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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well We’re going to start today’s DIY with four of these Dollar Tree mirrors And these are the smaller circular mirrors you could make this project with the larger ones But at my Dollar Trees, I could only find these small ones So I’m just gonna remove the backing from the mirror and I just push from the bottom To release it. It’s really easy to take the backing out and then I’m going to take the mirror off the backing again It peels off Really easily and I’m just gonna do the same to all four mirrors So once that’s done I’m going to take some of this Antique White Ceramcoat paint I picked this up from Target and I’m going to give all of the frames a coat of paint On the outside on the top and also on the inner rim, the only part that I won’t be painting will be the back So I’m gonna go ahead and give a priming coat to all of these Frames now I would recommend a spray paint But I didn’t have a spray paint in this color and this is the specific color that I wanted So I just went ahead and painted it but this part would go a lot quicker if you do have a spray paint So that’s what I would recommend So I set those aside and let them dry and here I’m showing you what it looked like after a second coat of paint And then this is my third coat of paint and I decided to add a bit of texture so I’m just using a dabbing motion with a sponge brush to help give some texture to these circular frames and Then I set that aside and let it dry completely. So I’m going to take the back of one of the mirrors and This is the chicken wire That I used as decorative chicken wire. I did get this off of Amazon I will try to link it for you in the description box below and if you saw my DIY with my Shelf my Dollar Tree shelf, this is the same chicken wire that I used In fact, these are scraps from that project and I’m going to use these scraps in this project. So I’m just going to put the backing on top of the chicken wire and You can use anything but I just happen to have these Sharpie paint markers next to me. So that’s what I used And then using just a regular pair of scissors, I’m going to cut this out cut out the circular shape guys I do have to tell you if you don’t already know that Cutting on this with your scissors actually sharpens your scissors so if you have a pair that Are kind of dull go ahead and use those on this project and it’s going to help sharpen them You can also cut your scissors on foil aluminum foil and that will help as well. So this is our circular shape And I’m going to do it one more time With using the scrap and then I’ll have to open up the new package of the chicken wire to finish the last two So essentially this is what we want to do is to have the chicken wire like that behind the frame So I’m just gonna flip the frame over and I’m going to bend the ends of the chicken wire Right into that little crevice that goes around the frame So the ends of this can be a little sharp you may want to wear gloves So that’s what we’re looking for right there So I finished all of them. This is the last one and I did go around the other three and I hot-glued The ends of the chicken wire down in the frame. And so that’s what I’m doing with this last one So I’m going to set that aside and let it dry and while it does I’m going to take the same back of the mirror that I used before and I’m going to take one of the mirrors and I just want to measure out trace out the mirror and I make sure it’s right in the center and just Trace it with a marker or a pen and pencil whatever you have handy And Then go ahead and cut that out. I just pierced the inside of The backing with the scissors and and then cut from the inside all the way around the circle And then turn it over and We’re going to glue it down on the back and just like that and it just helps to add a finishing touch This is the back of the frame. So it’s completely optional you don’t have to do this but instead of just throwing the backing out I decided To go ahead and use it for this purpose It just helps give it a more finished look So I’m just gonna go around the circle with hot glue and just hot glue it down now While I was cutting these out the little hangers that came on the back weren’t quite high enough to make it onto This part of the backing once it was cut out and I do want to use those To hang up this project So I will take those off in just a second right now, I’m just going to use good old hot glue to Glue these together because I only wanted temporary hold in case I changed my mind and I want to use this These frames for something else It will come apart more easily if you want a more permanent hold Of course, you could use a stronger glue or you could just keep them separate and hang them each separately I found these burlap letters at Walmart a couple of years ago, and they do have an adhesive backing I’m not quite sure if it was Walmart where I got it from so I’m just showing you the information In case you want to look it up So I have the letters to spell out home And If you wanted to do this straight across instead of in this formation, of course you can you can do it Whatever way you want to do it. You can do it all vertically all horizontally It’s up to you, but I decided I don’t want to use the oh I want to use one of these little pendants that came on these frames from the Dollar Tree So there’s the tree that says family And there’s a little house that says home Or the last one that I picked up was the mason jar that said bless and Honestly, I was really leaning towards the mason jar. I Thought right up until the end that was going to be the one that I used So to be sure I just pulled the charms off of the frames To set them there and honestly, I do like the way that the mason jar looks But just to be sure I want to pull off the other charms and see how they look To use the home one in the home I thought was a little too much so I decided not to use the little house that says home so it’s basically going to be between the mason jar and the family tree and Once I put the family tree there to me That was the winning look so I went with the family tree Like I said, these letters do have an adhesive back but I don’t trust that to stick to the chicken wire if I was using like paper or Poster board or foam board I would peel the adhesive back. So I just use hot glue on the back of all the letters To stick them to the chicken wire Drop a comment below to let me know which of the charms you would have chosen would you have chosen the family tree the blessed mason jar or the Little house that said home Okay, so now that that’s done This is what we have so far you could leave it just like this But I’m going to take some Burnt Umber from Ceramcoat And I’m going to add a little bit of aging a little bit of wear around the frames Also, make sure you get the sides of the frames as well and then I decided that the letters looked a little too new So I decided to add a little bit of aging and wear to the letters, as well just using the same Burnt Umber paint if you wanted to you could just take Some black paint and paint the letters black that would look pretty good as well. I Thought about doing that decided against it. So I’m gonna go ahead and turn it over and I’m going to take the little hangers off and I’m just tearing them right off and I’m going to take two of them and Put them on the two top frames And I’m just going to use some hot glue to keep those in place You do want to be sure that they’re centered and that they are Right at the top and even with one another so that when you hang them it will hang evenly So as an extra measure to help keep these together I’m going to take a regular craft stick one of the small craft sticks and some hot glue and I’m going to use some hot glue to Help keep these frames together So I’m gonna turn it back over and I decided I wanted to see what it looked Like if I lined the inside of the frames with nautical rope, and I really really liked it I think it just adds a little extra something to it So I’m going to use some hot glue and I’m going to line them the inside of all of them with the rope These are the peel and stick tiles that Dollar Tree is carrying and I just want to cut out The center part of the tile. I know a lot of you are not able to find these tiles yet I did have to drive way out from where I live To find these so you might have to do the same If you go to your local Dollar Tree, they may be able to call another store to ask if they’re carrying them Just so you’re not driving all over For nothing, they can call other stores to see if they’re carrying these tiles I’m going to use some Burnt Umber Very sparingly just to add a bit of color and age to the center of the tile here And then I’m going to set it aside and let it dry completely I’m going to take this New Penny metallic paint and I did pick this up from Target in the craft section and I just want to add a little bit to the tile Initially because I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to use it on the tile or on the frames So, I’m just seeing how it looks and I decided to add some all the way around the project to the frames to the chicken wire a bit on the letters and also on The little pendant that says family around the edges So I want to see what this tile looks like so far For going in the middle of the project and I decided it needs a little bit more of the new penny paint So I’m going to take it out and add a bit more paint So after it dries I put it back and I think it looks much better So I’m just going to take some hot glue and go around the edges of the tile and Adhere it to the back of the frame And I did use a little bit of hot glue To help keep the family pendant down it kept swinging from side to side and Then I took a little whatever was left on my brush of the new penny paint and I just went around the word family To help add a little patina to that as well. And this is what it looks like guys. What do you think a Really cute and unique home sign Very farm house. Very rustic. I Think that new penny paint adds just the right amount of aging to that galvanized metal sign I Really like that added touch of the tile In the middle of the project and I also love the new penny paint on the chicken wire If you can’t find the tiles or you just don’t want to use it This is what the project looks like without it. And honestly, I like it just as much as with the tile you Can add something else in the middle a family picture or Just something else or nothing. You could just keep it the way it is without anything in the middle So that’s our project for today guys Thank you so much for all of your support. I Appreciate you all so much. I look forward to seeing you again in my next video until then everyone. Have a wonderful Beautiful blessed day. I’ll see you in my next video. Take care. Bye

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