DIY ROOM DECOR IDEAS 2018! Cheap + Affordable Decor!

DIY ROOM DECOR IDEAS 2018! Cheap + Affordable Decor!

[MUSIC] What’s up guys! It’s Sara. Welcome back to my channel. Hey, how you doing… I thought it’d come back with some DIY room décor cause I wanted to decorate my room, and I was like okay I’ve done like only one Please give the video a thumbs up if you guys like DIYs and Comment down below if you guys want to see more and also in the comment section Let me know what your favorite song is Because my favorite song is end game and I have literally listened to it twenty five times today Because I don’t know what else to listen so let me hear. What’s your favorite something I need recommendations Also, if you guys haven’t already did, subscribe. Make sure you hit the subscribe button because I post new videos every single week And you guys don’t want to miss out and also if you guys are following me on Instagram make sure to come follow me because I always talk to you guys in the comments, and it’s a good time I asked you guys a weird fact about yourself the other day someone said that they scream when they sneeze So you may on follow me on instagram if you want a good time weird chats and let’s get into the video! You know the DIYs, I thought I’d start with a DIY, it’s actually inspired by DIY I saw at IKEA So, I bought this inserting vlog footage now. I kind of like these hung out there Isn’t that cute like planets hung up on strings Oh, my goodness leave me a comment down below there if you guys remember that vlog But all you guys are going to need for this DIY is just some fake flowers And you’re also gonna need some twine and wooden dowel or if you guys would prefer You can use like wooden sticks if you feel like going for like a little Scavenge all you want to do either is just fastly cut up your flowers, so they are not in super big bunches I just went like a few flowers per bunch like three or four And I basically just took the twine wrapped it around the bottom to secure the little bunch in place you also want to leave your Piece of twine super long so you belong so you can secure on it to your wooden dowels Roughly you guys want to hang like three bunches of flowers onto your wooden dowel You just want to do that by wrapping the twine around your dowel you can switch it off But I actually wrap mine a bunch of time so it kind of had that like boho Rusted kind of vibe and then just secured it off with a knot and you are done so I just hung mine up on my wall next to my bed. I use command hooks like so it didn’t damage my walls Ok, so for real my only new year’s resolution was to read more. Sooo to like spice up my little reading milk. I made a DIY Magazine basket honestly like I’m probably not gonna read more like this was probably me procrastinating reading But oh you guys me too for the DIY is just some yarn And then a wire basket you can find these at a bunch of stores I’ve seen them at Target and H&M and appreciate anything of them for like under $10 So they’re pretty cheap and the first step is to make some pom-poms And I’m gonna show them what it is you guys but pom-poms are so popular on Pinterest We’ll get it throw some on a basket But as you guys probably know it’s super easy to make a pom pom you just want to take four fingers and wrap your yarn Around your fingers like 40 to 50 times and once You’re done it you just slide off the on from your hand and just secure it in the center with another piece of yarn But make sure that piece on is like extra long and once it is all secure you can just cut through the loops on either side and you guys will have a pom-pom And for the last step of course you just really secure them on to your basket So you can just do this by nodding them on and you’re done. You can put books in here or shoes in here or like Whatever else you have to put in this basket So the other day, I was scrolling through Etsy and I found all these cute pillowcases with cactuses on them And I was super tempted to buy them but they were like $45 of each and you guys are only trying to spend money on like food and Food so, I’m making one in this video basically just taking if you like I said I found at H&M I think these are like seven dollars each. I may be that five dollars I can’t remember and I’m also taking some black paint and also some fabric medium I found this fabric medium for two dollars at the craft store You basically just mix it in with your paint, and it makes your pillowcase washable, and the paint won’t come off I think I’m pretty sure don’t quote me But basically use what and go in and find some cute cactus photos on the internet or like from your imagination if you’re that good but you just want to trace them up onto your pillowcase with a pencil and once you’ve traced them you can go in with the Paint and do the real thing I traced mine because I really wasn’t feeling confident with the black paint I just I didn’t feel like it was gonna work, but yeah He was one paint the cactus onto your pillowcase. It looks super cute. Honestly. I feel like this is something that You’ll buy at Urban Outfitters for like $50 And if you guys have being like looking at my apartment throughout this video you would probably know I’m obsessed with cacti and succulents So, I incorporated them into the next DIY just taking a bunch of different colored paints I’m just gonna go straight in on a white terracotta pot I already went in and painted this white earlier But like I couldn’t be bothered to wait for it to dry so I did it earlier You can obviously do this to just one pot, but I decided to make a set of three so I have three different designs on the first one. I went in and be like s’s and little squiggles So you guys could try that out and then on the second and third pot you could go in and do Exes or like kisses whatever you in a call them and then for the third one it you could try doing triangles And I feel like because it’s a set of three it honestly ended up looking so freakin good you guys But now I just have to try and keep my plant alive fingers crossed So that is it for this video Hopefully guys liked it give a thumbs up if you did and it don’t forget to let me know what your favorite song is in the comment section Kane has a nerf gun oh Oh my gosh. I will see you guys in my video next week. Bye

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  1. My favorite song is definetely Cinematic -Owl City or You-Hollywood Ending I know that hanging plant but u decided not to buy it thats when you were looking for an arm rest thing with kane

  2. You are doing DIY things really good!!! When I want to do I can't. NEVER !!! So I want to say you are really talented!!!

  3. Ur really full of hapyness and always joyfull which i love because you make my day when i am really sad and not feeling my best so thx a lot 💛💚💙💜.

  4. I love your room it’s super cute💓 I’m definitely gonna try these Amazing DIY’s oh and you should really start listening to why don’t we!! Love you Sarah and wish to meet you some day❤️

  5. my Favorite songs (this spring):

    Anouk – nobody's wife
    Adina howard – Freak like me
    David Bowie – as the world falls down (labyrinth soundtrack)
    Tom Petty – Learning To Fly
    Shania Twain – that don't impress me much (the alt/ country version)

    big, blonde and beautiful – hairspray soundtrack
    flowers in my hair – jem and the holograms (animated tv series)

  6. One of my favorite song is Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
    And my Spotify account is Shineswirl I also made a summer playlist on my Spotify account

  7. Opens Video, thinking its going to be a normal Sarah video.


    O_0 this is amazing.

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