DIY: Scary Halloween Lantern – Home Decor

(Eerie music) – [Narrator] Everything
becomes magnified at night. Sounds travel a different
way, it’s dark, and everything seems far more spooky. Today, you will learn how
to make a scary lantern to lighten up every
spooky Halloween night. It’s very easy to make and it
will only take a few minutes. For this DIY, you will
need a long drinking glass, colored, transparent paper, a pencil, scissors, normal
crafting glue, hot glue, blackboard paint, brushes, and chalk. First, wrap the paper
around your glass, so we can see where to draw the face. Then, with a pencil, start lining out the eyes and the mouth. For this video, I used a wide pencil so you can see it better. The face doesn’t have to
look perfect at this point since we are going to fix it later. When you have that, put the
paper onto your desk and finalize the eyes and the mouth until you are happy with the shapes. After that, cut off the
excess paper around the face, leaving out around two
centimeters on each side, then apply some glue to
the backside of the paper making sure you cover
up the edges properly. After that, you can go
ahead and attach the paper to the glass wherever you prefer. I added it to the center,
but you can choose the bottom or the top
of the glass as well. Now, it’s time to add
some texture to the glass. For this step, take your hot
glue gun and start adding the glue around the eyes and
mouth using the guidelines you drew on in the beginning. Don’t rush this step. Take your time framing
the face with hot glue. If you have that, go ahead
and add some hot glue to the rim of the glass. For this step, I tried to add
the glue in a wavy motion, trying to imitate the melting wax. While the top is drying,
we can start adding more details to the surface. Add some hot glue at
one point for a second and then move the glue to
the top of the glass like so. This way, it will look like as if the melted wax is dripping down. Repeat the step a few times until you are happy with the amount. After that, you can go ahead and add the hot glue to the rest of the glass. For this step, start at
the bottom of the glass and move towards the top as you apply the glue to make it more realistic. Cover up the whole glass
with these dripping drops of glue until you are happy. I try to leave out some spots
so it doesn’t look too busy, but you can do it however you prefer. Now, go back to the face and
add some more details to it. For this idea, I added
some teeth with hot glue, and added my dripping
glue to the under area of the mouth and eyes as well. This is how it should look like so far. Then, let everything dry and cool down and then, remove the
excess strings of hot glue. After that, you can go ahead and cover the glass with blackboard paint. Put the glass into some
surface to protect your desk and then, with some
blackboard paint and a brush, start painting on the glass. Make sure you cover up every spot on top of the glue and around it, otherwise the light of the candle
will go through there. For the face area, I use a
smaller brush so I don’t get any paint on the transparent paper. Carefully cover up the
teeth as well and then, let everything dry completely. This is how it looks like
when it’s completely coated with blackboard paint and it’s fully dry. It’s already pretty scary. Now, we just need to finalize the lantern by coloring the drops with some chalk. For this step, I first added some chalk to each drop and blended it in. When I had that, I went ahead
and added more chalk on top. This way, we get a more
three dimensional effect. Since my transparent
paper is green and purple, I used green and purple chalk, but you can use any color you like. When you are done, you can
seal the surface with hairspray or any other art spray, or
just leave it like that. Add a small tea candle and you get a scary Halloween lantern. I hope you enjoyed this Halloween DIY. If you did, make sure
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see your recreations. Thank you for watching
everyone and see you next time!

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