make some resin geode art the first step is cutting a big slab
that we’re gonna pour our resin over we’re using some quarter inch MDF and
we’re cutting it on our x-carve I designed three different geodes in
Illustrator and we’ll just do straight cuts and if you don’t have a CNC of your
own you can use a jigsaw a bandsaw or router there’s plenty of ways it’s like a strange-looking egg wonder if I can punch through this
oh let me try wait wait alright ready here’s Evan! all three of the pieces are ready to go
if you’re wondering what all of this is we have a video covering how to do resin
mixing and pouring that we’ll be linking down below in our last video we had molds
but for this we just have an edge that the resin hand pour off of so to keep
that from happening we’re gonna wrap it with tape at the end after our color is
done we’re gonna do one final pour and let it go over the edge but we want to
be able to build it up a little bit first okay I think we have our colors
our cups everything’s ready are you ready to start once we start the clock
is going But let’s do it ok I’m going in for a pour what I’m not gonna use all of it we
might want to do some more I’m gonna start like a little central hub wow
that’s insane looking okay yes that’s cool great way of mixing so I
kind of want like what we’ve done to spread out a little bit I’m gonna
do like few hints of blue there we go there we go really really
cool okay so now the base is done we can just have fun playing around yeah I want
to mix in a little bit of gold towards the center maybe just like that
no, more more more should we try dropping in any inks I think we
should do it what color gold do like on top of the gold
yeah like tone on tone okay looks so crazy I’m also gonna do some whites in
the white just to like get the different texture glitter things? glitter things!
let’s drop some glitter flakes into the white okay so what we learned in the first
one is we need more white a lot more white we’re also gonna try mixing the
blue and the black pigment to see if we can get like a navy because we haven’t
mixed any pigments before man I love that midnight awesome pour it around the
white you think that midnight blue oh that’s so pretty I was gonna fill it all the way to the edges kinda
like do it directionally so like out from the center oh yeah
yeah you’re right I’m gonna do some golds before we get too far I’m gonna do
a ring of drops around the center again yes oh my gosh that’s so freakin cool oh
look at them go whoa look at that look at that look at that wow yes cuz it’s on
the surface wow that gold just went like dispersed we
need more midnight blue in there the veining is kinda cool oh like veins and stone
yeah we didn’t do any stones I’m gonna do like a concentration in the middle
whoa that’s cool that’s cool I just wanna do like a ring
of stones like right here I’m gonna do it they like reveal the colors underneath
oh wow they do one effect we learned on this
geode in particular is a little bit of gold alcohol ink flows to the surface and then you can use a heat gun and
spread that out and that makes for a really cool effect but the coolest
effect is when we drop stuff into it that breaks the surface tension and it
revealed the colors underneath which is really cool me me me me me our sponsor
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off a two-year plan thanks Nord thank you thanks for
sponsoring us time for a final and biggest piece which required some fancy
taping okay here’s some tips maybe that I can narrow down to yeah
choose a color palette and look at real geodes for inspiration because if you
look at them they don’t have every color of the rainbow
you know and then like you’re saying choose the general pattern you want to
put stuff in so we kind of chose to do rings which I guess the most geodes are
kind of different rings of color I think just those two things help a lot if you need anything
clean I can swap gloves really easily cuz you have two gloves on
quick tip you put two gloves on so- if you have sweaty hands you wanna start doing a white pour? and then do black like a thin pour all
the way to the edges we’re gonna need more of everything it always looks like kind of bad at first what elementary school
student put this together the heat gun really helps with that making imperfections sometimes too much you’re
like oh wait what have I done okay now I’m gonna heat gun it oh yeah so much better I touched it I touched it with the heat gun I wonder if it’s like slightly tilted it looks like everything is merging yeah
I’ll shim it you want more white yeah both why it’s and a midnight I think a little more dark purple dark purple yeah yeah it’s like we’re mad
scientist’s I’m not weird you’re weird everything’s sticky ahhhhhhhh five more drops
of the gold I tried to create on a create like
another little cell there or something oh that’s really cool what you did down
there yeah creating those cells watch for bubbles I don’t I just don’t
wanna do the whole thing I think that’s pretty good alrighty your glove farted fist bump it’s the next day next up on
the docket is removing this tape and doing a little bit of sanding yeah
oh so much better that tape on the edge is really cool look how cool that looks
that’s crazy okay more work to do all righty those are looking beautiful
so our edges are now cleaned up we’re gonna finish those later but first like
one of the parts I’m most excited about you’ll notice we have a hole in our
largest geode so what we’re gonna try is adding crystals oh my gosh this looks so
freakin cool we’re gonna add crystals to the inside oh my gosh that’s
gonna look -oop- that’s gonna look amazing so
we’re gonna try using hot glue we’re not sure exactly what the
best is but we’re gonna see if that works it’s holding yeah I think this is gonna work
so we’re also using these little rocks to plug the holes in between the big
crystals haha perfect almost done what do you think -meow- yeah oh my gosh this looks so
good it looks so good well I guess it’s a good place to
talk about how we’re finishing it up so we’re gonna do two things one we’re
gonna paint these unfinished edges with gold then we’re gonna pour a clear coat
of resin over everything to kind of unify it and to gloss up these edges
that got a little more frosted looking when we sanded them and then we’re done
so excited look at how good these crystals look that’s my favorite part I
can’t get over it alrighty it’s time to do the final wipe
down of these amazing geodes make sure there’s no dust or cat hair on them
before we do the final epoxy and after we pour it these kind of dusty sections
should look glossy again this epoxy is self leveling
do it while it’s piled up thick and it should re-level all righty
oh it’s so smooth this is the smoothest it’s ever been ah it’s
glossy smooth okay we’re gonna need more than I mixed so I’m not gonna
even attempt this I’m just gonna do this one okay brush this on oh yeah we
definitely didn’t make enough no start making more okay time for some more flames do you see the
difference no oh man such a difference alrighty it doesn’t look like anything
got messed up overnight so next step is we have a few spots to
file down where there were drips and then we’re gonna add some sawtooth hanger so
that we can hang these if you didn’t want to add hangers you could just get
little easels and display them on your shelves but we want to hang em so that’s
what we’re gonna do next so we found a balance point that we like right here we
kind of wanted to hang on an angle so we marked that and we are going to be
attaching this guy right there hey Nord VPN thanks for sponsoring this
video and guys if you want to check them out head over to Nord VPN slash dang it NordVPN dot-com slash Evan and Katelyn and enter code Evan and Katelyn for 66% off
your two year plan you’re really bad at this sorry bye that’s awesome that looks really good
only problem I see with these is they’re so fun to make and we can’t really turn
into the Evan and Katelyn make resin art Channel or can we put resin on
everything bye thanks for watching is this awkward
are you getting the shiny I don’t know what that means
hey guys -incoherent shouting- woo woo let’s go!

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