DIY Shamballa Bracelet! How To Make Macrame Bracelets

DIY Shamballa Bracelet! How To Make Macrame Bracelets

Want to learn how to create these adorable
shamballa bracelets? Keep on watching and I’ll show you how! Who are you? Hi, I’m mister Bead, let’s make
some bracelets. Sounds great, let’s do this! High five! Hey loves. It’s time for another bracelet
tutorial and today we are making beautiful shamballa bracelets. These are super easy
to make and let me just say, they look amazing. The best part is that all you need is a string
and any kind of beads. I made a few different variations that I can’t wait to share with
you, so let’s just get into it! For the bracelet you will need some string,
any kind of beads, scissors, needle, and a lighter. For my first bracelet I decided to
go with a black string combined with some ultra sparkly colorful beads and a few black
beads. Cut three pieces of knotting cord: First one 10 inches long, the other about
30 and the third one 15 inches. Take the the middle length string and place it on the flat
surface. Leave a few top inches of string free before you start knotting. Take the longest
piece of cord and center it across the stationary middle strand. Take the left string, go under
the middle one and over the right one. Then take the string end on the right and go through
the loop that has formed on the left. Pull both ends tightly to form a knot. Since we
started on the left before, we have to start on the right side now. Take the right string,
go under the middle one and over the string on the left. Then take the left string and
go through the loop on the right. Pull both ends to tighten. Start on the left again, go under the middle
string and over the right one. Then with the right one go over the middle string and through
the loop on the left. Make a few more knots keeping in mind that you have to start on
opposite sides for each knot. Okay, I decided to start adding beads to my bracelet. This
is super simple – all you have to do is slide a bead on the middle stationary string, all
the way to the square knots. Then just continue knotting as usual. Under the middle string,
over the right one and with the right string through the loop on the left. For the next
knot we need to start where? On the right, that’s right. As you can see a shamballa bracelet is just
a normal square knot or macrame bracelet, where you also slide on some beads along the
way. You can put on as many beads as you like, I am placing them quite close together, two
knots, a bead, another two knots, a bead again and so on. You can be really creative with your shamballa
bracelet and make different bead patterns. For this one I decided to combine plain black
with sparkly colorful ones. Aren’t these pretty?! I love them. One of the reasons why I like
adding a lot of beads to my bracelet is also because they make the bracelet grow so much
faster. Look, mine is already finished! Okay, for the last part I again made several knots
one after another to match the top piece of the bracelet. Now it’s time to secure our
work. Thread the needle on to the right string. Then sew up the center of two to three knots
along the bracelet. Do the same with the string on the left. This trick will make sure that
our knots are well secured and that the bracelet will last us many years. Cut the excess cord
that you sewed up and melt the tips with the lighter for extra hold. Now it’s time to make a sliding closure which
will make it easy to put the bracelet on and off your wrist. Shape the bracelet into a
circle so that the middle strands overlap. Take the shortest 10 inch piece of cord and
start making square knots exactly as we did before. I am starting on the right, so I need
to go under the two middle strands, and over the left one. Then I am taking the left string
going over the middle strands and through the loop on the right. Start on the left again,
go under the middle strands and over the one on the right. Take the right strand and guide
it over the two middle strands and through the loop on the left. Pull and tighten the
knot. Repeat this a few times, until your clasp is about half an inch long. Next, thread
a needle on each side string and sew them up the center of two to three knots. The string
that I am using for this bracelet is called a nylon knotting cord. You can use any other
string of your choice. If you want your bracelets to be bolder you can take a thicker one for
example. Melt the tips to secure the knots. Finally, make a knot on each of the two strings
about an inch and a half away from the clasp. Cut away the excess string, melt the tips
with a lighter and this absolutely beautiful bracelet is all done. I love how the string
makes the bracelet a bit casual, while the sparkly beads give it a touch of elegance.
This bracelet would go perfectly with any casual outfit but also works great for more
glamorous occasions like prom! Now I will quickly show you a few more shamballa
bracelets that I made. Here I combined pink string with simple metal beads. You know how
I love stacking up colorful bracelets, especially in the summer when we can wear short sleeves.
For this one I decided to go with a blue string and some pretty plastic beads. See how you
can use any kind of beads for your bracelet?! Just take a look around your house, I am sure
you will find some. For the last one I am combining all the possible beads I had left,
plastic and metal with a pretty green string. I love, love, love how this one turned out. I really hope you liked these shamballa bracelets.
I think they are so pretty and this could also be a cute little gift to your friends
and family for Birthdays or Valentine’s. I actually think I’m going to give this black
one to my mom because she saw it when I was filming it and she really liked it. OK, thank
you very much for watching and I’ll see you soon! Bye. These shamballa bracelets look beautiful stacked
together or paired with other arm candy of your choice. Whether for yourself or as a
gift to a friend, I hope you will give these arm beauties a try.

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  13. So I just did this and my 30 inch cord was to short do you measure the 30 inch cord doubled up equaling 60 inches in total?

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