DIY Round Pedestal Stands | PERFECT to Display Your Party Decorations!

DIY Round Pedestal Stands |  PERFECT to Display Your Party Decorations!

hey guys welcome back to my channel
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make the
very popular sin understands that you can use for your wedding or any
celebration here we go you have been asking and asking and
asking for this pants and I totally meet them so it’s the perfect project and it
has trying to be crazy trying to figure out how to make them so I’m not really
sure that it’s going to work out so if you see this video it totally works out
if you don’t then you will never know like I’ve said before so without further
ado let’s get started with the video I’ve never tried this I’m very excited
all right guys I’m going to be making two stands and they’re going to vary in
sizes as you see them on Pinterest or on Google this usually vary in sizes so you
know it can stand out it looks nice and pretty this one I’m going to make 32
inches in height and this is actually 17 and 3/4 in width so almost 18 inches the
one in the back is substantially bigger but you can’t really tell from this
angle but this one I’m going to make 36 inches in height and the width of this
is 23 and 3/4 so almost 24 inches so pretty good to get a few desserts on top
of there alright so I’m going to start with the smaller one and then you move
this to the side one thing about this though this bigger one is pretty heavy
it’s really solid so it’s kind of good not kind of it is good because you’re
gonna have a solid piece of furniture for your dessert but at the same time
who is heavy I mean I’ll say it’s about a pound and
this one is about half a pound or so okay so Oh one thing that I have to tell
you guys I ended up buying a jigsaw because I really wanted to get into it
work and I want to use it to cut all types of wood and you know just start
making my projects a little bit more solid not that I’m going to stop making
things with foam board because it is affordable well you can also find there
portable wood and you can cut it with the jigsaw and he make the very same
things I’m going to make out of about foam border but it will last longer with
wood so I’m very excited about that since I haven’t tried it yet I decided
to just go ahead and buy the round wood but with the jigsaw I could have bought
a piece of plywood and made my own round piece of wood and it would have been
lighter than this but you live in your learn and that was another reason why
they said you know what stop being intimidated but this tools and go for it
you know cuz I have been looking at some projects and some you know factors and
things that I want to make and foam board is not cutting it for me anymore
so I want to challenge myself to do more projects with wood so I hope you guys
enjoy it I’m going to mix it up I’m not just
always that I’m going to turn into this you know channel that does everything
with wood but it’s going to be some of the things that I want to do next
alright so moving on okay guys so the first thing I’m going to do is cut my
ball is stirs or my sticks here they are each 36 inches in height and I’m going
to be using three of them I think I said that right
didn’t I no no anyway each round wood is one inch thick and since I want to make
these 32 inches in height I am going to make this dirty okay so let me just do
one at a time and here is my jigsaw guys look things
are getting a rail I got real tools it totally works totally works
love it you have no idea what this does to me so yeah one of my head and cut the
other ones and I’ll be right back I’m going to be making my larger stand 36
inches in height which means that I’m going to need this to be 34 inches
because each round wood is also 1 inch okay so I’m going to go ahead and do the
same as I did with the other one and just cut two inches off of this and by
the way each of these vollis tears were 87 cents okay so here I have my 30 inch
polished errs for my 32 inch stand in my 34 inch Buster’s for my 36 inch stand
not going to mark where I’m going to be placing the balusters on the run on wood
and I’m going to be placing them in a triangle position all right so I’m going to start with
this one and I’m just going to hammer it in on top and then I’m going to place
the bolster right under it now I’m gonna go ahead and wrap around
the poly ball panel around it okay guys so my poly wall did you see right here
it’s eight by four and it costs me $21 at Home Depot all of my supplies today
are actually from Home Depot by the way and I’m going to have to cut it a bit
because it’s a little bit too wide I’m going to need 32 inches for my smaller
one and 36 for the other ones so they’re both smaller than what you see right
here so I’m gonna have to cut it how I’m not sure I’m thinking maybe I’m going to
use my jigsaw but since this bendy I’m kind of wondering how’s that gonna work
also I’m gonna have to go get another Holly wall because now that I knew my
measurements it’s not gonna be enough material for both all right so that’s not gonna work so
I’m gonna go ahead and use the wire cutter it’s gonna take me a while so
hang in there so I have placed the stand over the poly
wall because I’m going to need to hammer it so I’m able to roll it and the poly
wall is going to be actually a little bit too long so eventually I’m gonna
have to cut it but in order for me to know how much I need to cut I need to
roll it perfectly okay so now I’m going to mark where I need to
cut and it looks like it’s going to be right here all right so here is to do I cut this a
little bit not too sure but since this bendy me it’s not bad you see it covers
the entire thing but once you nail it a comic you know bubbles up here so here’s
a suggestion you either cut it an extra inch longer so you can cover it up a
little lower or you will have to nail it to the wood this underneath okay which
means that it will be a better idea to hammer the wood closer to the edge all
right so I was able to insert a nail here sideways and that totally helped to
close it out so basically what you have to do is insert I’m sure this is flat
and insert D nail sideways okay to hold that another person here would go do you
know now I’m gonna go ahead and paint the
entire stand in gloss white this one is a paint and primer and the reason I’m
painting the Polly wall is because it’s not glossy so I’m gonna go ahead and
paint the entire thing and by the way you do not need to paint a panel because
it did not absorb the gloss so all you have to do is just paint the top okay
guys this is a these are my two cylinders stands and they are absolutely
amazing perfect for your flower arrangements or these certs at your next
party wedding whatever celebration you may have loved
them I hope you guys did enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to
give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet make sure
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sharing is caring if you know of a friend or a family
member or you have a friend that’s a eBay planner make sure to share it with
them at the end of this video because they can save themselves in buck or two
alright guys until next time I promise I won’t lose a finger all
right have a good day so the hubby just gave me full
instructions if I lose a finger he said put it on ice grab it put it on ice
call 9-1-1 and then call me he’s hilarious I’m not going to lose a finger
okay so this is my very first time using this I am kind of crapping my pants a
little bit but I’m gonna do this I’m gonna master this this table is not steady enough for me
Jesus yeah baby

100 thoughts on “DIY Round Pedestal Stands | PERFECT to Display Your Party Decorations!

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