DIY Room Decor with Awesome Paper Quilling Art : DIY Crafts for Home Decoration With Quilling

DIY Room Decor with Awesome Paper Quilling Art : DIY Crafts for Home Decoration With Quilling

How to Make Flower Wall Decor Using Quilling Art You will love to make this Quilling Flower for your home Things You Need… Thermocol Sheet, Adhesive, Quilling Needle, Quilling Strip, Scale Take a thermocol sheet of the dimensions shown here. Take the quilling strips and join two different color strips using glue. Use a quilling needle to make tight coils with the strips as shown here. Seal the end with glue. Press the coil with your fingers to give it more depth like this. Paste this coil at the center of the thermocol sheet as shown here. To make the flower, take a strip and measure 7 cm on it. Cut it. Cut more strips of the same measurement. Take a yellow quilling strip and roll it to make a tight coil. Apply glue to seal its end. Now cut out some yellow strips as shown here and make tight coils from it. We need multiple such coils of different sizes. Paste the red strips near the yellow coil as shown here to make the flower and stick the yellow tight coils at the end. Repeat the same process with the other cut out red strips as well. Step wise, in this manner we need to make the flower. Now we are going to make the leaf. For this, take a green color quilling strip and make the leaf as shown here. Here, we have completed these leaves. To make the buds, take a red quilling strip and make a tight coil. Take a green strip and paste it near the flower as shown here. Make some more designs with the green strip like this and paste the bud in between. Now paste some light green strips and stick the buds to them as well. Again, we are going to make one more leaf. Cut out small strips of green color and arrange them to form a leaf shape as shown. Make some designs at the other end of the flower as shown here. Take a red strip and make a tight coil from it. Give it a tear shape and paste it near the leafy design. Now make a leaf design near the bud arrangement. Cut out small strips and paste it in such a way that it passes through the flower Define the leaf by pasting small strips on it to give it an attractive and realistic look. Now, we are going to make leaf of tear drop shape. Take a green quilling strip and make a loose coil with it. Use your fingers to make a tear drop shape. Arrange and paste these tear drop shaped leaves in the design as shown. Take an orange strip and make loose coils with it to make it look like a flower as shown. We need different shapes and sizes of these coils as shown here. Stick these coils on the design as shown. Take quilling strips and make the border for the design. Wow!! Your attractive quilling art is now ready for home decor. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

58 thoughts on “DIY Room Decor with Awesome Paper Quilling Art : DIY Crafts for Home Decoration With Quilling

  1. It looks so difficult at first sight but you make it look so easy in the end. Undoubtedly, its stunning to look at. Demands patience but the end result would be totally worth it!

  2. Your work is absolutely gorgeous. Such a wonderful job. You make it look easy and I guess I just need to practice but you have been doing it a long time

  3. Too good and outstanding work dear…. it's one of the best crafts I have watched so far….keep up the good work. u make n sell them as well? if so I would be interesting to buy one…:)

  4. really gorgeous and u make every item in an unusual way, this is what yur creativity which me inspire
    keep going STYLEnrich๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  5. Gorgeous, but…. I think it deserves something better than polystyrene as a background. I know it is easy to work on but it doesn't do the beautiful quilling justice imo.

  6. What kind of paper you use? BTW This video is awesome and this diy perfect for decoration. Good job!

  7. omg..ur work gorgeous..i too did dis but wit a flower,2 leaves n some buds..4 tat itself it took me 4 hrs..but no so perfect as u..i wonder how long u were doing al these..really u r a great artist

  8. You have the patience of a saint, congratulations on such beautiful, but time consuming work. Your leaves are the best I have seen, but with all the work that goes into them, I don't think I could go the distance. Lol Well done.

  9. Love the leaves ! I'd definitely use something else instead of the foam though…maybe some heavy watercolor paper. Thats my usual choice when I do Paper Quilling.

  10. You are a very talented lady. Beautiful work. What kind of glue do you use? Just started doing quilling & need all the tips & tricks I can get!


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