DIY ROOM DECOR ❤ Cheap & cute projects | LOW COST ideas!!

DIY ROOM DECOR ❤ Cheap & cute projects | LOW COST ideas!!

Hey guys! So In today’s video I will show you three cheap decor ideas that can really be accent pieces for your room without spending a lot of money All of them are really simple and under 5 Euros For the flower vase you will need: a jar some tape and any color spray-paint The first thing you need to do is stick some tape pieces in the jar to create some pattern I decided to make circles but you can go with stripes, chevron or any design that you have in mind Then carefully spray paint the jar in a ventilated place. After removing the tape you can put some little stones if you like and your fake or fresh flowers. For the perfume stand you will simply need a candlestick holder and a small mirror As you see mine is square but you can use a rounded one too This DIY just consist on gluing the both pieces together with strong glue Let it dry for a couple of hours and place your perfumes on it. I also added some random crystals to give a nice touch As you see it’s super simple but it can look great inyour room For the last DIY you will need: black cord printed bird silhouettes some printed pictures small wooden pins and double sided tape First, print the birds’ silhouettes that you can find on google images and cut them. Then take the black cord and put it across any wall of your room. Put the double sided tape on the birds remove the plastic and start sticking them to the wall Feel free to change the birds of place until you get your desired design The secure them with more tape especially on the edges Finally hang the pictures with the little pins As you see this project is perfect if you have any empty wall in your room. I hope you enjoyed this video and find it useful If you try any of these ideas make sure to tweet me a picture and if you have any request leave it in the comment section and I will try to make it happen Thanks for watching!! Bye! 😀

100 thoughts on “DIY ROOM DECOR ❤ Cheap & cute projects | LOW COST ideas!!

  1. I never thought of creating my own silhouettes. I am going to do that. Love adding the photos to it. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. hi DIY Lover! I have subscribed you and I just LOVE your ideas! They r really amazing! And I was hoping if you could make more room decor and birthday gift stuff for a best friend! I really enjoyed your videos and I hope you can do more based on room decor and birthday gifts! Thanks a million! xx

  3. It's not a good idea the perfum stand ´cause the mirror will reflect the sun light and your perfum won't "smel" the same (sorry i am french)

  4. Hi there ! I really love your videos and I wanted to ask, how did you attack the black cord to the wall ?

  5. I know this sounds super weird but you should do a diy on this pinneaple lamp super easyif you respond I can text you how to do it

  6. I Love You Soo Much Youe are soo cute and Your Ideas!! Are Really Cool Keep It Up! 😙💓💖💗💕

  7. How come candlestick holders in America are $2 (£1.75) but in Britain they are around £9 for a small cheap looking wooden one and for a glass one is like £12

  8. Seriously? Spray painting a couple of stripes on a Mason jar…. and gluing amirror to a dollar store candle stick? Is that the best you can come up with?

  9. what cool ideas wonderful I liked all of these ideas. I loved the pillows on the bed did you do those too? NICE

  10. can you share link of "Crow Pic" that you used in this video… its awesome idea… thanks for sharing…!! :* :* 😛 😀

  11. it is very beautiful) wonderful design) look what I found)

  12. It's very very nice 👍🏿 and the second one I mean mirror perfume is very nice I like the 🐦 birds they are very cute

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