DIY Room Decor & Organization 2017! CHEAP + EASY Ideas at home under $3

Looking for some simple, inexpensive DIY decorating
projects to try? Let the inspiration juices flow with this
roundup of easy DIY projects. Hello friends, This is Minal and welcome back
to ‘Mini Notes,. Today I am doing 4 DIY room decor pieces. These are just under $3 and very easy to do. So without further ado let’s get started. Friends, if you are not yet subscribed to
this channel, please hit that red button down below and subscribe it. coming back to the DIY, So first we will do
wall decor frame. I have taken this 8×10 photo frame, and this
is table placement I got from walmart just for 90 cents, glue and scissor and butterfly
for decoration. Now remove photoframe from back just to take
measurement for placement. We will also remove inside paper from it. Now I will take the placement and turn around
the placement so that you can mark it well. Now take a pen and take the measurement go
ahead and mark it with pen, see how I am doing this. Ok. Now we will go ahead and cut this. Make sure you cut it nicely, we don’t want
empty part to be shown in the photo frame. Ok so we are done. Wee have the square piece. I will go ahead and see whether it fits inside
the photo frame. I will put glue in the corner of photoframe
so that it will not shake when we are hanging it to wall. I will close the frame. Now you can see this. This is looking beautiful. Now we will decorate this piece with butterfly. I got this butterfly from doller tree. Just put some glue to the corner and stick
it. Allow it to dry for 1 hour and our photoframe
is ready. Now let’s move to the second DIY, I have taken
round decorative glass vase and white accent rocks. See how does it looks. Place the rocks inside the glass vase. This is cute pink rose candle, you can get
bright color as per your choice and here is the final look. Very easy to do and beautiful centerpiece. This is floral water gel bead, take another
decorative glass vase and this is metallic LED TEalight. Another very easy combination. Pour the water gel beads in the Glass vase
and i will turn on the LED light on of and place it inside the beads. And here is the final look. You can use it as night lamp or for diwali
decoration as well. Last DIY is beautiful Flower Piece, in a glass
jar pour floral water gel beads and put your favourite colored decorative
flower part combinations. here is the final look that you can see. you can place them on a dining table as a
centerpiece as I told you can even place them on a coffee table they look really well. They all look very awesome. so hopefully you like this video, thank you
so much for watching. if you really like this video give this video
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