DIY Reversible ‘Baby Block’ Wall Decor— Unisex Nursery Decor

DIY Reversible ‘Baby Block’ Wall Decor— Unisex Nursery Decor

hi guys and welcome to the channel my
name is Katie today I am so excited too be cohosting Casey’s using trash to
create treasure challenge Casey’s Channel is coffee with my
sunshine and I will have her as well as the playlist for this challenge linked
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I would love to tell you hello so go ahead and drop me a note down in the
comments to let me know that you’re here today I’m going to be using some reclaimed
fencing that I pulled off a trash pile and some old kids clothes that I had
thrown into the trash because they were stained and then decided to take back
out and cut out the good parts to make some nursery decor.
I’ll insert a video here that tells you about how and where I get this reclaimed fencing for free but last time I went I saw this gate and actually I really
liked the hardware but I didn’t have any impact or wrench with me that could
take it off so I brought the gate home so today I’m going to be using some of these fence
pickets to be making some letters my life would be easier with a deck wrecker
but honestly normally the fencing material that I work with comes apart a
lot easier than this and the nails just kind of like pull right through the wood
because it’s so old so this gate actually is probably not that old so it
was a little fistier than usual this is the one that I was able to get off of
that gate some of it came out okay because I only need eight pieces that
are going to make up the letters and those will all be like seven inches long
to do that and the rest of the material I’m going to rip down really skinny to
frame my letters so this will work perfectly fine for that because I will
want a weathered edge so I wasn’t going to be using the middle part of this
anyway so now I’m gonna cut out all the blocks for my letters. I’m going to use this
7-inch stencil for my letters I can find a link for it but I actually got these
from my sister for free cuz they weren’t quite what she wanted so yay! I’m going
to trace out the letters that I want to cut and this is what I’m going to be
spelling this is going to be an M but it was just too big to fit on a regular
piece so I need to glue these two pieces together and then I’ll come back and cut
this. I don’t think I’ve said it yet because I don’t know I guess I was just
so excited to get started but what these are gonna be basically is kind of like
baby block looking things so it’ll have the letter and then the frame that’s the
same color as the letter and then I’m going to use these scraps of kids
clothes as the background for the block so if that doesn’t make sense it will but
that’s where we’re headed so now I need to make the frames for the block letters
To decide how thick my frames are going to be I want to measure the thickest
part of my letters so on this B it’s an inch and an eighth and I expect it to be
real similar on all the others yeah so I’m gonna make my frame pieces an
inch and an 8th. What I’m going to do is keep the outside side against my fence
so that it is a part of my finished piece and then that natural weathered
patina will face outward on the frame this is the layout that I’m going to go
with what I have done is left an inch of space above and below my letter which
since these are 7 inch letters that’s 9 inches on the inside and then I’m going
to keep the same distance side to side even though the letters are not as wide
as they are tall just to keep that block effect what I’m going to do is make all
of these the same length and just then end up going like this one will butt into this one this one will butt into this one this one will butt into– okay too much okay
like that so I think I’m going to cut them all the same length just because
there are gonna be so many because these are also actually going to be
double-sided so we can do girls and boys on the same decoration so there’s going
to be two sets of frames a front and a back
on each of these so to make my life easier
I’m going to cut all my pieces the same length so that would be 9 inches on the
inside plus an inch and 1/8 so all my pieces are gonna be 10 and 1/8 long and let’s
see I need eight times eight of those I need a 64 pieces that are ten and an eighth then my recommendation if we’re cutting
a gazillion of the same length piece is to measure out your first piece so for
me that’s ten eight and then get it lined up over the blade and once you
have that make a pencil line on the far side make your cut
and then every piece you go to cut after that once you have a clean cut on one
side you just line it up with that line that you made and remember you still
want to see the line because when the other piece is exactly at the right
length you drew the line so you can see the line so line your piece up so that
it is touching your line but you can still see it and then you can cut as
many of the same length as you want without having to measure again again
again so I have all of my pieces cut to width and length now now I’m going to
take half of them and build them into little frame shaped like this so I will
make eight of these I am going to do this I put some wood glue in my joint tape my aging gauge brad nailer and I
have things in here that are an inch and 5/8 inch and a half would be fine and
I’m just going to shoot it together and that’s all I’m going to do for each of
these joints that is not tremendously secure but since I’m going to add a
whole another layer on the backside of this that is more than plenty take your
frame turn it upside down depending on the material that you’re working with it
might not matter but for a lot of this reclaimed fencing there’s definitely an
a side and a B side so if you have material like that then take it put the
good side facing down to the tabletop now I have these scraps of material I
have a daughter who’s almost two and we have been privileged to receive a lot of
people’s hand-me-downs so I really haven’t had to buy her a lot of clothes
now of course if stuff is a good condition but we’re just not going to
use that and take it to the goodwill but anything that sting I just throw away
because really it just because someone’s buying at the goodwill it doesn’t even
they’re so desperate that they want nasty-looking clothes this piece in
particular was from a dress you can see it’s kind of got a flower pattern but I
am actually going to be using it as unisex because it is white in my afraid
baby mine which by the way is from the Dumbo sign um Devin kind of
inadvertently ended up with a lot of elephant the cork in her nursery just
some things that came from different family members so I thought it would be
cute to put this phrase up on her wall but also not to go so on record into a
nursery decoration that I couldn’t use it also for a boy if we ever have one so
I hadn’t decided that four of my letters are going to always stay facing the same
direction and they’ll have these white backgrounds and then four of these box
will be reversible for a boy or a girl so straight for it I have my piece of
material that’s big enough to completely cover the inside of this frames and I am
going to staple it to the back of my frame and then trim it back is how that
will look from the front what I want to do now is come around and cover this
exposed fabric with another layer of framed pieces so to look something like
this like I said this is one of the unit X colors so it will be the same from
either direction so you probably wouldn’t actually flip it around but
because the ones that are reversible will have this double thickness of a
frame on them I’m going to go ahead and make this frame a double thickness also
so that they’re all the same thickness even if it doesn’t matter if the
backside of this one has staples or not because you probably won’t be flipping
around when we did this side as you saw it kind of just rotated the Lapp rather
than having both these long or both the top and bottom one so when I’m going
around now I’m going to make sure to add my piece this way rather than this way
that way I can nail into both of these pieces from the other side of the frame
on every piece that I add then and that will just make the whole thing a lot
stronger so I’m going to be using one-inch 18 gauge brad nails for the
thickness of materials I’m working with but basically you just want a nail that
is thick enough to go through one piece into the next without coming out the
other side that is the frame and background of this side put together and
technically reversible if you wanted to flip it for them to do a girl boy block
it would be take your frame the same as before a side face down to the table and
then staple on a piece of fabric boy or girl trim off the edges and then staple
on another piece of fabric the opposite of boy or girl depending on what you’d
put down first and once that is all stapled trim off those edges and then
put your second frame line so then that is a boy/girl reversible one okay guys
almost there so these white squares that are for use with the boy and the girl I
am going to go ahead and attach the letters that are going to go on to them
from behind so I’m going to flip it upside down as best I can and then once
I have it centered I am just going to staple it on from the back so I’m going
to tack my top first and then come down make sure my fatum is as centered as that will sit just like that it’ll be
its own independent letter but this fabric is on the firmer side and I have
it stretched very tightly so this letter isn’t causing it to sag but I do think
that was some of my other blocks that have a lot more stretch that this letter
would cause those to sag and not look great so I do think that this works for
this but I would be careful with maybe not doing it with all materials so that
just for reversible blocks that I need to
attach my letters to if you wanted to I’m not gonna do this but if you wanted
to you could cut out another letter for each side and then just nail them to
each other through the back like we did with the second layer in the spring but
what I am going to do is take a strip burlap or ribbon or you know feed it
through my letter get it positioned to where I like it
so same reveal from the top and the bottom and this side to this side looks
like there ish now important I have this thumbtack and the thumbtack needs to go
directly in the center of these two layers of the frame and the reason for
that is that then when I am ready to change this I have to do is spin it and
because I put the thumbs back right and thinner it is at the perfect height for
this side too so that is how I’m going to be touching my for reversible block
letters this is not Devon’s room we don’t make
her sleep outside but we’re moving so I didn’t want to put like 16 new holes and
a walk that I was gonna have to patch one week later that’s why we’re outside
but when we get to our new place this baby is absolutely going up on the wall
I am pretty happy with how it came together but of course let me know what
you think in the comments down below I think I first started thinking about
this room first of all boy girl nursery decor after I did my reversible table we
project but you know how ideas go and I think this one did come together really
well don’t forget to check out Katie and all the other awesome collaborators that
are participating in this using trash to create treasure challenge if you like
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of me subscribe and guys thank you so much for watching bye yeah that’s a wide you

11 thoughts on “DIY Reversible ‘Baby Block’ Wall Decor— Unisex Nursery Decor

  1. Hi Katie!! This was absolutely adorable 🙂 I needed you around to help decorate my kids rooms when they were small. This idea could actually be used to make something for any room of the house. Hmmm… You have given me some ideas lol. Girly you are soooo creative and your wood working talents always amaze me. Thanks so much for co-hosting with me this month!! Have a fabulous day my friend!

  2. This is so cute! Great choice of fabrics too. Love all of your woodworking tips as well as your little one spelling the words! Thanks for the fun collaboration with Casey, I enjoyed participating!

  3. I love this idea of reversible decor. This can be applied to a lot of different decor pieces. Thanks so much for the inspiration Katie!! & of course…cutest sweet love ever!!! 🙂

  4. Turned out great 😉 I love the fabric in the frames. It'll be adorable in a nursery/kids room 😄
    Thanks for sharing and hosting this event, it's been fun 😃💖

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